Hungary: Anti-Invasion Referendum

With less than a month to go before the referendum in Hungary—called out by that country’s government to test public opinion on the European Union’s plan to “resettle” invaders forcibly throughout the EU—the “no” vote seems set for a massive win.

The implications of this vote will be far-reaching and will place Hungary on a seemingly insoluble collision course with the EU—which could even have major repercussions for that country’s continued membership of the bloc.


The government of Viktor Orban has used the resources of the state to drive home the anti-invasion message, with billboards, advertisements on state television, and leaflets delivered by mail to every household in the country.

By way of contrast, the “yes” campaign—supported by the “reformed” communist party of Hungary (now calling itself the Hungarian Socialist Party, or MSZP) and other smaller pro-invasion parties—has to rely on private financing for its campaign.

The government’s campaign has been very direct: the advertisements and leaflets are themed on a “Did you know” type message. Some examples:

“Did you know? Since the start of the immigration crisis, over 300 people in Europe died in terror attacks.”

“Did you know? Just from Libya, nearly a million immigrants want to come to Europe.”

The government also says the resettlement in Hungary of large numbers of invaders will “destroy Hungarian communities and culture.”

The referendum question is “Do you want the European Union to prescribe the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary even without the consent of Parliament?”

The referendum—to be held on October 2, the same day as the new Austrian presidential election—forms part of the Hungarian government’s campaign against the EU’s immigration policies. A court case is currently pending in Brussels on the issue as well, submitted by representatives of the Visegrad 4 nations.

The clash became inevitable when the EU Commission—the EU’s executive—decided that the mass Third World invasion currently underway had to be “distributed evenly” throughout the EU Member States.

Hungary—and other countries—argue that they did not cause the mass invasion, and those nations which have encouraged the nonwhites to come to Europe should have to bear the cost and problem of hosting them.

The most likely result of the referendum—a large “no” vote—and the subsequent refusal of the Hungarian government to “take in” its “allocated share” of invaders, will probably result in sanctions by the EU.

This clash is inevitable, and the only real question is how far it will lead to breaking down the structure of the European Union itself.

Orban’s government is also using the referendum as a way of boosting his own party’s standing among the Hungarian electorate, which has been steadily slipping since his 2014 election victory. In that election, Orban’s Fidesz party won a two-thirds majority in parliament.

However, successive by-elections have whittled down this majority, and Orban is using the invasion issue as a way of drawing votes from the nationalist Jobbik party.

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  1. at least the Hungarians have got a spine and will not cave-into being told what to do by what has become a dictatorship (the EU et al)……….good for them.

  2. There is no doubt that any country refusing to follow the dictats of the EU over accepting their quota of the useless, lazy, ignorant and uneducated economic migrants will have sanctions against them within days. Juncker has said that he will not support any country that has an anti-migrant government and will instigate sanctions and even financial fines. Merkel and all those that see no wrong in what is happening in their communities proves that democracy is dead and buried. The media across the EU is now controlled, and even segregated swimming in Luton is not known by many across the UK. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that politicians could be so stupid as to destroy their own countries.

    1. You should learn to separate out people in their countries, from the layer of Jews that control them. Politicians are controlled by Jews; and Jews hate whites. Even in your wildest dreams.

  3. Good for Hungary, don’t allow Merkel and the EU to determine who lives in country, Merkel invited all these people so let her keep them. Any illegal sent to Hungary won’t stay, they prefer the wealthier countries with better benefits housing and family reunion packages, they all want Germany, Sweden or Britain.

  4. Wonderful news the Hungarian people can make an informed common sense decision. This is another very welcome serious structural weakening of the EU. My suggestion is rather than Article 50 the fake exit rules designed not to work, nations should just stop paying their EU membership Dues. Its so obvious to us common people. That’s how we exit most organisations.

  5. ‘a seemingly insoluble collision course with the EU—which could even have major repercussions for that country’s continued membership of the bloc.’

    In other words, the EU and democracy are incompatible.

    Let us not forget that Merkel came from East Germany, formerly known as the GDR; German Democratic Republic, and which was in effect part of the Soviet Union. It’s a bit like the Peoples Democratic Republic of North Korea. So we know that Merkel’s idea of ‘democracy’ is not quite the same as we would consider democracy to be.

  6. Orban needn’t worry. With open borders the migrant hordes will go where they want to, Germany. What’s to stop them? So she who invited them in will have to find ways to deal with them Ironic, no?

  7. Good for them. They just have to hold out until Merkel is thrown out and hopefully Junker and Holland following closely behind.

  8. Go for it do not b dragged down Germany’s choice not yours !!! Hold your head with pride !!! Your country your life’s !!! Keep them safe !!!!!! For your children’s. Children fore your forefathers !!!!!! Please remember your heritage !!!!!!!

  9. EU will not be in existence soon. Its in a mess and everyone is trying to get out. Its a malicious pyramid con scheme. Those who are last to get out will suffer heavy financial impact.

  10. I have to assume Hungary’s media will, as in the rest of Europe inculding the BBC, be pro-EU and disinclined to want to, ‘step-out-of-line’ or even support that stance. If there is a Hungarian contributor to NWO I would be very interested to know what the press position is.

  11. Merkel invited them, then demands that other European countries accept some of them? Did Mr Orban say to the hordes of the Third World “Cone to Europe”?

  12. The problem is that our bourgeois politicians and politico-legal systems are just not capable of responding powerfully enough to a world changing historical process that is threatening Europe.

    1. No ‘our politicians’ are in the pocket of evil jewish banking interests such as Soros and have encouraged immigrant invaders to descend like a plague of parasites on Europe our beautiful homeland!

      Merkel the traitor to Germany told them to come and countries such as Greece, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy openee the floodgates all while the criminal Zionist entity pulls the strings of destruction through their proxy ISIS in the Middle East!!!!! I smell a dirty stinking Zionist plan do you?????

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