Hungarian Government to Outlaw Settling an “Alien Population” in that Country

The Hungarian government has introduced a constitutional amendment to its parliament which will make it constitutionally illegal to settle any “alien population” in that country—and which will make it a jailable offense to in any way help or assist illegal invaders.

The new law—introduced on Tuesday—will make it a criminal offence—punishable with jail—for any person who helps an illegal invader who is not a recognized “refugee,” to either stay– or even attempt to gain status to stay—in that country.

The text of the legislation, posted on parliament’s website, said: “Those who provide financial means … or conduct this organizational activity (for illegal immigration) on a regular basis will be punishable with up to one year in prison.”

In addition, the law specifically rejects European Union quotas to distribute nonwhite invaders around that bloc.

The new bill also says that foreigners who sought to enter Hungary via a third country in which they were not directly exposed to persecution would not be entitled to “asylum”—a rule which effectively means that no-one who is not fleeing a neighboring state (Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, the Ukraine, and Slovakia) in fear of their lives, will not qualify for “refugee” status.

“We need an action plan to defend Hungary and this is the STOP Soros package of bills,” the interior ministry said in a comment accompanying the legislation.

It said there were international and also Hungarian organizations helping the entry of illegal migrants to Hungary, adding: “Sanctioning these is justified.” It did not name any groups.

The U.N. refugee agency UNHCR urged Hungary to scrap the draft law restricting non-governmental organizations, saying it would deprive refugees and asylum-seekers of vital services and encourage “rising xenophobic attitudes”.

The new “Stop Soros” bill no longer contains a 25 percent tax that its previous version in February wanted to impose on foreign donations to non-governmental organisations that back migration.

But the “Hungarian Helsinki Committee,” which provides legal aid to nonwhite invaders, said the bill was “against European democratic values.”

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  1. Hungary sets an example of what other nations should be doing. Well done and may God bless Hungary.

    Ps. Firefox didn’t allow me me to access this site for a couple of weeks. Said the site was insecure. Censorship?

  2. Congrats Hungary. My demand for ‘treason laws to apply to politicians in Oz who herd in violent ideology and other similar aliens’. …. went unanswered. Hungary sets a good example for more demands , from us, to our politicians to secure our countries.

  3. Good. Hungary has as much right to be ethnically and religiously pure as Israel does. Why is it that the only nation on earth that is allowed to declare that they want ethnic purity is Israel?

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