Holland: 4th Town Riots over Invasion

An angry crowd of 1,000 anti-invader protestors attacked the council building in the center of the south-eastern Dutch town of Heesch with eggs, projectiles, and an alleged Molotov cocktail on Monday evening, January 18, in the latest upsurge of militant Dutch resistance against the nonwhite “refugee” invasion of their country.


The crowd—which had to be dispersed by riot police deployed under an emergency order—made Heesch the fourth town in Holland to be rocked by violent protests against planned nonwhite invader centers.

The riot, which took place between 6 and 9:15 p.m. on Monday evening, was an almost identical repetition of a similar protest carried out in the northern town of Geldermalsen in December 2015, and two earlier disturbances in the towns of Steenbergen and Purmerend.

According to a report by the Omroep Brabant news service, more than 1,000 white Dutch people gathered outside the Heesch town hall in response to a call by local activists to protest a council meeting taking place that evening.

Tensions have been growing in the town ever since the Labor Party-controlled council announced plans to build a nonwhite invader center there.

These plans made provision for providing accommodation for at least 500 “refugees” for a “period of ten years”—all at the local taxpayers’ expense.

Although the organizers of the protest had asked for a “peaceful” demonstration, it was clear that the crowd which gathered firmly intended to physically attack the traitorous councilors who were holding a meeting to “discuss” the invader center.

There had been a number of warning signs that the local people were in a militant mood. Earlier, banners reading “AZC 500=Te Veel” (“asylum seekers center 500=too many”) had appeared in the town, and a dead pig had been strung up in a tree at the planned location of the invader center.

vark te-veel

It came therefore, as no surprise that the atmosphere in the town square in front of the council building was already, as Omroep Brabant described it, “grim” as the protest started.

The town council, fearing a repetition of the December 2015 Geldermalsen incident  (where a crowd of protestors stormed the council building during a similar meeting, and forced its evacuation), had arranged for twenty policemen to be on duty.

The crowd grew considerably in size, however, and as it grew, the militant atmosphere increased. Eggs, fireworks, and what police described as “logs” were thrown at the council building, and police reinforcements were called out.

By 9:00 p.m. Dutch time, town mayor Marieke Moorman issued an emergency order, giving the police even greater powers “to restore public order.”

The police were then ordered to baton charge the crowd, and by 9:15, had physically cleared the square of protestors. A number of arrests were made.


The police also claimed that some of the protestors had attempted to throw a Molotov cocktail, but it had failed to explode. All access roads to Heesch were closed off during the disturbances.

The militancy of the crowd surprised the organizer of the protest, Harm Ruijs, who distanced himself from the crowd’s actions. However, social media response on the protest meeting’s organizing Facebook page was overwhelmingly in favor.

Messages such as “We support you Heesch against the foreigners!” and “The council tries to barter away our land with the help of local politicians who no longer give a damn that this country is going down the tubes. Go ahead and keep fighting these people,” and “City Council: to listen to the people’s voice for zero migrants,” and “The Labor mayor should emigrate,” summed up the average response from the public.

On the video below, a child can be seen holding a sign in Dutch. It reads in English: Asylum Center No! Council: You won’t help us with housing…”

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    1. I wish it would Mike.

      Given that full scale conflict is the only realistic way this will ever be resolved, and hopefully see every invader fleeing back across the Mediterranean, I’d like to see it resolved for the sake of my young adult children before I die.!

      1. These economic migrants are too thick-skinned to bother about what the locals think. They think the world owes them a living and now that they’ve ruined their own lands they have decided that our countries are rather nice and civilized and rich so they will take over our lands. Their plan is to make the world, or as much as they can reach, muslim. The koran tells them to kill infidels.

    2. how many were put in hospital,? if there weren,t any then a “baton charge did not actually take place which means that the policemen themselves are siding with the population and just going through the motions!!!About bloody time too!!!

  1. How much more clear do our enemies need it to know we do not want what they want and that we are and WILL use violence to make it clear?

  2. Not wanting hordes of foreign criminals in your town or country is pretty damned normal. The Western European governments are not normal.

