Hungary to Veto EU Action against Poland

The Hungarian government will use its European Union (EU) powers to veto the proposed “Article 7” procedure against Poland, calling that move a “violation of Poland’s sovereignty.”

According to a report in Hungary Today, the Hungarian deputy prime minister Zsolt Semjén has called the European Commission’s decision to launch an Article 7.1 procedure against Poland is “unprecedented and astounding.”

“The decision seriously violates Poland’s sovereignty. It is unacceptable that Brussels is exerting pressure on sovereign member states and arbitrarily punishing democratically elected governments,” he said.

“it is unjust that the EC fails to take steps against European member states violating European treaties,” he added, referring to the fact that the German government unilaterally abrogated the Dublin Agreement on refugees when it invited the whole Third World into Europe in 2015—but then “launches politically motivated procedures” against the Polish government.

“The EC’s actions are against European values,” he continued, “The Polish-Hungarian friendship and the Hungarian government’s commitment to treaties obliges us to step up against the Commission’s move in all forums,” Semjén said.

Asked if this could mean that Hungary would veto the proposed decision against Poland, the deputy prime minister said “yes.”

The Hungary Today report added that the ruling Fidesz party’s press chief Balázs Hidvéghi called the EC decision “proof for Brussels’ efforts to punish the countries that oppose the settlement of migrants in Europe and the mandatory resettlement quota scheme.

“Hungary will defend Poland and stand by the will of the Hungarian people who have refused the ‘Soros plan,’” he said.

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  1. Well done, Hungary, and if Austria and Czech state do the same, that will rock the boat in Brussels. However, I don’t think the general public have any idea of how low the current EU Leadership will stoop to find ways to peruse their plans for the dictatorship their European Republic as against democracy of any one state. What bugs me is that JFK was shot for nothing when compared to today’s political elite.

  2. Poland and Hungary must stand firm and take this argument right to the very brink.
    There must be no climb-down in refusing the imposition of black/brown (trash) ‘refugees’.
    In fact, in terms of insult and destruction this is infinitely worse than the threats Poland received back in 1939.

  3. Calling the proposed “Article 7” procedure against Poland a “violation of Poland’s sovereignty” shows stunning naivety. Surely when the Poles signed up for EU membership they understood that it would mean transferring sovereignty to Brussels. Apparently Poland still retains sufficient national sovereignty to exercise a national veto on the Article 7 procedure, but eventually this right will disappear as each new treaty removes the areas of policy making over which a national veto can be exercised. Poland and the other East European countries now find themselves in the same situation that existed when Khrushchev announced the doctrine of ‘limited sovereignty’ in the ‘Socialist Camp’ which meant in practice that all the Socialist countries of Eastern Europe had to align their policies and laws with those of Moscow.

    If the Brussels does impose sanctions against Poland, Hungary and Czechia for refusing to take a share of the fake refugees that other EU countries have let into their countries then this will demonstrate that there is not equality between the member states of the EU because France, Germany, and Italy regularly violate the budget deficit rules for membership of the common currency without suffering sanctions or being forced out of the Euro block.

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