Hungarian Fence Halts Balkan Route

The Hungarian government’s building of a fence along its border with Serbia—and its assistance to other states in building similar fences—has all but halted the Balkans route nonwhite invasion of Europe.

As a result, the number of Third World invaders crossing into Austria from Hungary has plummeted to 5,800 this year—compared to 300,000 in 2015.


Nonwhite invaders arrested last week at the Hungarian-Serbian border. Photo credit: László Toroczkai, mayor of  Asotthalom, Hungary.

Austrian Police official Christian Stella told the Austria Press Agency that the drop is “due in great part to the closing of the so-called West Balkans route” used last year by nonwhites pretending to be refugees.

That route, leading from Greece through Macedonia, Serbia, and into Hungary, has been effectively shut down, with Hungary erecting razor wire on its eastern borders and helping other nations also strengthen border controls.

Stella said that about 5,800 invaders were recorded moving from Hungary into Austria this year, compared to some 294,000 last year.

Just last week, the Hungarian government started building a new fence on its southern border with Serbia as part of its efforts to keep the invaders out—because small numbers are still managing to break through the existing fence.

Hungarian state television said that two kinds of barriers are being tested along a short stretch of the border before construction begins in earnest, while Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in August that a sturdier fence—set up with electronic surveillance equipment—was needed in case of a new surge of people moving toward Western Europe.

Last year, Hungary built fences protected with razor wire along some 110 miles of its border with Serbia and shorter sections on the border with Croatia.

Meanwhile, Serbian authorities say they have captured 15 suspected people-smugglers in the past 10 days who tried to illegally transfer 236 invaders through the country.

Serbia’s ministry of defense said in a statement last week that five more suspected people-smugglers remain at large. It says the detained are 11 Serbs, two Bulgarian citizens, one citizen of Pakistan, and one from the Netherlands.

The statement added that nearly half of the discovered invaders were Afghans, while the rest were from Iraq, Pakistan, and Syria, and African and Asian countries.

Serbia has stepped up border controls to curb the nonwhite invasion trying to reach the European Union through the Balkan country since the border was closed in March this year.


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  1. God bless the Hungarians for having
    the guts and intelligence for doing this.
    Exclude that hymie Hungarian who is
    a disgrace to his people and the entire
    white race. The message being sent
    we keep and love our culture, people
    and religion screw you brussels.

  2. The invaders have switched to Italy and, I believe, Spain. Italy ships them in by the 10s of thousands and because Schengen has been suspended the invaders are stuck there. Consequently Italy is a pressure cooker on full burn with no escape valve. An explosion is inevitable.

    1. Sadly I have to agree. If that`s what it takes to halt this Merkel madness and bring traitorous politicians to their senses then so be it.

  3. Eastern Croatia is littered by mine fields that serbs left. perhaps the invaders should be encouraged to go there and clear the mines while in the same time enriching the soil? Any that get through could be deported.

  4. Stand tall Hungary we are behind u every step we applaud ur commitment too ur people NEVER RETREAT NEVER SURRENDER we salute you

  5. Keep them out. Purchase active denial systems to put all along the borders. Make every country a fortress of security. Focus on the word impenetrable.

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