Hungary Uses “Citizenship by Ancestry” Law to Take its People from Venezuela

The Hungarian government has used its 2011 “Citizenship by ancestry” law to take in 350 Hungarian-origin people from the collapsing Third World nation of Venezuela, and another 750 are waiting for the verification of their Hungarian descent to be validated.

The move to take in people of Hungarian descent sparked off the standard fake news attacks by the anti-white British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which in a headline article claimed that “ anti-migration Hungary” was “secretly taking in refugees” after all.

The BBC was, of course, lying. There was nothing “secret” about the move. The law in question was widely reported in the controlled media, and by the BBC itself, after it was introduced, and the fact that Hungarians and their descendants living in Venezuela had applied for their right to return was reported in the media in 2017.

These facts did not stop the BBC journalist—the well-known far left extremist Nick Thorpe, form his mission of attacking the Hungarian government.

Thorpe’s article went on to claim that those of Hungarian descent now living in Venezuela had fled there in two waves: “after World War Two, included many associated with the Miklos Horthy regime which sided with Nazi Germany. Some had been involved in the deportation of Hungarian Jews to Nazi death camps.”

In other words, without any evidence at all, the BBC tried to claim that these Hungarians were all actually Nazis who killed Jews.

The “second wave,” according to Thorpe, was a group of about 400 Hungarians who fled the country in 1956 after the failed uprising against the Communist regime of that time—no doubt in the BBC’s mind, that uprising was as big a “crime” as being “Nazis.”

The BBC went onto claim that the “irony is that the programme has been drawn up by an inter-ministerial team from the Fidesz government, which has bitterly opposed immigration for the past four years” and that “Nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban has built his campaign for the European Parliament elections in May entirely on opposing immigration to the European Union.”

Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén expressed “outrage” at the returning Hungarians being called “migrants” in the media.

“We object to the liberal press calling Venezuela Hungarians migrants. They’re not migrants,” Semjén told MTI.

Earlier, it was reported that representatives of the families in Venezuela had asked the Parliament and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to speed up their passport application process.

The BBC is part of an ongoing campaign against the Hungarian government, driven solely by the latter’s opposition to the mass Third World invasion of Europe.

Like many other anti-white media outlets, the BBC is aware that control of the European Parliament—and the EU itself—is in the balance in the upcoming May elections, as the populists, led by Hungary, Poland, and Italy, could be in a position to form the largest bloc in the parliament after the elections.

As such, there is no end to the lies, smears and negative propaganda which the BBC and other controlled media will spew out against the Hungarian government in particular over the next few months.

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  1. Yet the BBC with its twisted mentality expects every citizen to pay their licence fee. The people of the UK should stop paying the BBC for a licence, in fact, the BBC should lose that licence fee altogether. Now that would be good because there would be the equivalent of an earthquake within the levels of overpaid and underworked journalists.

  2. Why else do you think that the EU is doing everything in its power to destroy the Hungarian government?

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