Homo “Refugee” Gets 15 Months

A nonwhite invader who swindled his way into Austria thirteen years ago by falsely claiming that he was a homosexual—and therefore “persecuted in Iraq”—has been sentenced to an effective 10 months in prison for sexually assaulting an eleven-year-old girl.

The invader was given a fifteen-month sentence, with five of the months suspended, and ordered to pay €2,000 in “compensation.”


The Hütteldorf swimming pool, where the second indecent assault on the little girl took place.

According to a report in the Kurier newspaper, the 36-year-old nonwhite was convicted in a Vienna court for the attack which took place in July last year.

The Iraqi claimed that his assault on the little girl was his “first experience with the opposite sex.”

The court heard that he had “fled” to Austria thirteen years ago, saying that as a homosexual he was being persecuted in Iraq.

However, other evidence presented in court completely contradicted this “homosexual” claim.

He said that on July 22, 2015, he met up with a friend—a single woman traveling with her eleven-year-old daughter, and, after spending the afternoon together, went home with her.

There, according to the evidence, he fondled the girl’s breasts before spending the night sleeping with the then unsuspecting mother.

The next day, the three went to the Hütteldorf swimming pool, where he fondled the girl in her crotch, only stopping when she said she wanted to have lunch.

In his defense, the nonwhite criminal said that he thought the girl was “17 or 18” years old.

Incredibly, the liberals in the court still pretended to believe that the Iraqi was actually a homosexual, and ordered him to undergo “psychological counselling” for pedophilia during his reduced prison sentence.

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  1. 10 months? More immigrant loving, liberal scum of a judge! Hope that it’s the politicians’ and judges’ children next time!

  2. So let me get out my calculator here. He’s been there sponging off of the Austian taxpayer for thirteen years, and his fine is two thousand euros (not counting ten months of free room and board in jail with television and internet access no doubt). Hmmm…. Works out to a fine per year of approximately one hundred and fifty four Euros for entering the country illegally. So that’s it for him. Now what was the mudshark whore of a single mother charged with? Child endangerment? I’m going to guess no. And what counselling is the eleven year old girl going to get? I’m going to guess none.

  3. Utter filth and a lying coward to boot … and all he gets is a smack on the wrist instead of castration. He`ll be on the prowl again in no time.

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