Hungary, Poland, Veto EU’s Homo and Trannie Propaganda

Hungary and Poland were the only European nations to vote against a Council of the European Union motion demanding “safe internet space” for homosexuals and mentally-ill “transgenders” at yesterday’s council meeting, forcing the resolution to be downgraded to a “presidential conclusion” which does not carry the formal legal weight of a council conclusion.

This premise is of course nonsense, as females have exactly the same opportunity as males to access the internet in Europe, and waffle like this only serves to illustrate how much drivel is contained in modern liberal establishment “ideology.”

Nonetheless, the proposal went on to demand that EU member states “support young people in strengthening their digital competences and self-confidence in using digital technologies as well as in improving their online and social media literacy by . . . taking steps to create and support an inclusive, safe and non-discriminatory online space for all . . . young people from ethnic minorities including Roma, young persons with disabilities, young people in rural areas, young people with a migrant background and young LGBTIQ persons.”

The paper defined LGBTIQ as “Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer persons.”

This pro-homo propaganda was too much for the Hungarian and Polish delegations, who immediately and correctly objected to its inclusion, forcing the committee to admit that the “discussions in Council have not led to reaching a consensus on Conclusions on Gender Equality, Youth and Digitalisation,” and that therefore the proposal could not be issued as a binding official policy position, and merely as a “presidential conclusion.”

As the Politico news service said, “it was an outcome that left no one particularly happy and highlighted the widening rift on questions of fundamental values that has divided Poland and Hungary from the rest of the bloc.”

“LGBTIQ inclusion and equality are core values of our European Union,” the Dutch minister for social affairs and employment, Wouter Koolmees, said in a statement. “This is where I draw the line.”

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