Holland: 65% of 1990s Invaders on Welfare

More than 65 percent of all nonwhite invaders who entered the Netherlands between 1995 and 1999 are living off the welfare system and not working—while the remainder are in such minor work status that they hardly count, a government report has found.


The report, titled “No Time to Lose,” was issued by the Scientific Council for Government Policy, and the Social and Cultural Planning Bureau and the Research and Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Security and Justice in The Hague.

According to a summary published by the NRC online news service in the Netherlands, this official government report found that just 35 percent of “long-term refugees” who invaded Holland during the last five years of the 1990s actually have a job where they work more than thirty hours a week. Even this number is comprised mostly of “ex-Yugoslavs,” the report said.

A handful more work at “jobs” of only a few hours a week, and the vast majority are still living on welfare, in housing provided by the Dutch state and taxpayers, ten years after they first invaded Holland.

In addition, the report says, the crime rate among “asylum seekers” in the Netherlands is at least three times higher than the national Dutch average. The report did not mention that the “Dutch average” is skewed because of the already settled 20 percent nonwhite population of the Netherlands who are not counted among the “asylum seekers.”

Jaco Dagevos, a “Professor of Integration and Migration” at the Erasmus University Rotterdam said that the “longer refugees remain outside the labor market, the worse it becomes for them,” and that only one in three of all “recognized refugees in the Netherlands have jobs.”

The report followed 33,000 “refugees” who came to the Netherlands between 1995 and 1999, reporting on their activities for a fifteen year period.

Some 23 percent of the invaders were Iraqis, 19 percent Afghans, 18 percent ex-Yugoslavs, 10 percent Iranians, 3 percent Somalis, and 19 percent “other Africans.”

The study found that of all these people only the ex-Yugoslavs have any meaningful employment figures, with some 65 percent having an eight-hour-a day job. Somalis have the highest unemployment rate.

The report adds that the Netherlands expects an additional 46,000 refugees to have applied for asylum by the end of 2015, and that about “70 percent” are expected to be granted permission to stay.

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    1. Yep.

      – And if you listen to the lies and deceit of the politicians and the press, these people are supposed to ‘save’ Europe from ‘demographic collapse’ and ‘pay your old age pension’.

      The liars are still making these claims about Merkel’s Millions.

    2. What a surprise, not! Considering how hard it is for nationals to get jobs which pay reasonably well, what chance do non-white, non-speakers of Dutch, scruffily dressed migrants have of getting a job even if they wanted to. And as their benefits no doubt far exceed any previous pay they have had back home, their motivation will be non-existent.

  1. “the vast majority are still living on welfare, in housing provided by the Dutch state and taxpayers, ten years after they first invaded Holland” – I feel sincerely sorry for all taxpayers in Westrn Europe. The taxpayers are simply betrayed by the very people whom they pay their salaries thru the very unfair tax system – pretty pathetic actually!

    If you think that these Somalis would work rather than collect welfare then you need to get your head examined 🙂

    1. Exactly the reason thousands are in Calais, all desperate for Britain’s generous welfare, knowing they’ll be housed, fed, clothed, and given cash, and all whilst we have British families living in Bed & Breakfast accommodation, ex-servicemen and women who have served their country, and many others who actually belong here, living on the streets!

      1. More to the point, when these, “poor refugees” are interviewed by the BBC for their reasons for wanting to enter the UK, they conveniently forget to mention the main reason:-
        When you gain access to the UK you will not be subject to any meaningful integration process. Just find a suitable ghetto where your kind continues to avoid anything, “British” (apart from receiving benefits). I submit this is the main attraction to the Muslims who, in any event, strictly follow the Quaran when it instructs them to not have any respect, follow any Government or any higher authority above Allah.

      2. Conclusion: you guys shouldn’t advertise that often Bed & Breakfast accommodations in Sunday’s travel section of “The Lagos Times” 🙂

  2. What is the purpose of bringing these completely useless illetarate Somalis to any modern society? Am I missing something here? These people have traditionally been nomadic and they are used to a tribal lifestyle with all the social consquences of that. Additionally Somalia is not a country for decades and that’s the defining factor which shaped them mentally for the rest of their lives. What’s worse they pass on this kind of mindset onto next generations!
    No matter how hard so called “social workers” in Holland, or anywhere else for that matter, would try to civilize them it just has to end up in failure – is this so hard to comprehand? How many more gazillion of € they have to spend till they get it straight to their heads?

