Hungarian MP: “Ban Homo Propaganda from Cinemas”

Hungarian nationalist Jobbik Member of Parliament and deputy delegation leader Dóra Dúró has announced that she would ban homosexual propaganda in cinemas, and opposes homo marriage, civil unions and homo adoption.

Making the comments on her Facebook page after media reports quoted her as saying that if homos wanted to vote for Jobbik, they would be welcome to do so, Dúró said that the media’s reporting of her statements were “unbelievable,” and that the questions posed to her during a press conference had been “provocative.”

At the earlier press conference, Dúró had been asked to explain statements made in an October 23 speech by Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona, in which he said he was not interested in whether people are liberal or conservative, and he wants to focus on what unites Hungarians rather than on what divides them.

Dúró explained that Vona had not been speaking about any political cooperation with other parties, but about the Hungarian voters.

Furthermore, as Vona had said, she continued, Jobbik would like to represent every Hungarian citizen who identifies with the party’s value system.

When asked whether homosexuals are included in this group, Dúró said that if someone is of such sexual orientation but also feels that Jobbik represents their interests, then the party would be glad to have their votes.

Later, Dúró, who has three children, explained on her Facebook page as follows:

“I do not support the marriage of homosexuals, nor the registration of their civil unions, which has unfortunately already been written into law, and I also oppose the adoption of children in their case.

“I would ban the provocative [Budapest] Pride, which causes mass hooliganism. Furthermore, I would ban homosexual propaganda from cinemas that belong to the Budapest municipality, where it receives a platform year after year courtesy of Fidesz.

“I think ensuring the rise of Hungarians can be done by men and women having children in marriages based on free decisions.

“The biggest current problem for Hungarians is the catastrophic demographic situation, which is why we cannot promote anything that exacerbates it.”

  • After the Hungarian parliamentary elections on 6 April 2014, the party polled 1,020,476 votes, securing 20.54 percent  of the total, making them Hungary’s third largest party in the National Assembly.

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