How Far Will Obama Cater to Israeli Demands?

The only real issue at stake during Barack Obama’s visit to Israel is how far the American president will go to cater to the Israeli state’s demands.

With a massively powerful Jewish lobby (which ensured his re-election with massive financial donations and a compliant mass media which has aided and abetted the Third Worldization of America) at home, Obama’s room for maneuvering is particularly small.


The first demand made is for the release of Jonathon Pollard, the Jewish spy who has been in jail since 1986 for inflicting the worst espionage damage on America in history.

Despite the overtly treasonous nature of Pollard’s activities, his cause has been taken up by the Israeli establishment, starting with President Shimon Peres, who will present a petition signed by over 200,000 Israelis demanding the spy’s release. Pollard has renounced his American citizenship and has been given Israeli citizenship.

The next demand will be for action against Iran. It seems as if Obama has already completely given in to the paranoid Israeli fantasy that Iran is on the point of developing an atom bomb (despite all intelligence reports proving otherwise) and he is likely to adhere to whatever outlandish demands are made of him in this regard.

The third demand will be to continue supporting Israel at any cost—financially and militarily.

Once again, the highly influential Jewish lobby back home will ensure that Obama gives in to this demand as well. The Jewish AIPAC lobby has already started work in Washington DC to make sure that American foreign aid to Israel—already running in excess of $8 million per day, will be unaffected by upcoming budget cuts.

In other words, there is likely to be little change in US policy as a result of Obama’s visit, and it seems to be merely a publicity propaganda tour more than anything else—confirming to the outside world that the American government always puts Israel’s interests first, even when they are contrary to the US’s interests.

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