Hungary: It’s Now a Criminal Offence to Aid Invaders in Any Way

The Hungarian Parliament has passed the set of laws known as the “Stop Soros” package which criminalizes any activities which support illegal immigration—including legal and physical aid of any sort.

According to a report in the Magyar Hirlap newspaper in Budapest, the law—in form of a constitutional amendment which says it is designed to “preserve Hungary’s Christian culture,” the legislation was supported by the ruling Fidesz-KDNP alliance and the strongest opposition party Jobbik, easily giving it a 72 percent majority in the parliament.

According to the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office, the “Stop Soros legislative package and the amendment to the Fundamental Law assert the will of the Hungarian people, providing the country with additional powerful protection against illegal migration”.

In terms of the amendment, the law on the police, the Penal Code, the law on asylum, the law on the state borders and the law on offences have been amended to state that the organization of illegal immigration is an illegal act, and a relevant criminal scenario will be accordingly incorporated into the Penal Code.

The law makes it illegal to help invaders in Hungary with legal advice, or to provide them with financial assistance. Offences will be punishable with a 12-month jail term.

The amendment also changed the Constitution to make it illegal to “settle foreign populations” in Hungary. This is designed to set the legal parameters for the country’s refusal to take in the invaders invited into Europe by Germany and other leftist states in terms of the European Union’s “redistribution” arrangement.

“Hungary must be protected from illegal migration; this is why we need the amendment of the Constitution and the “Stop Soros” legislative package,” Gergely Gulyás, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office, was quoted as saying.

The legislation has been named the “Stop Soros” bill, after the Hungarian-born Jew George Soros who finances anti-white organizations in Europe and America.

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  1. As reported by the liberal Guardian newspaper the new laws “criminalize any individual or group that offers to help an illegal immigrant claim asylum”. Of course such activity is really facilitating illegal immigration because the migrants are economic migrants who are exploiting the opportunities provided by our asylum laws.
    In the same Guardian article we get a glimpse of the massive institutional, legal and cultural obstacles in the way of effectively curbing illegal immigration in Europe. We are told, for instance, that Hungary’s new laws have been criticized by the Council Of Europe and Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) for being “arbitrary” and vague and contravening European law. The use of European human rights law and the European Court of Justice to thwart attempts by the UK government to deport illegal immigrants was an important factor leading to the UK leaving the European Union. Ultimately Hungary and other European countries will have to leave the European Union if they want to get both legal and illegal immigration curbed because of the massive institutional and cultural bias within the EU in favor of open borders.

  2. Gratifying to see a govt that cares for its ppl, and heritage. While Australian politicians prance around pretending to have an ideal immi system, they are herding / allowing squillions of chi coms in to buy every last thing. Local aussies are now impoverished and homeless and locked out of the over priced housing market. Not long to go now as Chi military establishes itself in every last island nation surrounding Oz. Not gonna be pretty.

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