Hungarian Town Wants Europeans

The mayor of the town of Asotthalom, southern Hungary, has become the first European politician to make a public call for Europeans who seek to get away from a “multicultural society” to settle in that country, according to the BBC.

A report on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire program quotes Mayor Laszlo Toroczkai—already famous for being the person who drove the building of Hungary’s border wall at the height of the Angela Merkel-driven Third World invasion of Europe—as wanting Europeans to come to his town.

“We primarily welcome people from western Europe, people who wouldn’t like to live in a multicultural society,” Mayor Toroczkai told the BBC. “We wouldn’t like to attract Muslims to the village.”

The BBC program—hostile as always, as is to be expected from the controlled media—said that the town had “banned the wearing of Muslim dress and the call to prayer,” and by “leading what it calls ‘the war against Muslim culture,’ it hopes to attract other Christian Europeans who object to multiculturalism in their own countries.”

“It’s very important for the village to preserve its traditions. If large numbers of Muslims arrived here, they would not be able to integrate into the Christian community,” the program quotes Mayor Toroczkai—who is also a vice president of the Jobbik nationalist party—as saying.

“We can see large Muslim communities in western Europe that haven’t been able to integrate, and we don’t want to have the same experience here,” he says.

“I’d like Europe to belong to Europeans, Asia to belong to Asians, and Africa to belong to Africans. Simple as that.”

According to the BBC, Mayor Toroczkai has introduced a number of by-laws in the town which bans the wearing of Muslim dress like the hijab, the Muslim call to prayer, and “which also outlaws public displays of affection” by homosexuals.

“Changes are also being brought in to prevent the building of mosques, despite there being only two Muslims living there currently,” the BBC report continued, adding that the lawyers it consulted all believed the “laws contravene the Hungarian constitution.” The Hungarian government is apparently set to rule on their legality in mid-February.

However, the BBC said, the laws “have support among many members of the community,” and the report goes on to interview townsfolk who all expressed their support for the mayor’s measures.

Mayor Toroczkai has also employed round-the-clock border patrols, “which he thinks will attract white Europeans to live there,” the BBC show added, saying that he “would be happy to welcome people from England.”

The BBC of course then asked him the inevitable hypocritical question of “if he was trying to establish a white supremacist village”—note that they would never ask Jews in Israel if they were trying to establish a “Jewish Supremacist” state, or any of the myriad of blacks-only organizations in Britain if they were trying to establish “black supremacist” groups.

Mayor Toroczkai’s answer, however, had the BBC reporter foxed:

“I didn’t use the word white. But because we are a white, European, Christian population, we want to stay [like] this. If we were black we’d want to stay a black village. But this is a fact and we want to preserve this fact.”

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