“Hundreds” of Invaders Have Crossed into Canada

The number of Third World fake asylum seekers—who know they have no chance of convincing the Trump administration that they are genuine—illegally entering Canada has now reached “hundreds,” according to official records.

The invaders come from countries as diverse as Syria, Yemen, Turkey, and Sudan, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency’s (UNHCR) spokesman in Canada, Jean-Nicolas Beuze.

He added that it was “too soon to know whether the cross-border flow of people is an uptick or signals a longer trend.”

The UNHCR led a mission, coordinated with the border police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, to the border at Lacolle, 45 miles south of Montreal, where entire invader families have been crossing the border illegally.

The invaders are taking advantage of a loophole in the law which says that anyone in Canada can apply for “asylum” as long as there is no record of them officially having crossed any border point.

According to Beuze, the invaders he encountered on the U.S.–Canada border were “middle-to-upper class, well-educated, knowing what they were doing after having well-prepared their trip.”

“Most of them were in transit in the United States, coming from their country of origin with, for various reasons, a valid visa for the United States,” Beuze said.

Thanks to information available online, almost all had “figured out themselves” how to seek asylum and did not necessarily need the help of a smuggler, he said.

One family interviewed by a TV station in Canada said that they had crossed the border illegally because they were “scared of what the Donald Trump government will mean for them.”

The invader family, from Iraq, moved to the U.S. just under a year ago, but after nine months in America, Trump’s election victory had persuaded them that it “was time to move again.”

They went to Chicago, then Seattle, then took a taxi to the U.S.–Canada border. They walked into Canada just steps from the Peace Arch crossing.

Just a day before their illegal entry, two Turkish nationals crossed in the same area, and walked two blocks north before being arrested and turned over to Canadian Immigration Services.

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