Orban: “Refugees are Invaders”

There are no genuine “refugees” in Europe because they have all crossed safe countries to get there and they are all just invaders, Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary has told the German Bild newspaper.

In an interview in that paper published on January 7, 2018, Orbán was asked why it was that Germany could take in two million “refugees,” but that Hungary was refusing to take in even 2,000.

“The difference is that Germany wanted the migrants. And we do not,” Orbán answered.

“We do our work by protecting the Schengen external border with Serbia. This has cost us an extra € 1 billion since 2015 and Brussels will not pay us a cent.

“Certainly, the solution to the problem is not to spread people who are in the EU illegally across the EU. We think you have to help where the problem is and do not bring the immigrants here.”

The Bild journalists then asked the Hungarian Prime Minister why it was that the Hungarians did not want refugees.

“We do not consider these people to be Muslim refugees. We regard them as Muslim invaders,” Orbán answered.

“For example, to reach Hungary from Syria, you have to cross four countries, all of which are not as rich as Germany, but are stable. So they are not running for their lives. They have been shown to be economic migrants seeking a better life.”

The flabbergasted Bild journalists then tried to morally argue against Orbán;s facts by asking if his positon made the “refugees worth less as a human?”

Orbán answered: “If someone wants to come to you in your house, he should knock on the door and then ask: ‘Can we come in, can we stay?’

“They did not do that. They smashed through the border illegally. That was not a wave of refugees, that was an invasion.”

Orbán added that he “never understood how in a country like Germany, which we see as the best example of discipline and the rule of law, chaos, could celebrated as something good the anarchy and the illegal crossing of borders.”

He added that the reason why the “people are in your country is not that they are refugees, but that they want a German life.”

The Hungarian leader went on to say that for Hungary it is a matter of “sovereignty and cultural identity. We have to preserve the right to decide who can live in Hungarian territory.”

On the topic of Muslims, Orbán said that he believed “that a high number of Muslims necessarily leads to parallel societies, because Christian and Muslim society will never unite.

“Multiculturalism is only an illusion. We do not want that,” he said.

The Bild journalists then changed tack and tried to play the “holocaust guilt” card, starting out by lying in saying that Europe had free speech:

“The most wonderful thing in Europe is the right of free speech and the press. But you are driving a nationwide poster campaign against your archenemy,  the Hungarian Holocaust survivor and billionaire George Soros,” the Bild journalists said.

Orbán answered by saying that “Soros is also campaigning against the Hungarian government, and he is not restricted by anything.

“Mr. Soros, who made his money with casino capitalism, sees himself as a head of state without a state. He supports 60 non-governmental organizations that support migration and illegal immigration. It’s not about freedom of expression but about national security and that’s where I have to get involved.

“As for the media, I do not think that the German press is freer than the Hungarian one. I can not imagine that.”

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  1. Brilliant. Hats off to Hungary AGAIN. Now we need western leaders to grow a pair, and also call a ‘spade a shovel’. If , as , recent surveys claim, 80% of western citizens reject this mass immigration, without their permission, then why do we not have a PEGIDA type global movement to Considlidate a loud NO, and stop it. ??

  2. Every word is brilliant. However, it also proves that the so-called journalists of that newspaper are indoctrinated to follow Merkel’s and the EU’ dogma. No such thing as a free press?

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