Hungary to Pay Citizens for Children

The Hungarian government has launched a scheme to grant enough cash to buy a detached house to all young couples agreeing to have at least three children.


The scheme—designed to boost the Hungarian birthrate—was announced at a recent government press conference in the Hungarian Parliament building attended by the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office, János Lázár.

The scheme will see the state grant a non-repayable aid package of 10 million Hungarian Forints (HUF) to all couples agreeing to have three children within ten years.

According to the Global Property Guide, the average detached house price in Hungary is HUF 9.3 million.

Minister Lázár said that the grant was part of the extension of the government’s “family first home benefit.”

In addition to the non-repayable aid, families agreeing to have three children may also be eligible for a further loan of HUF 10 million for a term of twenty-five years, the interest on which may not be higher than 3 percent.

“In order to make settling in the first home as secure as possible, upon the purchase of a new home, the aid will increase to HUF 2.6 million in the case of two children,” he added.

The Minister also said that those who have already applied for the family first home benefit previously or for the social policy benefit which was available earlier, may request aid of an amount reduced by the grants already received.

“In the case of the purchase of new homes, the restrictions on the maximum number of square meters have been abolished from among the conditions of eligibility for the aid, even in the case of a single child. The upper age limit of eligibility for the aid continues to remain 40 years.”

In addition, VAT on the purchase of new homes will be reduced from 27 percent to 5 percent as of January 1, 2016. Self-financed home-building projects will also be subjected to a reclaimable HUF 5 million reduction.

An official statement from the Hungarian Central Statistical Office said that in the first ten months of 2015, some 76,531 children were born in Hungary, half a percent more than the previous year.

The number of deaths for the same period was 109,822, which means that in real terms, the population is still declining, although at a far slower rate than before. This translates as 9.3 live births and 13.4 deaths per thousand inhabitants.

There were 40,845 marriages registered in Hungary during the period January–October 2015, 16 percent higher than the same period the previous year.

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  1. We have a system in England that reward’s any dopey young girl with a free house,and generous welfare payment’s for life,all she has to do is get pregnant by any dopey young man/boy.This has led to an entire generation of fatherless ,feral children, being raised by stupid mother’s,with no moral code at all.It must have been a deliberate move by the last 3 government’s, to dumb down the poulation,and boy have they been successfull !

    1. That’s in England. Hungarians are a better quality people than the ones you are talking about, I’d say. They’re not tramps who think of children as their meal ticket, but decent couples who would love to have more kids, and raise them properly, but can’t afford to have them. So Hungary is doing the smart thing by giving their people a financial incentive to breed more. The world will be a better place with more Hungarians in it!

  2. At least their not allowing thousands of male migrants flooding into their homeland.If it was a choice between thousands of uneducated criminal record holding immigrants to boost yournations growth or paying the native young population to go forth and populate I think it’s a no brainer, it would cost a helluva lot more to pay to housing , education, medical, and the building of many mosques.

    1. Quote: “At least they`re not allowing thousands of male migrants flooding into their homeland.”
      You`re right so far anders,
      Merkel is granting citizenship in record time to the foreign free-loaders across Europe so can enter the UK legitimately.
      We already have more mosques here than enough but housing, education, welfare, NHS etc will be a huge problem.
      No big deal as far as our politicians are concerned as they have “private” everything. We indigenous plebs` are already shoved to the back of ever-lengthening queues by too many foreigners already here.

  3. Well, looks like a very interesting plan – as before with the border fence, Hungarians are very innovative again! However, as per the 2011 census there are over 3% gypsies in Hungary. Some estimate there could be even 5-10% and needless to say, traditionally they have very large families and over 500-year long history of avoiding any kind of work. I hope the government subsidies won’t go into “wrong” hands like it takes place on recurent basis in many Western European countries!

  4. I do wish Cameron would stop drooling and slavishly running after Merkel, while hanging on her every utterance.
    The man looks so embarassingly ridiculous and anything but a leader.
    Please …. someone send him to Hungary for a month so he can see how a real leader and goverment behave when in action all working flat out for their patriotic citizens and their own country.

  5. Hmmmmm I can hear somebody from the EU saying this is discriminatory if only Hungarians allowed to get the house and money for producing 3 children. Enter thousands of Romanians, Bulgarians and Turks in a couple of years! Good luck with this one Hungary.

    1. This is how the trick was done in Britain. After 1945 there were plans for the ‘Welfare State’. The Jews waiting in the wings arranged it so that incomers would get some of the goods which most Britons assumed would be theirs. Many Britons must have been enraged at this treachery, largely on the part of the Labour Party: think of the drooling traitors such as Hattersley.

  6. Maybe it’s related to contraception, and the general idea of the possibility of control of the future. We have to try to plan for food and water and housing and work and defence. Before the present era, children appeared more or less ad lib; and ill health and medicine removed quite a large chunk of them. So why not face the facts of future population? To quote Bertrand Russell: Contraception is the answer to Malthus; eugenics is the answer to Darwin. It didn’t occur to him that the states should assist in numbers, for their own states.

  7. I strongly envy the hungarians… and I’m a romanian. They have patriots leaders.. we, after the coup who throw away Ceausescu (a great patriot), we had only traitors and idiots. :(((

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