Hungarian Government to Abolish Fake Gender Studies at Colleges

The Hungarian government has announced its intention to abolish the fake science of gender studies at colleges and universities in that country, declaring them to be useless and of no value in any respect.

According to a report in the HVG newspaper in Hungary, universities and colleges in the country received a notice from the government giving them 24 hours to comment in a bill before the parliament which will abolish all “gender studies.”

At least three universities in Hungary, the largest state-funded university ELTE, the “Gender Studies Research Group” at the English Department, University of Szeged, and the George Soros-funded Central European University.

When the bill is passed, it will be impossible to attend “gender studies” courses in Hungary and get a degree in the subject.

According to the HVG, a government spokesman told them that there “is absolutely no interest for gender studies graduates in the Hungarian job market, that the course is economically irrational, and so it is assumed that it is not run to provide students with useful knowledge, but rather for other purposes.”

The HVG went on to quote the government spokesman as saying that the “gender studies” degrees take away resources from other courses and harms the economic stability of the universities.

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  1. Wow! That must be a worldwide first, abolishing gender studies. Well done to Hungary, who really are leading the way, setting a splendid example for patriots everywhere.

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