Hungary Rejects Invader “Integration”

The Hungarian government has published legislation designed to make that country as unattractive as possible for nonwhite invaders—including a move to reject all “integration measures.”

The law will cut cash subsidies for “asylum seekers,” drastically reduce the individual space they are allocated in detention centers to the same size that prison inmates have, and “eliminate their assistance in assimilating into society.”


Other measures in the law, which will go into effect on April 1, include reducing the time an asylum seeker can remain in a detention center from two months to one, reducing an asylum seeker’s eligibility for state healthcare from one year to six months, and revoking their monthly payment of HUF 7,125 (US$25).

These proposed amendments to the Asylum Act and related government decrees are intended to align the rights and payments afforded to refugees with those offered to Hungarian citizens, the government said. It will also eliminate some subsidies, such as funds aimed at supporting education.

“The main goal of the tightening is to reduce social subsidies for asylum seekers and those who receive international protection,” the government said in a statement, adding that this could help prevent economic migrants seeking asylum in Hungary in the hope of a better life.

According to European Union figures, a total of 177,130 people applied for “asylum” in Hungary in 2015. The Hungarian government’s figure was 177,135.

Of that number 151,965 were classified as “non-European” by the Hungarian Office of Immigration and Nationality, with the remaining 25,170 being classified as “European.” The majority of this latter number were from Kosovo.

Of the 177,130 “asylum applicants,” the Hungarian government granted protection or asylum to exactly 508 people, while it “suspended” the applications of another 152,260, because they moved on toward Germany.

Some 2,917 were rejected out of hand, and as of December 31, 2015, there were some 36,694 pending cases—in other words, that figure reflects the number of invaders in Hungarian detention centers as of that date.

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    1. Mass deportation back is the only way to stop the rest coming. Letting then remain, even with reduced benefits is no deterrent.

    2. If they do now EU/USA will punish them like serbian who startet deport immigrated muslimes. They have to wait that other white countries wake up. Then big deportation out of european will start.

  1. God bless the Hungarian nation and government. Mr. Orban may well be remembered as one of the great men of Western history. That is, if there are any whites left to write and read it. The Hungarians truly are a courageous people who still apparently have a sense of nation and folk. It’s doubtful they care much about “engaging the culture” and other such nonsense that is rampant in most Western nations. May they be successful in their efforts to live on as a distinct people.

  2. Orban is a Big Fraud!

    There you go, he forgot to mention something kind of important here….RACE! So he would be fine with a bunch of Hungarian speaking Christian negroes? Throw him to the dogs, Hungary is only for Hungarians.

    Before Jobbik Orban was completely opposite. I wouldn’t trust him at all.

    Does he really mean it or is he just trying to take support away from Jobbik?
    there is after all local elections in a couple months..he always does this .talk

    Don’t forget this :
    Hungarian Ambiance: Afghan immigrant family in Gy

    Hopefully people will see Fidesz for what it really is.

    “According to the Interior Ministry, 225 thousand foreign citizens received more than three months long temporary residency status in Hungary the last year. Hungary spend 4.2 billion forints this year on asylum seekers and people granted international protection to improve their situation and facilitate their social integration into society. 75 percent of the funds come from the European Union and 25 percent from Hungarian taxpayers.”

    1. True. We need to simply say “Europe for whites only.” Yeah, because when they say “We don’t want Muslims here!” I think, “So will you allow Hindus from India in here? They hate whites. ”

      I just wish we whites, especially those in power, would just be blunt and honest; not being cucks or speaking in ‘code speech’ anymore. Just cut to the chase.

    2. There is always one leftie loonie immigrant loving ass licker out there. If you love these dangerous, aggressive parasites so much then take them into your own home, and just watch how quickly they rape and abuse any females in your family.

    3. Thanks for the link, daniel.
      Looks like Orban could be another political fairweather friend changing his coat to suit.,,,,,so disappointing !
      Orban obviously needs watching with a hawkish eye and a large dose of scepticism.

  3. Why do so many WN have such short memories?

    Viktor Orban is very much mainstream establishment. To my knowledge he only started this anti-immigration stance to counter the rise of Jobbik.

    Now, credit where it’s due at least he’s done more than give empty talk like most other ‘conservative’ mainstream politicians do. But to describe him as some kind of nationalist saviour is a stretch too far.

    One of my biggest peeves on WN will rail against someone time and time again for doing bad things. Then the first time that person says something that slightly bucks the trend they completely change tack and act as though he’s the best thing since sliced bread.

    I’ve even seen Hundreds of Nationalists praise Cameron in the past because he strategically chose to say something which ran counter to the usual narrative. Hell, just the other day someone said they admired Merkel because she said ‘multiculturalism has failed’ a few years ago (at the same time the Jew Sarkozy and Cameron said the same)

    The amount of times I’ve seen mainstream politicians lauded on here because they’ve broken a habit of a lifetime and said or done something slightly counter-narrative is ridiculous. Are we that desperate?

    1. You make good points. I hope Jobbik stays strong as well to keep these ‘conservatives’ in check. It’s much like how Trump talks tough and other politicians are starting to sound like him. Makes me wonder if they really believe that, or if they’re trying to get votes.

      In either case, it is up to European MEN to keep Europe European; It is up to us to keep our government and politicians doing what WE want them to.

  4. 37/10 Manila Declaration on the Peaceful settlement of disputes between States, promotes the Security Council and General Assembly of the United Nations as having the jurisdiction to find a peaceful settlement for this type of dispute where there is no domestic solution to the problem of accommodating ethnic diverse invaders.

  5. By nature I’ve always been sceptical at anything that comes out of a mouth of a politician, I wouldn’t believe them if they told me my name and date of birth. It makes no difference which country you live in, the elite from any party will only tell you what they think you want to hear. The best example of that is the Party Conferences, not one word said means anything and there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that it will be put into action if that party forms a government. So yes Hungary seems to be doing something, Sweden are also threatening to take Merkel to court, don’t hold your breath. The EU dictators are experts at bribery in one form or another.

    1. Have to agree, Bryn.
      Maybe the sheer strength of the current mass protests will convince them that the patriots mean business, refusing to be overridden in their own countries by bureaucrats. Merkel`s idea of “democracy” needs to be redefined.
      Her imposition of Turd world mass immigration must be halted and reversed immediately.
      NO half measures and NO back tracking .
      If the intention is the EU become a dictatorship in all but name then there`s a very bumpy road ahead.

  6. If only we had a leader like Viktor Orban. All we have is a thin lipped invertebrate who carries out Merkel’s every wish. Hungary is doing the right thing by it’s people, it’s protecting their way of life and their culture from the invaders. If they are not stopped Europe will be finished.

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