Hungarian Move Threatens EU

The news that Hungary will vote on whether to let the European Union (EU) forcibly resettle thousands of nonwhite invader “refugees” in that country poses the single most serious threat to the future existence of that organization yet.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban made the announcement about the referendum after it became clear that there was a massive groundswell of opposition in Hungary of earlier reports that the government had agreed to the EU “resettlement plan.”


In terms of that “plan,” the millions of invaders in Germany are to be redistributed to all EU members according to their capacity and economic ability, and tens of thousands had been allocated to Hungary.

Orban, who is already famous for not being shy to adopt any policy which can bring him popular support in Hungary, said at a news conference that the question of the referendum had already been submitted for verification to the country’s National Electoral Commission.

The core of the issue, Orban said, is that a decision on the “resettlement quota” plan “cannot be taken away from the [Hungarian] Parliament, as no one else can make such a decision.”

“Hungary is under enormous pressure,” he said, “[over] whether or not the EU will succeed in pushing a new EU asylum and migrant system down the throats of the central European countries, including ours. Such a system would authorize [the EU] to distribute migrants among the other EU countries, including those which have not taken in migrants, do not want to, are opposed to this, and do not want any part in it.”

“Nobody has asked the European people so far whether they support, accept, or reject the mandatory migrant quotas,” he said at a news conference.

“The government is responding to public sentiment now: we Hungarians think introducing resettlement quotas for migrants without the backing of the people equals an abuse of power.”

Orban said he was aware of potential wider ramifications of such a referendum, especially if Hungarians say “No” to quotas.

“We had to think about the potential impact on European politics of such a proposal, but that was a secondary consideration,” he said.

“To us this is a fundamental, unavoidable, essential question of Hungarian politics: can anyone else decide for Hungarians who we Hungarians should or should not live with?”

The Hungarian parliament—dominated by the government which holds 131 seats in the 199-seat body—is well-known to be completely opposed to the quota, and has specifically authorized an ongoing legal action against the EU over the matter.

It is clear, therefore, that Orban has decided to call out a referendum because he knows he is assured of winning it—and by so doing, will strengthen his own party’s popularity at the same time.

There is therefore, little doubt about the outcome of the referendum—but it will be after the “no” vote victory, that the real sparks will fly.

A refusal by Hungary to accept the “redistribution plan” will mean that the Visegrad group of nations will have thrown down the gauntlet to Brussels and Angela Merkel in particular.

Threats by the EU to withhold funding or impose sanctions against Member States will result in unheard of internal political pressure, and may have fatal consequences for the EU’s continued existence.

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  1. Rock on Mr.Orban,a leader who considers his own people first,pity our spineless wimp in the UK isn’t half the man Orban is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Agreed. If we can have even 2 more men like him in central and eastern Europe to rise to the top of the political stage, we can destroy the EU from within without having to kill a single Marxist or Fundamentalist…


    2. Doesn’t matter whether there are quotas or not, the migrants will go where they want to go and probably Hungary is not their first, second or third choice.

  2. Bring Viktor Orban to the UK, make him a bona-fide British National & immediately promoted to Prime Minister…..well, it’s a nice dream !!!

    1. That is not democracy either Kev. I think Nick Farage should invite Mr Orban to speak on the subject in the British Parliament and that Cameron and Corbyn should prove they are democrats and not complain.

      1. I’d prefer them to boycott it, to prove that they are autocrats and oligarchs, and further prove their separation from the wishes of Britain!

    2. Pick your own leader that loves their nation as we don’t let him go. Fight it, don’t surrender to the muslims. I wish you good luck.

  3. Everyone reading this must hope and pray that the British electorate has the courage and wisdom to vote to leave the EU.

    1. Jon there is a lot of fiddling with currency and spreading rumours of fear courtesy of Cameron (who most likely will receive a plum EU post for his deception) . I would hope the British electorate would know when they are being deceived. Their is a lot of bluffing going on. Britain imports a lot more than it exports. The best thing for all European countries is a total overhaul since Britain is not alone with the disgust of the Germanic autocracy in Europe. Pay no attention to what banks think. They are only loyal to a big pay increase.

