Hungary Vote Not “Invalid”

The Hungarian referendum on EU invader quotas is not “invalid” as the controlled media has lied—and the Hungarian constitution will now be amended to overturn the EU’s “freedom of movement” rules.

The law says that turnout had to be above 50 percent in order to be binding upon parliament—but that body had already voted against the quota system, meaning that the vote’s decision is perfectly valid and will now be implemented.


Orbán addressing the press after the referendum result.

Furthermore, as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán pointed out, the turnout in the “EU refugee quota” referendum surpassed the turnout in the 2003 referendum on European Union membership.

In that referendum turnout was 45.6 percent—but the controlled media didn’t claim that referendum was “invalid.”

In fact, as Orbán was quick to point out, in the 2003 referendum, exactly 3,056,027 Hungarians voted in favor of EU membership. In the 2016 referendum, exactly 3,282,928 Hungarians voted against the EU “quota” system—a de facto rejection of the EU, and 15 percent more than those who had voted in favor of that body in 2003.

In his reaction to the referendum outcome, as announced on his official website, Orbán said that the next step was a constitutional amendment which will “clearly state that without the consent of the Hungarian Parliament, Brussels cannot force Hungary to accede to any EU requirement with regard to migrants.”

Orbán said that this was a “sovereignty issue,” and that “Brussels does not have the right to undermine the inalienable right to the Hungarian populations’ territorial integrity.”

The constitutional amendment which will now be introduced will specify that “freedom of movement and residence in Hungary” will from now on be the sole prerogative of legislation enacted by the Hungarian parliament.

The constitutional amendments will be finalized this week by the Hungarian cabinet, and presented to parliament within the next few weeks. The amendments will be passed, precisely because the Hungarian parliament has already formally voted to oppose the “EU Quota” rules, over which the referendum was held.

The constitutional amendment will directly contradict the EU’s “freedom of movement” regulations, and will make Hungary’s continued membership of that organization impossible.

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  1. While this is good news, it’s a major concern that considering the social and crime problems the invaders have brought to Europe, the turnout wasn’t much, much higher. Less than 50%? Are people really that apathetic? How bad does it have to get before the majority say, No more? Does personal tragedy at the hands of the invaders have to befall everyone before the vast majority can act with one voice and say, enough?

  2. What a wonderful turn of events! Hats off to Warrior Viktor Orban and his courageous Hungarian people! They are making history.

  3. Well done MR ORBAN ,now GERMANY /FRANCE / AND THE REST will you go quietly into the long goodnight that is islamisation, cursed forever by future generations . FRANCE listen to Sarkozy ,the poison dwarf who is making a come back, see what he thinks of you…YOUTUBE WITH OPEN GATES THE COLLECTIVE SUICIDE OF EUROPE…..terry

  4. Those in favour of the EU quota will be searching for some obscure clause to defeat ballsy Orban, aided and abetted by Merkel and her cronies.
    Stick to your guns Orban… we`re with you all the way !

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