Honest Muslim: “Sharia is Coming”

An honest Muslim has admitted openly on camera to the U.K.’s Britain First movement that it is the intention of Islam to force Sharia law on the entire world—and that anyone who says otherwise is cherry-picking what they want to believe out of the Quran.

The Muslim also said that he would be “scared and horrified” if Christians came to Islamic countries to take over like Muslims are doing in Britain.


The remarkable video was made during a Britain First visit to the town of Luton, north of London, which has long been completely colonized through legal mass immigration supported by successive Conservative and Labour party governments. Luton has been a white minority town since 2011.

The unnamed Muslim approached Britain First leader Paul Golding and told him that his statements that Muslims wanted to take over the country were perfectly correct and in line with what was stated in Islam’s holy book, the Quran.

“He was very polite and respectful, did not show hostility, but declared in no uncertain terms the way most Muslims feel about our country,” Britain First said in its description of the video.

The 2:17 minute video starts with Golding introducing the young Muslim, who he describes as “very respectful and very polite” and “born and bred in Luton.”

The Muslim says that “Paul [Golding] has said a few times on camera, [and on] YouTube, that Muslims plan on brining Sharia law here, [and that] Muslims plan on providing their own law here and not living under democracy.

“I just simply said to Paul that yeah, this is definitely true. It is in our religion that Sharia law will take over the whole world. So when he [Golding] says this, it is not wrong.

“We want this, we believe this. We’ve come here to provide [this and] live under our own law in someone else’s country.

“You were born here, you like the way people are living now, [but] it’s not going to stay like that.”

Golding then asks the Muslim if it is true that Islam is based purely on Sharia law. The Muslim agrees, and then goes on to explain that:

“In Islam, in the religion, it says that Sharia will take over the whole world, eventually.

“As Muslims, if we believe this part, and that part [of the Quran], we are obviously going to believe in that part as well, it’s not pick and choose, we believe in all of it.”

Golding then asks him if he believes that the United Kingdom will eventually become a Muslim Sharia state.

“One hundred billion percent,” the Muslim answers. “Definitely, I don’t want nothing more than that,” he continues.

Golding then points out that as a Christian, he finds that “horrifying.” The Britain First leader then starts to ask the Muslim what he would think if Christians tried to do that to Saudi Arabia, but the interviewee interrupts him to explain in his own words:

“I understand your viewpoint. If I was in another country, and a bunch of Christians came over, and [said that] Christianity was going to take over, and they got proof in their scripture, and this what they all believe, obviously I would be scared and I would be horrified.

“All I can say is, just sit back and watch the show, and enjoy it, because it’s gonna happen.”

The candid interview does indeed accurately reflect what is happening in Britain and Europe generally, although the Islamic issue is only a by-product of the nonwhite racial colonization and invasion of Europe.

It also underlines the harsh reality that the only way to avoid this approaching racial apocalypse is to halt—and reverse—all Third World immigration into Europe.

Anything less than that, and the European people are certain to be extinguished within the next two generations.

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  1. It’s very rare for a Muslim in the UK to be this candid, honest, truthful and respectful to an honest line of questioning.

    1. What is deeply concerning is that he was able to be all those things, candid and honest, without fear of criticism or contradiction because in multicultural, politically correct Britain no one would dare challenge the thoughts of a Muslim. The belief in Islam’s total superiority and that it will one day be the only religion and political system on Earth is unshakeable, and is terrifying for those of us in the free, civilised world.

      in the interests of “tolerance”, Christians deliberately ignore the fact that Islam teaches that their saviour, Jesus, was in fact Isa, not the son of God (because there is no Christian God) but another Muslim prophet who will return to Earth at the end of days to “break crosses” – wipeout Christianity – and enforce Islam throughout the world. When this is done he will die and be buried next to Muhammad in Saudi Arabia.

      Can you imagine the political and media reaction if a white Christian had given the same views, that Christianity would be forced on the world and all other religions would be forbidden?

      1. What do you think Christian Missionaries were doing in Africa and throughout SE Asia and the Pacific in the 1800’s.

        1. But, do you want Sharia law for your wife? Your daughters? Your mother? If so, go live where it live where it originated.

          1. Of course not, but it will not stop Sharia Law. Unfortunately I think the young Muslim guy is right unless someone in Government wakes up

  2. And then they will turn Europe into the s— h—– they came from, very progressive! What have these people contributed to modern life? Nothing but death, hate, destruction and war.