    1. You have missed something and your tormentors are also unaware of it. Vienna Declaration and Program of Action 25 June 1993 “Recalling the determination expressed in the Preamble of the Charter of the United Nations to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, to establish conditions under which Justice and respect for obligations arising from treaties and other sources of International Law can be maintained, to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom, to practice tolerance and good neighbourliness, and to employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic social advancement of all peoples.” and Article 19 Considering the importance of the promotion and protection of the rights of persons belonging to minorities and the promotion and protection to the political and social stability of the States in which such peoples live.
      The Somali people should be given land for their subsistence, the right to build their own schools and other institutions and collect their own taxes and send their freely chosen representatives to Parliament. This ensures non-interference in the affairs of Moroccans, Gypsy’s, Afghan or Yugoslav peoples and ensures that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights assurance that a servitude cannot be raised over other minorities is respected.

      1. The what? My tormentors? Are we here on the same wavelength?
        I tell you this, my friend, cause it looks like you are a very nice chap: let all the Moroccans, Gypsies, Afghans, Nigerians, Sudanese and many others seriously deranged and completely incompatible nations to deal with their own problems on their own terms in their own countries. End of story!

      2. Thank you William I was also unaware of it. This what the left liberal Marxists get up to while we have our noses to the grindstone trying to earn a living and maybe raise a family, although there is less of that nowadays due to the pressure from immigrants and the taxation that funds them.

        A quick scan and found many statements about entitlements but not one word about reciprocal responsibilities. The former are implicitly things that we in the developed West must afford to those in and from the 3rd world. Clearly it is not enough to give shelter to asylum seekers and refugees, we have to deliver the entire HR package including surrender of our own laws, culture and identities.

        I note also that none of the worthy statements about women’s or children’s rights is observed by the beneficiary groups.

        I note also the use of the label “vulnerable people” and wonder once again by what stre´tch of the imagination are Muslims or any North Africans vulnerable?

        This document looks like a blueprint for the on going destruction of Europe. The UN and its daughter the UNHRC are controlled by the forces of darkness.

      1. Dear, when this insane-in-the-brain lunatic Coudenhove-Kalergi died in 1972 the future Mother Angela of Berlin wasn’t even a commie youth activist and the FDJ chief of propaganda at the Leipzig Univ. yet 🙂

        1. Kol, what on earth has Kalergi`s date of death to do with anything …lol ?
          Sue is spot on with what she says.
          You don`t have to be alive in the same period to follow ideas….eg:. Marx, Lenin, Stalin et al.
          Here`s something else to chew on.
          This started with the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians long before Coudenhove Kalergi.
          The Illuminati aka the Elite.
          It`s progressed and been added to over many years of weird initiations, cabals
          and secret societies. It doesn`t mean Freemasons were / are lunatics. Odd perhaps.
          Anyway….fascinating stuff !

  3. Hang on !! Thought immigration was “good for the economy” ?
    So how come the feckless bastards are always at the front of the benefits queue?

  4. Hang on !! Thought immigration was “good for the economy” ?
    So how come the feckless bastards are always at the front of the benefits queue?

    1. Sue, some parts of so many Western European cities already look like places imported 100% from this 3rd-world. And this should not be surprising to anybody: these people bring with themselves their problems, customs, religion and everything else which made their countries so disfunctional and pathetic shitholes.
      What is quite shocking that they persistently reject the way of life of the host countries and, on the top of it, they fiercefully try to change everything in the societies they parasite on!

  5. Holland is dead…a sad pathetic has-been….disgusting is the word for it today.All the great Dutch of the past are but shadows,instead this vile,putrid disgusting generation destroyed the entire nation!Todays ‘Dutch’ are NOT Dutch but nation destroying cowardly scum of the lowest order…..the real Dutch died off years ago!

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