Hungarian Prime Minister: Mass Immigration is Suicide, Whites Must Have More Children

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been attacked by the far leftist media in Germany, who have described it as a “scandal” that he recently was honored with the opening speech at the WDR Europa Forum in Berlin.

The reason for the venomous attack is because, in his speech, Orbán opposed the suicidal policy of mass immigration into Europe, and because of his earlier comments that his nation would introduce tax policies which would encourage young, normal, heterosexual Hungarians to have more children.


“History has shown us that the civilizations that cannot biologically be maintained, will disappear”—Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

According to an article written by the Austrian Freedom Party’s (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, FPÖ) Minister of Building Law and Animal Protection of the State of Lower Austria, Barbara Rosenkranz, in the Austrian news outlet Unzernsuriet, Orbán said in his speech that “mass immigration is not a suitable remedy to solve the demographic problems of Europe.

“History has shown us that the civilizations that cannot biologically be maintained, will disappear,” he added.

For this reason, the Hungarian government has taken some measures to encourage normal heterosexual families with children.

“We have a created a new tax system, which supports families,” Orbán told the Europa Forum.

The Fidesz party chief also said that he expected “massive resistance” against his pro-family, anti-immigration policy from the “political class” in Europe.

Three years ago, at a speech before the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Germany, Orbán outlined his family policy in this way:

“I want to make it clear: Europe’s demographic problem is that society is getting older, and fewer children are being born. We will therefore initially not be able to maintain our current economic output. Then we will no longer be able to pay enough income tax. Finally, we will not even be biologically capable of maintaining our own community.

“This is the problem that is before our eyes and about which we have long known

“As immigration is not the solution and the Hungarian government is against the policy of mass immigration, we advocate a family policy which will enable young people to overcome the obstacles to having large families, so that the younger generations will be able to maintain our community.”

Ms Rosenkranz, who herself has ten children, went on to describe Orbán’s comments as “plausible and reasonable.”

“Nevertheless, or rather because of it, our neighbors [the Hungarians] are almost branded a ‘rogue state’ within the European Union (EU).

“This means that whoever stands up for their country’s future, must now expect to make enemies in the EU,” she said.

Ms Rosenkranz went on to say that the Austrian government’s family policy was fraught with danger:

“The traditional family is not in high demand,” she said. “Other lifestyles are advertised as exemplary. A look at the press and television is enough to realize how much the image of the family is a caricature,” she said, in an obvious reference to the bearded cross-dressing homosexual  “Conchita Wurst” who is currently so popular with the controlled media.

“A comparison of Orbán’s statements with the current debate in Austria makes it clear that here at home, sustainable family policy is not being promoted,” she concluded.

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  1. Hopefully, other European countries will follow Hungary’s lead on this and realize that mass immigration is suicide.

  2. He’d better watch his back, since he’s told the international bankster gangsters to piss off, we don’t need you vampires.

    He’s also wanting to use bartering of Hungary’s goods with other nations, further cutting out the banksters.

    He’s a marked man.

  3. Ceausescu managed to solve the birth rate decline in Romania by strong policies in favor of natality. So, between 1967-1989, Romania had a fertility rate above the replacement level (around 2.2-2.5). Also, the development of the economy was very high. Unfortunately, foreign pressure and intervention, combined with internal sabotage led to the so called “democratic revolution” (in fact, a bloody coup)… After 1989, the economy was ruined, millions of romanians fled the country, we became a colony (a “slave plantation”) of the EU and USA, birth rates dropped dramatically (except for gypsies), population is in decline and we started to import more and more third worlders…

    But, of course, Ceausescu was a “blood thirsty tyrant” and he deserved to be killed in a parody of trial.

  4. This is disgraceful attacking a man who for once is talking good commen sense by the leftist German media. This is the same media that is doing its best to cover up the rape of innocent women and children by vile, male, mysogynistic Muslim male so called refugees in the ayslum camps in Germany. These women arrived in Germany hoping to escape the rape and torture that they suffered back home in their own nations, only to discover that Germany has granted shelter to the same vile savage pigs that these women faced back home. Is there no limit to how far the left will stoop to appease these lazy, sponging, aggressive parasites who are not genuine refugees in any sense of the word ? They are all third world criminals who should be shot on sight, or at the very least deported back to the cess pits they crawled out from. Viktor Orban is doing what all good leaders should do, and that is trying to protect the the rights, culture and way of life of his own Indiginous population against take over, persecution, rape and murder from these very dangerous invading brainwashed religious nutters who do not even understand the meaning of the word civilised. They are invading Europe for what they can get their hands on, free welfare, housing, money and of course the booty, (female non Muslims)
    Deport the entire lot of them, forcibly if necessary. Merkel and her media should all be hung for their crimes against white, civilised Europeans.

  5. It appears that the Poles and Hungarians are leading the way to sense, with many other countries removing their rose tinted, politically correct, bleeding heart liberal spectacles and seeing the house of cards is beginning to collapse.
    Victor Orban and Beata Szydlo deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for guiding their countries away from the potential Armageddon staring the rest of the EU in the face.
    Unfortunately, although my Prime Minister has been forced to offer a referendum on our continued membership of the EUSSR, the Quisling is gerrymandering it in every way he can think of in the attempt to persuade the “great unwashed” to vote for the status quo – something which cannot exist as the EU must continue towards a federal state in order to survive.
    I really hope the plebiscite see through Dodgy Dave’s and the corrupt, unelected faceless bureaucrats’ deviousness and vote out when the time eventually comes.

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