  3. A Peremptory Norm of general international Law is a norm accepted and recognised by the International Community of States as a norm from which no derogation is permitted and which can only be modified by a subsequent norm of general international law having the same character. Article 53 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.
    The Treaty between Ramses ll and Hattusili lll (see wiki list of Treaties) has a few norms that are repeated in many subsequent Treaties. Article 11 ” Or if any man flee from the land of Kheta ….they shall not be settled” This is repeated in the Tashkent Declaration Article Vlll with the “illegal immigrations”
    The solution is set out in the Brest-Litovsk which states that they must be taken to frontier that has facilities for sending off travellers.
    One reason why 200 000 German visitors to Stalingrad had a problem in January 31 1934 was simply that their home country refused to collect them and take them home.
    It is within the Jurisdiction of the Permanent Court of International Justice to sort out a problem after the event if the home country fails to take responsibility for their citizens caught in an illegal immigration trap.

    1. @William. I`m afraid that we may as well just forget Treaties, Laws and so on…. certainly for now, anyway.
      What`s happening is virtually a state-sanctioned project.
      It`s all been a long time in the planning and TPTB have the upper hand for the time being. We can only hope that they overplay their hand big-time.
      Meanwhile forget burning the midnight oil and straining your eyesight poring over piles of stuff. Stay safe.

    2. William old chap,

      Waffling the way you do is one of the reasons for all this trouble. All the ” agreements ” designed to hide the real agenda have the effect of causing well meaning folk to talk & talk and not act decisively if they ever get thru all bullshit ( which tends to baffle brains).

      You are definitely one the unfortunates who is baffled, bamboozled & is waffling somewhat.

  4. The possibility cannot be dismissed any longer, that we might witness a popular revolution occurring in a western European state, or at the least the election of a nationalist government.

    Before this happens, however, expect a media blackout on all occurrence of popular unrest, and ultimately the political class using lethal violence against whites.

    The New Observer has a duty to report these instances as far as possible, since no one else is doing so.

    1. I have to concur Jonathon, but I’m sure the New Observer will be up to the task along with a few other truth seeking publications. It’s just unfortunate that seeking the truth is a little in the too hard basket for a majority of people.

  5. I just called my local Scottish Police and asked, “If I were to go out today with a t-shirt saying ‘BAN ISLAM’ would I be arrested?”, to which I was informed “Yes you would be arrested”, upon which I said that Muslims are allowed to go around with banners saying “BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM” and no charges are brought against them, and was told that “This isn’t the time or place to be debating religion” and they ended the call…

    This is the UK, but this proves that only Islam has freedom of speech.!

    We are doomed.!

    1. Sounds about right but if enough of us tell the Force/Forces to get stuffed it might just catch on across the U.K. Another thing the so called police & co are nothing more than ‘State Sponsored Thugs’ and the way things are going many will find themselves collecting their P45 & rightly so…

    2. Write it in Gallic Stu, or is it Gaelic? Either way, confound and confuse, and if challenged tell the police it’s a roman alphabetic form of squiggly.

    3. Oh Stu ! Your name will now be added to the `awkward squad` list as another one to `watch`.
      Methinks the list will soon be soooo long that the police will be forced to admit defeat.

    4. That would confuse them Mike 🙂 but of course my call was purely to find out where I stood regarding my own alleged freedoms in my own country. I wouldn’t dare wear such a t-shirt because I can only imagine I wouldn’t make it home alive.

      It does show where we really stand, and that the sacrifices made by our forefathers were for nothing, and all the authorities do is insult their memories every single day. Then they gather once each year on Remembrance Sunday and pretend to honour them – it makes me sick to be honest.

    1. What a waste of good bacon/pork no just a couple of bits here and there should do it, the ‘townsfolk’ already there could have a good ‘hogroast’ without seeking prior approval say on a Sunday? Call it Mob/Citizen rule

    2. Myth Sue, they are no more frightened of pork than they are of alcohol, happy with either when it suits their purpose, and they can get away with it. Why do you think Cameron loves them so much? Because they practise hypocrisy to black belt level ,and make him look like a neophyte.

  6. All the debts and refugees crisis are plan, organised and executed by the politics elites to plunder the people hard earned and saved monies.

  7. Far be it for me to stir up violence, the last time I saw a Molotov cocktail was on the streets of Belfast, but I can only assume that the intent to throw a Molotov cocktail wasn’t really meant. Not exactly a sophisticated weapon.

  8. we need to keep passing on this information via facebook/twitter etc to as many people as possible, as the media is totally biased. They are the traitors, who will have to answer to our children and grandchildren, this is the third world war, and we are the foot soldiers. Keep strong, and fight on.

  9. The police are defending this invasion.

    The police are traitors and cowards.

    Replace all police, politicians, and judges with patriots, no exceptions.

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