    2. But, realistically, would leaving the EU stop the massive Third World immigration into UK? Seems to me it may only increase it. Seems to me that’s what a multiculti clown pretending to be a British patriot, called Ferage (the one who had a Middle East fella for a chief advisor, didn’t he) really wants the British to do: cut yourself off of the Continent and bring in more Africans and Asians instead. “We owe to them!” he blurted out in an interview, didn’t he? Are the British supporting him cognizant of what he really is about? I once went into a BNP site and read expressions of great chagrin at him. Sorry, but apart form its being sad it was also hilarious. What fokin (un)reality are some of the British livin in? Wakey wakey! If it aint too late now, that is. 🙂

      1. There is a deeper seated problem in Britain, which has gone unchallenged for many years.When imported Africans are welcomed, it puts into the shade those born and bred blacks who continue to prey on our young girls. Tired of seeing the diversity! Yes.There is more to being swamped than Syrian fallout.

      2. Anything that weakens – and hopefully fatally weakens – the EU has to be a good thing.

        The EU is profoundly anti-white, as well as being a totalitarian undemocratic dictatorship.
        Only if the EU falls will central Europe avoid turning black and brown – just like western Europe has.

        1. I myself think the ONLY way for the Europeans to survive is to unify. But not under the aegis of the anti-European and pro-multiculti EU; the EU must be taken down. Only then it would be possible genuinely to unify Europe. First of all and most urgently, so-called Western Europe with so-called Eastern Europe. The anti-European pro-multiculti forces have been set on creating conflict, hate and division between “Western Europeans” and “Eastern Europeans”. In order to weaken Europe and push masses of Third World immigrants into it. It’s plainly visible in Britain where high-circulation pro-multiculti media, e.g. Daily Mail and Daily Express, have been carrying out a vicious hate propaganda campaign against “Eastern Europeans”, mainly the Poles. Helped by pro-multiculti politicians, notably Farage. (Practically ALL prominent British pols are pro-multiculti, including Cameron). But they’ve been keepin quiet about the unaccountable Third World masses already living in and constantly pouring into Britain. In fact, quietly they’ve been winking at and approving of their pouring in. The anti-European pro-multiculti forces know full well that if “Western Europe” and “Eastern Europe” joined together, the policy of multiculti, i.e. inundating Europe with Third World immigration, wouldn’t be feasible. And Europe would be a great power. That being said, maybe it’s too late now for the unification. Maybe “Western Europe” has already been so inundated with the Third World masses it’s now irreversibly lost and dying. In the Middle Ages, large numbers of Germans moved into Poland, fleeing the oppression at the hands of the Raubritters or robber barons. Merkel and her gang are the contemporary equivalent of the Raubritters.

          1. I couldn’t agree more. Instead of smearing Eastern Europeans, folks in West should concentrate on fighting the true danger, mass immigration from MENA -countries. As there is an invisible power that orchestrates the
            mass invasion to Europe, the prospects for the White Europe seem to be rather miserable. When bitterness overpowers me I think that Western Europeans now got what they deserve. I live in Sweden since 42 years and my Swedish (both spoken and in writing) is excellent, but Swedes do not even pretend to conceal their prejudice against me because I was born an ethnic Pole. If I were of Jewish origins, it would be very different, as Swedes fear of being labelled anti-Semites more than anything.

          2. Not sure if I read the same Daily Mail… most multi-culti` claptrap is missing in mine.
            At least Nigel Farage has the balls to confront those vastly overpaid, over-rated, back-slapping EU `yes` twerps in Brussels / Strasbourg.
            We need more gutsy MEPs lobbing grit in the EU oyster rather than sitting in silence and voting to order.
            Farage may not be every one`s cup of tea, and be abrasive on occasions but at least he says what needs saying. Voting isn`t a popularity contest….. no wonder politics is in such a poor state.
            Smarmy snakeoil politicians are two a penny and politics is absolutely stuffed with them, more`s the pity..
            Give me UKIP anytime.

          3. @ Jay — I answer here, as the reply function is missing over your comment. Well, for instance, if Farage IS pro-multiculti, i.e. if he’s for immigration from the Third World, and if the Daily Mail fellas praise him, then the Daily Mail are pro-multiculti too, aren’t they? Jay, you REALLY don’t notice that Farage is pro-Third World? Or you do notice it and are OK he’s like this?

          4. @Alicia Linder — What you describe points to the essence of Europe’s present downfall and death. The hatred and contempt of those who perceive themselves as “Western Europeans” towards those whom they perceive as “Eastern Europeans” (in fact it’s the old racial hatred under another name) is the main reason of this downfall and death. Yes, in Sweden or Norway it’s racism to dislike Jews but it’s, ahem, antiracism to dislike Poles.

