Hungary: Arrested Nonwhite Invader Leader Had 7 Fake Passports

A nonwhite invader who took a leading role in the attack on the Hungarian border post at Röszke in September was arrested at Budapest’s main railway station while in possession of seven different passports, Hungarian police have announced.


An article in the Népszabadság newspaper revealed that the man—identified only as Ahmed H., as Hungarian law forbids the identification of pre-conviction prisoners—is a known Islamist who is domiciled in Cyprus—and cannot therefore in any way be classified as a “refugee.”

According to the police, all of Ahmed H.’s seven passports contained Schengen visas. He is a Syrian citizen, and was arrested by the Hungarian Counter Terrorism unit on suspicion of being the leader of the nonwhite mob which attacked the border post on 16 September. That attack sparked international media coverage and condemnation of the Hungarian government.

Ahmed H. is resident of the island of Cyprus, where he holds a work permit. He is also not a poor “refugee.” He has a well-established business on that island, owns a fishing boat, five cars, has a wife, and a newly-built €90,000 house, the Népszabadság reported. Significantly, the Cypriot government earlier turned down his citizenship application.

He is also an active member of an Islamist front organization, the Tablighi Jamaat (Society for Spreading Faith), which poses as a peaceful Islamic proselytizing association but which has been repeatedly revealed as a cover for Islamist radicals penetrating non-Muslim nations.

The Hungarian police also revealed that Ahmed H. and another arrested leader of the attack on the Röszke border post, identified as Jaszír Timea, had not even entered Europe on foot, but had instead flown to Budapest on commercial airliners.

They had then only joined up with the nonwhite pedestrian invasion force at the Hungarian border, where they took part in the attack upon the police.

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Jaszír was identified as a ring leader after press photographs of the Röszke attack showed him encouraging the nonwhite invaders to attack through a megaphone. According to the Népszabadság article, Hungarian counter-terrorism police and intelligence services are now tracking the two men’s associates in Hungary and Europe through their cell phones, which were seized when the pair were arrested.

Jaszír, with megaphone in hand, struggles with the Hungarian police at the Röszke border post.
Jaszír, with megaphone in hand, struggles with the Hungarian police at the Röszke border post.

Meanwhile, the Hirado newspaper has reported that none of the first 54 invaders arrested for illegally entering Hungary were Syrians.

The paper reported that the “majority of the accused declared themselves to be Afghanis and Iraqis,” while the others provided “Iranian and Pakistani personal data.”

The court ordered all the nonwhite invaders expelled from Hungary, and in terms of EU legislation, also barred them from re-entering the European Union.

The invaders illegally entered Hungarian territory in the area of Kelebia, Röszke, Csikeria, and Morahalom by forcing their way through the damaged border closing or by climbing under or over the fence.

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  1. This is proof that they’re not “refugees” but an invading army intent on getting rid of Christianity. Europe, you must wake up or this will be the future. Europe, your first and last obligation is to your people. Europe owes the “refugees” nothing and the “refugees” have nothing to offer Europe.

  2. Hungarian courts ordered them expelled? At last, a country with some backbone!

    The Hungarians at least will go down fighting


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