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Holland: Wilders Adopts Hardline Anti-Invasion Election Platform

Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders—currently the front-runner in opinion polls in the Netherlands March 2017 general election—has announced a hardline anti-Third World invasion election platform which includes “zero asylum,” the de-Islamizing of the Netherlands,” the revoking of all “asylum” grants, the banning of all immigration from Muslim nations, and withdrawing from the European Union.

The election platform, published on the website of his Freedom Party (PVV) website, says that Wilders will close Holland’s borders, revoke all existing “asylum” residence permits, close all invader centers, ban Islamic head veils, denaturalize all criminal invaders with dual nationality, refuse to let ISIS supporters who had fought in Syria back into the country, close all mosques and Islamic schools, leave the E.U., institute a system of binding citizens’ referenda, cancel all public funding for “foreign aid,” and lower taxation as state expenditure drops.

The hardline policy has provoked a storm of protest from all the other parties in the Netherlands, who have called for a “cordon sanitaire” around the PVV to try and prevent it from taking part in a coalition government.

The Dutch parliament is elected by a proportional representation system, and is always highly fractured. Generally, though, any party which gains more than 30 of the 150 parliamentary seats forms the government in coalition with its closest ideological neighbors.

Currently, opinion polls say that Wilders’s PVV is on course to emerge from the election with around 30 seats, and is set to become the single largest party in the new parliament.

During a recent television interview with Dutch broadcaster WNL, Wilders predicted a government role for the PVV in spite of all other parties vowing not to work with him.

Wilders said that all the other parties would “soon forget” their pledges not to work with him. “In the first place, they’ll have to [abandon their pledges],” he said. “You can’t just shove two and a half million people aside after democratic elections, that would be very ill-advised.”

On Twitter, Wilders added that there would be a non-violent “revolt” if the PVV was sidelined, and pointed out that an alternative left-right coalition would have to encompass five or more parties.

“This will prove unworkable, and that kind of coalition would be so unstable that not only will it not serve the country, but it will be lying on its ass within a year, to put it crudely,” Wilders said.

During the interview, Wilders was asked about his unusually brief manifesto, and said that he was “not going to promise voters anything apart from this: We will make the Netherlands ours again; we will close the borders.”

In addition, he said, “all that money we send abroad—to Africa, to Brussels, to Greece, to asylum seekers in the Netherlands”—will go to the Dutch people instead. Finally, he told the shell-shocked interviewer, that the Netherlands does not need to build a Trump-style wall to keep out foreigners but merely has to re-establish border controls.

A new campaign video issued by the PVV highlighted his new campaign slogan: “The Netherlands is ours again,” and referenced both Brexit and Donald Trump’s election victory in America as examples to be followed.

“How long are we still going to be in charge in our own country?” Wilders asks in the video.

“The [immigration] sluices are wide open. We have to close our borders. Before the end of this century, Africa’s population is going to increase from one to four billion people, and many of them want to come here.

“Only if you go to the polling booth and vote, can the Netherlands be ours once again.”


  1. What an absolute star that he is. I just wish that we in the UK had a leader with at least half the spine of Wilders. He looks after the indigenous, while the muslim loving May and the Tories, Lib,Lab,Con and the SNP, despise the white indigenous and their country!

  2. “Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.”
    Ronald Reagan

  3. I love this bloke, he’s an absolute champion. He cares for his own people and his own country, and he is a world leader who is standing up to save Western culture, Christianity and humanism. Get into the ballot boxes you Dutchies and save yourselves.

  4. Last time I was in Holland, would have been about 1983, walking down a street in Amsterdam on a Sunday morning, I was accosted by an obviously non Dutch man, who was extremely insistent that I should come and watch/ indulge in a sex show. And that was 34 years ago. Good luck Geert, I hope that you get enough of a majority to change the constitution.

  5. He will make an excellent leader one can only hope the Dutch have the brains to give him a outright majority and back him when the bankers decide to try and stuff him around.Still the dutch peoples choice is simple and clear, vote him in or get ready to serve allah in their own country….

  6. Man after my own heart. Hope dutch back him up massively.
    Think it’s time we get rid of may and labour, libtards and “friends of israhell” and find someone like Wilders to cleanse our own country and stop it from becoming just another s**thole.

  7. Lets think outside the present-day envelope. What if the side that lost World War II in Europe had won that war? If continental Europe were under that a regime representing that side’s racial ideology, would continental Europe today be crawling with nonwhites? Would it have been colonized at all by nonwhites?

    I am 57, and all my life I was taught that the good guys won World War II in Europe and saved the world from the ‘bad guys’ they defeated. By the time I was 17 I was becoming a major reader of history, and was doubting more and more of the narrative about that era (and about the Germans being the evil ones in World War I too). If the ‘good guys’ who won WWII in Europe have done with it what they have since been doing, is it possible that the indigenous Europeans would today be better off if the ‘bad guys’ had won that war? What would Sweden be like today? Germany? Belgium? The Netherlands? Austria? France?

    Think outside the envelope!

    1. I agree with the majority of what you say. Why do the jews persistently keep going on and on about the holocaust? It is to make those of a different opinion feel guilty. I personally do not believe the numbers. Soros and the jewish lobby are flooding Europe and America and committing genocide. I think that Germany would still flood the continent with all these invaders. I also believe that communism would persist, as in the EU! Israel ruled the USA until now. I can’t see Trump allowing them to persist in the destruction which they are causing!

  8. 30000 square feet of home should figure 30 families I reckon. Where is the open door to your own home, when this is the best bar none solution to the refugee crisis? Don’t settle foreign people into unprepared communities when the obvious open arms; the loudest proponents for settling refugees and immigrants have enormous riches and all of the will, listen to them!!! Pipeline all of the Somalis, Sudanese and Syrians you must settle directly to Angela Merkel’s, Madonna’s, etc. homes (plural), ask them directly at press conferences, unoccupied spaces of comfort and ease.

  9. this man is the greatest leader in Europe,he is the only realist in Europe,he sees exactly what the problem is and will root out it’s causes and cleanse Holland when he wins!


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