          5. The unification amongst the people of Europe does exist and is increasing, despite the constant propaganda aimed at causing conflict between us.

  4. Mr Orban is facing a deplorable and dictatorial incitement to violate the Golden Bull of 1222 and the Resolution on the definition of Aggression 1974 by insane Germanic Barbarians who are hoping to spread around the concept that using foreigners to maraud civilians is acceptable and highly regarded in their type of integrity and moral position. It is actually public incitement to commit a Crime against Peace against defenceless civilians particularly women and children.

  5. I`m speechless!
    An EU leader showing respect for people power …..what democracy is supposedly all about.
    Orban is in for some serious bullying from Merkel.
    Rather than `follow my leader yes men` others need to follow his brave example.

    1. If Merkel plays the ‘German Despot Card’ again Orban may play the ‘Russian Card’. I doubt he wants Hungary to rejoin Russia again but he has lived under a ‘Soviet Dictatorship’ in the past and now finds Hungary living under a ‘Germanic Dictatorship’. The democratic wishes of all the people of Hungary versus the wishes of one German Despot sounds very fair to me.
      Other European countries are destined to follow this example.of democracy. The European Union is toast regardless as it is now.

      1. I don’t see Putin as anti-western, anti-EU indeed, they’ve tried to do his country ill. Frankly I’d prefer to see Britain allied with Putin rather than the, in my opinion, illegal coalition of the USA, Turkey et al.

        1. The Ukraine has been a big misadventure for Russia.
          It’s time for Russia to make amends and move on to more important issue such as fighting ISIS in Syria .Islamic terrorism is a much bigger threat to Russia than their Ukrainian kin ever was.

    1. Mr Viktor Orban is a true leader who prefers his own people to the globalists. I hope that British people will on 23 June vote for Brexit.

  6. “To us this is a fundamental, unavoidable, essential question of Hungarian politics: can anyone else decide for Hungarians who we Hungarians should or should not live with?”

    But surely this is democracy. The EU can’t have that now. Mandatory quotas?. Says who?

    “Threats by the EU to withhold funding or impose sanctions against Member States”

    And where exactly does this funding come from? Oh that would be from the taxes paid by the indigenous population of contributing countries such as the 350 million pounds a week paid by the UK taxpayers whose own health service is on the brink of total collapse due to hordes of immigrants who have not, nor ever will contribute a penny into the system.

  7. Can someone answer me this question: why are the Visegrad politicians doing this whole “mystery” thing? Orban hinting its a “Left wing conspiracy”, the Czech president saying it’s an “invasion”. Who is behind this? And I don’t mean the stupid answer of “EU” or “Brussels”. Don’t these leaders of Visegrad know who is really behind this? Why don’t they say? Why the mystery for us all?

    1. It’s the same people who are Obama’s puppet master. Flood America with millions of Mexicans and Central America. It’s about letting in millions of people who will work for peanuts.

    2. Bret, look up David Icke, he talks about this and many other issues. I suspect that the Zionists are orchestrating most of this “invasion”, but who’s really in charge of it all, I guess nobody knows. Even Rothschilds have probably some boss, but you’ll never hear about him or her.

    3. First of all one should ask the question, whose interest is that the Arab countries would be week? When they were strong, (and according to their oil resources they should be strong and wealthy), they allied and attacked Israel. In the 1967 and 1973 Wars the situation was so dangerous for Israel, that in 1973 they even considered surrender. So the chaos in Arab Peninsula serves Israel interest. The New Observer has published an article last November, about an Iraqi posse that has made prisoner an ISIS group and among them was a high ranking officer from the Israel Army, who was operating as consultant for ISIS. Then we had to add USA , they make a fortune from selling arms. “The recent surge in U.S. arms transfers to the Middle East is part of an unprecedented boom in major U.S. arms sales that has been presided over by the Obama administration.The majority of the Obama administration’s major arms sales have gone to the Middle East and Persian Gulf, with Saudi Arabia topping the list with over $49 billion in new agreements.” USA does not only makes money, but dictates the oil prices too, since the Arab countries depend on its military force. And to “kill 3 birds with one stone” they organized the migration to Europe. Europe, more exactly the EU was a great economic competitor to USA. Just check out the EURvsUSD exchange rates in 2008 and now. You will see the difference. So an economic competitor should be struck, and EU would clean up the mess what US left in Afghanistan, Eritrea and Syria. After all the Syrian population is only a “trifle” of 23 million, the Afghans are 32 million only. What is this for Europe, we have a booming economy after all, we can accommodate the whole World (: and clean up the sh .t they left in the war struck zones.