  3. Just because a large group of retards wish something to happen It does not mean such an event will come to fruition. Yes, I will concede that world events will get considerably worse but ultimately in this modern age none of the existing backwards religions will get to control the world.
    There are a large number of white, predominantly male, people on this planet who are pretty much on the tipping point but who have yet to suffer personally at the hands of this influx, and self preservation of liberty and assets at present holds them back. It could take as little as one negative event initiated by these hordes to instigate a real man, and there a some left in the world contrary to how it appears at present, to retaliate in an extreme manner to get some form of justice, which will never be forthcoming from any of the western states whilst the spineless sit at the top table. That, or several as such will provide the catalyst for action and as has been demonstrated many times over millennia a small group of intelligent humans possessing advanced technology can overwhelm large numbers.
    It is just a matter of time and method and whether you as an individual can survive the interim period intact.

    1. Good post. You hit all notes. The only reason Muslims are getting away with murder and mayhem is our cowardly, multicultural ruling elites. If it weren’t for those traitorous scumbags, Western people could easily put a stop to all the Islamic-inspired savagery! There are so many capable men and women in our countries who are just chomping at the bit to take care of the Islam “problem”. Even at a local level, forming anti-sharia posses would take care of that in short order! But as long the wrong people are running our governments, Muslim extremists can continue to wreak havoc!. . .

  4. “Honest Muslim”, the two words are a contradiction to everything I learnt in the Middle East. They have a calendar that is about 500 years behind ours and that says everything. Sharia courts exist today in the UK, and that is as far as I’m concerned an act of treason by the political elite that sanctioned it.

  5. No point being angry with the Muslims as people only have themselves to blame for voting rotten left wing parties and ignoring UKIP, AFD etc. Laws are BS, theyre made up as they go what is put in law today can be repealed tomorrow. Remember all dictators in history have been deposed. Petition your Govts and encourage the populace to rid themselves of this scourge. Brexit was only the start. Get rid of the scourge and their traitorous enablers. Hell will freeze over first before I live under sharia law, Muslims beware you would not want to meet me, my personal freedoms, values and beliefs will never be compromised.

    1. That’s the way girl! Bare those Bulldog teeth! You’ll be very surprised at how many will follow you & others who bare their Bulldog teeth.
      You may just have to bite a few along the way to make a few points and remind those “in charge” of which way they’d best proceed or risk losing a good piece of their sorry backsides along the way.
      Brexit proves my theory!

  6. Selective recitation from the Quran may appear as virtuous but further study reveals “Honest Muslim” is a contradiction in terms.

  7. I wonder what Golding makes of blacks and enablers? Usual one way traffic. Anyhow, this is only telling us what we already know about Sharia, and Musrat intent.

    1. Spot on Ste-G
      Goldings war is with the Islamic growth in the UK. He once said that “I’d sooner share a trench with a black Christian than a white pagan”, indicating where he stands on what must be the central pillar in the struggle to reclaim Europe, that being the importance of race.
      For the present, BF are fighting a necessary war, however as we are pushed closer to a situation of 4GW in Europe, due to the policies of most of the EU governments and the other EU agencies along with NATO and the imf, the help of black Christians could provide a useful ally. It’s not an ideal situation, but we must be pragmatic.
      We cannot fight everyone at once. At a future time and over time the the black population could be reduced peacefully through political means, provided racial Nationalists form a government during the interim conflict years.

  8. I’ve always been pro-white, but for all my hopes I can’t see how our race will stay viable or survive when people simply do not care. Too many don’t give a damn vs. the few that do or even the few that care so much and are making a big difference. It ENRAGES me that nobody is able to bring treason charges against these European gov’t and elites who influence this to the detriment and eventual death of all the European whites the land birthed, and who built the lands and have now become former ghosts of themselves. Yes it is sad, but it’s more frustrating. People 50 years ago would have been out in the streets chasing the invaders to the airport and harbors with pitchforks and pikes, and heads would be mounted on poles (white heads who “wanted to rub the right’s nose in diversity”….. People just don’t seem to care. Here in the USA we are voting Trump because we are sick to death of the status quo and who knows if the criminals here won’t try to stop it? One thing is for sure – it’s on, and it’s on in Britain too I can see. I hope that the people will get angry. Otherwise every single white person in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and any left in Argentina and Brazil should ALLLL descend on Europe and force them out, forcibly take their places and send them to where they belong. Those left in the former Anglosphere will sink or swim, probably sink and we can then decide, with a new invigorated and saved Europe, who will stay and who will go back. One thing is for sure, these places are where we came from and they cannot be destroyed. The money these countries are spending on helping Israel and Muslim countries should go to helping Europe send the refugees back to safe places in wealthy Arabian peninsula countries. Or get a large number of cruise ships and let them live on the ships which can be offshore – offshore of THEIR countries, not Europe’s.

