How Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians Causes Terrorism in Europe and America

The Jews-only ethnostate has sent soldiers in to seize solar panels which were donated to a Palestinian village called Jubbet al-Dhib inside the occupied West Bank—even though the land belongs to the Palestinians and the village is very close to a  number Jewish settlements, illegal under both Israeli and international law which are all connected to Israel’s national power grid.

Although Israel has claimed that the confiscation of the solar panels was carried out because they were “illegally erected,” the reality is that the move forms a part of a concerted effort to drive all the Palestinians out of the West Bank so that it can be annexed to the Jewish state.

According to reports, the Dutch government has now “lodged a formal complaint with the Israeli government”—but, of course, nothing else will happen because the Jewish lobby in the Netherlands will cause too much trouble for the Dutch government.

The hybrid diesel and solar power electricity system was installed last year in the village, which is home to 150 Palestinians whose livelihood is directly threatened by the illegal Jewish settlements.

The Palestinians pointed out that although the  solar panels were erected without asking the Jews for permission, the reality is that the land is by all international law, Palestinian, and in any event that building permissions for new Palestinian homes and infrastructure are almost impossible to obtain.

The village mayor told Palestinian outlet Ma’an News that the panels were destroyed, although Comet-ME, the aid organisation which installed the panels, said that between 60 and 90 were taken away intact and other equipment at the site destroyed and left behind by Israeli forces.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry has asked for the equipment to be returned to Jubbet al-Dhib and is considering what “next steps can be taken”, according to a report in Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz.

Cogat, the Israeli military agency responsible for coordinating Israeli policy in Palestinian areas, said that several work-stop orders were issued before the day of the raid. Villagers maintain that they did not know the site had been targeted until Israel Defence Force (IDF) soldiers showed up.

Cogat said in a statement that the village had “other electricity sources” other than the “illegal electricity room”. Haaretz said that before the solar panel system was installed, the 150 residents relied on a couple of “old and noisy” diesel generators for three hours of power a day.

More than 300 structures in the occupied West Bank demolished by the Israeli authorities in 2016 were at least in part funded by the EU or international NGOs, an Israeli military official said earlier this year.

Last year also saw the highest number of Israeli demolitions of Palestinian structures since rights groups began records.

Although many in the West are either unaware of this ongoing brutal treatment of the Palestinians by the Jews—or do not care—the reality is that this sort of behavior has a direct impact upon the west.

This is because the Muslim world understands very well the relationship between the Jewish lobbies’ control of western governments and those nations unqualified support for Israel –and therefore correctly blame European nations for Israel’s actions in the Middle East.

This in turn provides ideological fuel to the Jihad fire which is currently raging in Europe—and is the primary reason for the ongoing terrorist attacks in Europe and America.

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