Hungary Votes No to Invasion

More than 90 percent of Hungarians who participated in Sunday’s referendum have rejected the European Union’s “refugee distribution” plan—setting the stage for a dramatic clash in Brussels which could cause the EU to split.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s victory has however been soured by a low turnout, which needed to be above 50 percent to be binding.


If the turnout is below 50 percent, the government will still claim victory and press ahead with measures to prevent the “distribution” of the nonwhite invaders—who were invited to Germany by chancellor Angela Merkel.

The question asked of voters was: “Do you want the European Union to be able to mandate the obligatory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens into Hungary even without the approval of the National Assembly?”

Hungarian Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen has already announced that the government has “received a political mandate to protect the country from Brussels.”

Gergely Gulyas, vice president of Orbán’s ruling Fidesz party, said he expected a turnout of around 45 percent, but that the overwhelming “no” vote means that “only powerful nation states can form the foundations of an European Union.”

Legally, the referendum is non-binding, but in practical terms, the consequences are likely to be far-reaching.

If, as expected, the Hungarian parliament refuses to take in any of Merkel’s invaders, then the EU is likely to punish Hungary harshly.

This is initially likely to take the form of extensive financial penalties, but most likely Hungary will refuse to pay. This, or other political developments, could lead to Hungary’s expulsion from the EU.

If that happens, other Eastern European nations will probably follow suit, and the Visegrad 4 countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland) are likely to emerge as a new “Europe of nation-states,” opposed to the federal vision of the current French and German governments.


The “former” Communist Party, now called the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), called for a “yes” vote.

Complicating Orbán’s looming fight with Brussels will be increasing domestic political pressure. The Hungarian nationalist party Jobbik, which had reluctantly backed Orbán in the referendum, said in its official reaction that the low turnout meant that Orbán had “taken an irresponsible gamble that he seems to have lost.”

Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki told media that the referendum was not more than a $20 million poll, “the results of which everyone already knew” without any money being spent.


Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki.

Meanwhile, thousands of nonwhites are still streaming up the “Balkans route,” despite Merkel’s supposed “deal” with Turkey to halt the invasion.

Thousands of the invaders are bottled up on the Serbian side of the Hungarian border, even as Hungary builds a second fence behind the first one which already straddles the border.

The Hungarian government allowed 15 invaders per day to apply for asylum in that country—with almost all being instantly rejected and put back across the border after being fingerprinted. As a result, many are trying to break through the Hungarian fence to get to the welfare handouts of Germany.


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  1. The Anglo-Saxon world, and western Europe, owes an unstated debt to eastern Europeans for keeping out invaders over millennia. I wish I could believe that we had behaved as well to them.

  2. The sooner the Visegrad 4 leave the EU the better for all of us. It became inevitable on the day that Merkel opened her big, fat mouth.

  3. Maybe I’m stupid, but what the hell are they talking about? Orban losing — when they just said that 90% of voters turned out and voted against being savaged by muds? It has to be more than 50% of the population that votes? What percentage DID vote? I am kind of confused…

    1. 43.8% (3.6M) of voters turned out. By Hungarian law, the referendum is legally binding only if at least 50% of all the citizens with voting rights give a valid vote. Among those who voted there were 92.2% who voted “No”, 1.5% voted “Yes” and about 6.3% gave an invalid vote (these were mostly done deliberately).
      Now it haven’t been mentioned in this article, but leftist voters were encouriged to vote not only with Yes, but make their voting papers invalid, or just simply stay at home, thus boycotting the referendum. So after seeing that the voter turn out was less then 50%, the leftist parties would like to claim that all those didn’t come to vote are sharing their opinion. But that of course is just wishful thinking, since voter participation rates are nowhere near 100%. (As far as I know, in the last 25 years the biggest turnout for a referendum was 50,4%)
      So in the end, the answer to whether is it a loss for Orban or not is just a matter of interpretation. In my opinion – thanks to the stupidity of the leftist parties (which I’m thankful for) – the result is that more than 9 out of 10 citizens say “No, thank you” to Merkel and co.’s cultural enrichment program.

  4. The Visegrad block must tell the EU to shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    The EU agenda for Europe is a disaster & if they remain in the EU they will go down with the whole stinking shipload of Socialist/Marxist crap.

    Tell Brussels, & in particular, Merkel to go take a flying f at themselves.

    Do not give in to them. Britain after Brexit is already changing for the better as so it will with the Visegrad 4 if they unite on one front.

  5. ‘The turnout was under 50%’.

    So, despite the valiant efforts of their prime minister, millions of Hungarians simply could not be bothered to get off their backsides, walk a few hundred metres and put a tick in a box on a paper slip. They would rather see the nation transformed into a black/brown state where the darkies will tell Hungarians what to do.

    All I can say is that Hungarians haven’t had much experience of black/brown massive immigration (yet), and have absolutely no idea of the horrific consequences.

  6. Well Victor you tried and it looks like your people just could not be bothered,did you check to see if a football match was on?. Just make sure you stand up and say ”I TOLD YOU SO” when the invasion starts………terry

  7. Hungary is protecting its borders, can’t Merkel & Co not understand, they cannot rule over any country’s sovereignty & who comes in or takes up residence without that country’s permission !!!

  8. Do not live in the past we have our future generations future in our hands let them b free let them enjoy what their grandfathers fought for what the patriots fought for whichever way u delve in history u will always find the ones who stood firm and did not jump on a dingy and leave babies and their women to fend for themselves Go an fight for ur country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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