    1. I’m with you. I’m so angry about it and feel utterly impotent – you can’t openly say what you think or how you feel any more and now they plan to spend £2 million on thought police! Wasting tax payers money tracking down innocent people with an opinion on social media that to all intents and purposes could be little more than playground name calling. I want to stop this destruction of my homeland. I want to live in England as freely as my parents and grandparents did. Too right treason should be brought back as a modern crime. Why is no one ever charged with it? Our so called leaders sit there quivering in Westminster and Brussels clueless or spineless but certainly not leading and protecting their citizens. I really hope Trump wins and shows the world what to do. Bring out the pitchforks coz I’m waiting!

  9. Unfortunately, Mr. Golding neglected to ask the so-called “honest” Muslim the most important questions:

    1) “Is it not true that NO Muslim man, woman or child is guaranteed entry to Muslim Paradise unless they have KILLED A NON-MUSLIM, or died trying to kill one?”

    2) “Please explain to us some of the methods Muslims use to gain their ticket to Paradise, you know, such as Vehicular Jihad, Medical Jihad, etc.”

  10. The ones who need to be taking note and taking action are our politicians.
    Merkel loves the muzzies ….send her ours…. all of them.

  11. They are already taking over Europe. Sharia law is alive and well in England.

    The descendants of Viking warriors, who repelled thousands of years of invasions, now stand limp wristed as millions of hordes of raping and rioting muslims pour into their countries. Stand up now, White Man, tomorrow will be too late.

  12. You must come to terms with the fact that the presence of masses of muslims in Europe is merely a symptom of an underlying problem. Real European ethno nationalists and national socialists reject the Ko$her-controlled fake nationalist parties and street movements, who simply focus on Islamic immigration, whilst ignoring the underlying cause of mass non-European (inc. Islamic) immigration into white (European) nations. Even Gilad Atzmon, an anti-Zionist, wrote an article on the fact that organised Jewry set up their own opposition parties so they they get to control and shape the public discourse to benefit their own agenda. The same unmentionable tribe facilitated the Islamic conquest of Spain; they have indeed cooperated with each other in the past. That they are sworn enemies is a facade. Jewry hates ethnic Europeans (whites) and their societies built on Christian values more than it does Islam and Muslims. Both Muslims and Jewry have more in common with each other than what you have been misled to believe.

  13. Honestly, I hear nothing new from the honest Muslim Also there are other large immigrant groups in the UK. Hindus for example.
    it’s clear that the larger the immigrant mass is, the character of the country will change, independently of it’s faith. If 60 million white Britons were to convert to Islam the character of the Island wouldn’t change if they stayed homogeneous. As the way of living the way how to do things would still reflect the European British way.
    On the other hand if they were to let other masses of ethnic different people in, the face of the country changes. As a country is always a reflection of the composition of it’s people. By race and spirit.

    If all of India or Black Africa were to be Christianized, their way of life and their way of how to do things would still reflect that of their inhabitants , provided that the genetic composition remains basically the same.
    Where every Brit to marry now someone from India, Africa or East Asia the the European British people would cease to exist even though the State still might be named Britain and the Towns and villages were to keep the same names.
    The whole focusing on Islam seems to coincide seamlessly well with the current Jewish interests.
    But maybe I’m just to strict. It could be a start talking about Islam and step by step the discussion moves to the core issues.

  14. Just look at the photo of this “honest Muslim”.
    Why do they all look like Sephardic members of The Tribe?
    Is it because they ARE?

  15. It’s started already with sadiq khan and his banning posters of ‘inappropriately dressed’ women, praise allah posters on the buses and refusal to condemn terrorist groups. Are people blind?!

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