Homos, Police, Attack Swedish Patriots

Violent homosexuals, backed by Swedish policemen, attacked a peaceful protest organized by 30 patriots from the Nordisk Ungdom (“Nordic Youth”) movement against the annual homo pride march in Stockholm on July 30.

The police arrested 15 of the peaceful demonstrators, while completely ignoring the violent homo attackers.


According to a report on the Nordisk Ungdom website, the Nordic Youth took to central Stockholm to protest against the homo march and in favor of the “nuclear family.”

“The day was filled with constant harassment by the police,” the report said, adding that several members were detained for no reason at all except that they had dared to join the protest.

“Despite this, fifteen of our members made their way to the parade to convey our message,” something that the homos—all hostile to the idea of freedom of expression—“could not handle and went immediately into attack mode.”

In a massive overreaction, the police called out helicopters, horses, and foot patrols to hunt down the Nordic Youth members in central Stockholm.

The peaceful demonstration consisted of unfurling a banner calling for support for the traditional male-female nuclear family—something which the homos clearly found highly objectionable.

A statement issued later by Nordic Youth pointed out that the police behavior toward their peaceful protest was in marked contrast to their treatment of left-wing extremists who always violently attack anyone who expresses a different opinion.

“The Swedish [police] apparently have other rules for us, even though our demonstration was quiet and peaceful. The police attacked innocent activists, even before any form of political expression had occurred, and they disbanded a public gathering, preventing us from expressing our opinion.”

Nonetheless, the Nordic Youth statement concluded, they still managed to achieve their goal of showing that “there are Swedes who stand up for the foundation of a functional society.

“We also managed to show that the parade’s participants are not as tolerant as they claim themselves to be.”

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  1. That’s where the Swedish police can show force ant determination. Kick those 15 homophobic right-wingers out.
    Whereas they don’t even dare to come into the ghettos without sufficient backup.

  2. What happened to all the Scandinavian
    Viking blood? Are they all a bunch of
    liberal leftist wimps. What screwed
    up governments they have.

  3. So 30 protested, and after half are arrested, only 15 left. No use of that.
    When there will be 30 thousands Sweedes instead of 30, only then there will be change.

    1. ‘The battle to save the white race was cancelled due to lack of interest.’ That is my observation. In my US metro area, and in dozens of others, during the summer of 2014, a protest demonstration was called against illegal immigration. In my town (with a metro population around 300,000) it was to be outdoors. I went. I wanted there to be – and thought, given the graveness of the issue – thousands there. I hoped this would be the start of a desperately-needed revolution. At no time during the three hours I as at the demonstration were there more than 20 of us. To the flaccid listless white masses: A handful of us cannot succeed alone.

  4. There will never be 30,000 patriots in Sweden to protest.However, worldwide synchronicity will ensure our numbers total in the millions.To ensure this, we must unite ww under one banner. Together, we would give Sweden the confidence to fight back

  5. These are the same leftists that invite more muslims in the country time will see their leftist gay heads bouncing on the pavements let nature heals itself.

  6. The lesbian/Poofter march and protected and even supported by black cops, what a sick joke. If Sweden were a sick horse we put it out of it’s misery with a single shot. But the number of protesters tells me that this is a mirror reflection of Whites generally through out the former White race countries. In a word +Pathetic.

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