      1. Major weapon suppliers – Germany, Russia, USA, China. I don’t think Zionist controls the later but the first three . It’s understandable that Israel would not like competition from Iran in the smaller market.

      2. Thank you Free Opinion. I also suspect the same as you do. The inability of the Visegrad politicians to identify Israel and the USA administration may be from fear of reprisals as they are small nations.

    4. It seems they sure know who really is behind this, but, for obvious reasons, don’t say it aloud. Only, I think, Orban once mentioned Soros’s involvement.

    5. I think this happens out of consideration (anxiety) to the chosen people. It is a myth Visegrad countries are free from their dominance. What makes one confused is that their agenda differs from country to country. I visit Poland often and see the rapidly growing influence of the chosen, despite the official patriot policy. For example the Constitutional Tribunal has a few weeks after the election in 2015 ruled that the Polish ban on ritual slaughter of animals was against Poland’s constitution. As Poles officially are very Catholic, why was the “patriot” Tribunal in such a hurry to declare kosher slaughter illegal? By the way, Mr Kaczynski, the leader in PiS (Beata Szydlo’s party) might be a Catholic but his ethnicity isn’t Polish. Most of those in power are not ethnic Poles.

    1. I really doubt Orban is intimidated by this haggard old German Marxist. His career is ascending Merkel I believe has finally created such a large problem that it is inescapable. .

  8. Hungary & other like minded states must form a coalition and leave the EU. If they don’t make a move now it will be too late.
    “Merkel’s Mess” can only be cleaned up with firm swift action and possibly, just possibly the EU will do the right thing if the future of the whole ridiculous EU is at risk of disintegration.
    First of Merkel must go. Get rid of that imbecile and her stupid government.

    These arseholes are still trying to convince the British to join them in their suicidal policies. Britain must vote in very clear terms that they will not be joining any suicide pacts.

    1. Even the average Hungarian, Pole, Czech and Slovakian will not tolerate the presence of nonwhites there, especially hoardes of them who are attacking white women. Eastern and Central Europe will stay strong and white and will leave the EU. I am optimistic about that. I’m also optimistic all the white world in a few years will get the upper hand and start reversing this mess. This can’t go on forever!

  9. Too late, the europeans themselves voted for left wing politicians who let all these most-likely-ended-up as left wing voters in to boost their votes. This problem can easily be solved by having a safe zone in mideast or adopt australia solution. However, the EU wants them here. EU will become another soviet union within ten years (unless dissolve) with many QE to devalue currency so they can compete with the rest of the world. A enormous underclass will be created to be controlled by a teeny tiny group of elites called EU leaders.

  10. I bet they try to tempt nations in EU to take migrants with fiat money. Debt obtained money for short term gain for long term Goyim-Agenda destruction.

  11. Re: “Orban, who is already famous for not being shy to adopt any policy which can bring him popular support in Hungary” While it may be true Orban is notorious for being a so-called populist, it’s untrue he actually is one. Facts show him as being a staunch Hungarian patriot who is also genuinely concerned about Europe. In an interview with the Bild, he tells how he attempted to help the Greeks deal with the refugee crisis (he offered to send over a border guard unit) and was ignored by them. He says he doesn’t see any reason why Hungarians should import into Hungary the self-inflicted “Western” ordeal with the fake refugees. He says he has three daughters whom he doesn’t want to go through what Western European girls have gone through. In contrast to Merkel et consortes, he seems 1000% normal and right to me.

  12. The threat to democracy in Europe is real as left wing parties who do not like the political aspirations of countries that are voting in support of the people and so called right wing policies of Hungary and Poland. Such musings of left wing politicians such as Holland of France and Merkel of Germany sets a very dangerous precedence for Europe. Democratic people of Europe and particularly Britain must be diligent in the face of this Marxist hegemony.

  13. Thank you Mr.Orban.
    At last someone with spunk and a real patriot.
    Would that the other so called nations follow his lead. The only one to call out Mad Merkel.
    She must go and NOW! Not tomorrow.
    Close off Brussels. One office is not enough for these folks but they must have two???? Brussels and Strasbourg. What other country has two head offices. Even the US has only DC!
    Have your referendum Mr. Orban. What can Merkel really do to you?

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