Hungary: Nationalists Split from Jobbik, form New Party

The nationalist wing of the Jobbik party in Hungary has broken away under its former Vice President and world-famous nationalist László Toroczkai to form a new party named “Our Homeland.”

New party leader László Toroczkai waves the “Our Homeland” party flag.

The founding of the new party was inevitable as Jobbik’s former leader, Gabor Vona, moved the party to the center, repudiating many of the core principles which initially won it so much support.

Vona undertook to resign if his reforms did not put Jobbik into power at the last election, and, true to his word, stood down after the party failed in its aim.

A leadership election was held, with the two candidates—Toroczkai representing the nationalists and Tamas Sneider representing the “moderates.” Sneider won the internal elections with 298 party representative votes to Toroczkai’s 256.

Toroczkai—who won fame as mayor of the town of Asotthalomm, when he led the charge against the mass Third World fake refugee invasion—and his supporters were then deliberately excluded from a leadership summit called by the new party leader after announcing the creation of a lobby group.

Female Jobbik MP, Dóra Dúró then joined Toroczkai and others in deciding to push ahead with the creation of the new party, which was announced this past weekend at a rally in his home town.

The meeting—attended by around 1,500 people—was also addressed by another former Jobbik Vice President, Andras Sinkovics-Vitay, and a special guest, András Pongrátz, a leading and famous veteran from the 1956 Hungarian Uprising.

Sinkovics-Vitay announced the formation of the new party, saying that their original party, Jobbok, “was now torn, but our worldview remains intact.”

Toroczkai told the crowd that they could not ignore the real problems facing Hungary, as Jobbik had decided to do, including the that the numbers of gypsies in Hungary is growing to the detriment of the Hungarians, the economic impoverishment of the Hungarian people, action against the Islamization of Europe, the emigration of Hungarian people abroad and the need for their return, and allowing Europeans who want to become Hungarian to settle in the country.

“We want Hungary in Europe, which will remain as a white island in an European Union,” Toroczkai said, adding that the party’s program had been defined by the last 20 years, but is based on the idea of political leader Szabó Dezsö: “Only Hungarians are responsible for Hungarians.”

Dúró then told the meeting that although she had been expelled from Jobbik, she was not laying down her parliamentary mandate and would represent the new party in the Hungarian parliament as its first representative.

She went on to say that the most important challenge for the 21st Century was ensuring that there were enough Hungarian children, and she was not afraid to face the communists or too speak frankly about the tensions between the Hungarians and the Gypsies, and the fact that the European Union was attempting to colonize the country.

Pongrátz—who was given a heroes’ welcome—told the crowd that he was handing over the spirit of the 1956 revolution to Toroczkai, adding that Jobbik was in a serious moral crisis

“There is an extraordinary need for a credible national force in Hungarian public life,” he said

The last speaker was Novák Előd, a former Jobbik speaker of the Hungarian parliament. He revealed that Jobbik had lost 51 seats in the country over the past few months, including several mayors and county assembly members, and that many representatives were waiting to see what would happen before making a move to the new party.

He announced that the program of Our Hungary Movement would be prepared over the next few months and the official founding had been scheduled for August 20, 2018.

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  1. Excellent news! It’s time to stand firm and repudiate “patriotic” leaders who sell out to the Globalists, as Jobbik seems to have done.

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