Hungarian Mayor: Europe Faces “Bloody Conflict”

Europe faces the real possibility of a bloody conflict within the near future as a result of the irresponsible policy of allowing mass Third World immigration onto its shores, the world-famous Hungarian mayor of the town of Ásotthalom has said.


Speaking during a lengthy interview with the leading German journal Zuerst!, 37-year-old Mayor László Toroczkai said in answer to a question about the future of Europe in the light of the “refugee crisis,” that “Europe is in peril. We face perhaps some bloody conflicts caused by the irresponsible policies of today.”

Mayor Toroczkai won fame at the height of the attempted nonwhite invasion of Hungary when he issued a video showing the measures his town had taken, in conjunction with the Hungarian government, to ward off invaders.

In that video, he had warned the nonwhite hordes that they best avoid Hungary, as it was “bad” for them, and that his town, Ásotthalom, was the “worst of all.”

Zuerst! asked Mayor Toroczkai about the response to the video. He said that it became famous within a few weeks and that he had received “hundreds” of messages of support, mostly from Europe but also from elsewhere around the world.

This, he said, “gives me enough strength to continue fighting. Because the problem is far from being solved, as illegal immigrants are not just a problem faced in Ásotthalom. The problem will only be solved when the endless masses are prevented from illegally immigrating to all of Europe.”

When asked if there were only messages of support, Mayor Toroczkai said that he had also received “many threats from Muslim countries.”

In addition, he said, many “US TV shows tried to make fun of me and my policy. But these are all weak attacks, and all they do is strengthen my resolve.”

He said that the mass immigration policy had caused “all of the world’s problems to be imported into Europe. They come from different cultures that cannot be integrated or assimilated.”

He warned that if this was allowed to continue, Europe would end up with “large ghettos and slums,” and that the “situation can escalate [into violence] at any time.”

This was, he said, just the beginning, because Europe will soon have to face even larger and more serious problems.

“The migrants do not only bring the potential for religious and cultural conflict, but also terrorism which will be an even bigger issue in the future,” he said.

“In addition, we face an economic crisis caused by this mass immigration and multiculturalism, because it has already cost the European taxpayer a fortune.”

When asked what the situation was like at the Hungarian border, he said that there have been no illegal border crossings in Ásotthalom at all for several weeks.

“If someone still tries to climb over the fence, we arrest him and put him on trial. The person is then expelled from Hungary. I hope that the situation will remain quiet here.

“But as long as the masses of illegal immigrants flock to other countries, the problem will continue.”

It was for this reason, he said, that he had set up an international conference in Ásotthalom, to be held on the weekend of December 19–20, where he and other speakers would address the dangers posed by illegal immigration, and demonstrate the effectiveness of the border fence to keep invaders out.

This would, he added, hopefully serve to instruct other European nations on how the invasion can be physically stopped.

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The event been announced as an invitation to “all active Europeans” to “visit the border fence his government created, so they can learn how to protect their own countries.”

The two-day event will include visiting the fence on the Hungarian–Serbian border—the external Schengen border of the European Union—and see how the Hungarian, Slovakian, Czech, and Polish police and army forces cooperate in protecting Europe.

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  1. He made a bold, but right move being the first to erect a fence. If you want to know what is in store for Europe
    watch YouTube video ‘African migrants destroy southern Italy.’ wild eyed retrograde African marauding hordes
    wantonly destroying everything in their path.

  2. If there is any action by the EU to force the Mayor to accept illegal immigrants he can always use the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties Article 67 and The Hague Convention 1907 Articles 23, 24 and the Definition of Aggression to refuse them the right to settle in his town.

  3. If Europe indeed faces a bloody conflict, the Hungarians better put a wall on the other side of the country as well, to halt masses of fleeing invaders coming back the other way.

  4. After WWII there was an influx of Caribbean people into the UK, under the authority of Clement Atlees’s government. These people came from shacks and because of their lack of understanding of what it would be like to live in flats and houses, their hygiene standards were poor at that time. Those that lived in London and other cities at the time bore the brunt of all this. Move forward 60 years, there are many ghettos across the whole of the UK by one form or another of non-white races – there has been ample statistics given publically to prove that. Every Middle East country has a form of an Identity Document as well as passports and driving licences, so any of these non-white invaders who did not have such on arriving in Italy, Greece or wherever should have been returned to Turkey, Libya or wherever. UK press is muzzled and letters against all this are rarely accepted – freedom of speech is not allowed these days. Democracy – doesn’t exist now!

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