Hypocrisy in Action: The Jewish Lobby, Asylum Seekers in Israel and America

The announcement by the Israeli government that it will introduce a new law which will impose a special tax on those companies or individuals who give work to asylum seekers is in direct contradiction to the demand by Israel-supporting Jewish organizations in America which demand that that latter nation unconditionally accept the “asylum seeker” invasion from central and South America.


In Israel, the official tax on employing asylum seekers has—until now—been the same as that on legal foreign workers. The new law will however significantly increase the tax to be paid by employers—with the obvious intention of denying asylum seekers any employment opportunities.

Employers in the agriculture industry will soon have to pay 20 percent of the asylum seeker’s salary in tax to the government, compared to 10 percent for normal foreign workers.

Employers in the construction industry who give work to asylum seekers will have to pay a 25 percent levy, compared to 15 for normal foreign workers. That figure is replicated in the industrial and “ethnic restaurants” employment market, while in all other employment sectors, the new levy will be 30 percent.

The law states that employers would not be allowed to deduct the tax from an asylum seeker’s salary, and would have to pay it over and above what they are already paying the workers.

The Israeli government is quite open about its intention with the law: in its explanatory notes to the “Economic Arrangements Bill” which forms part of the annual budget currently before the Knesset, it is stated that it “seeks to increase the cost of employing asylum seekers, both to encourage employers to hire Israelis and to discourage asylum seekers from settling here.”

It added that currently, asylum seekers can be hired more cheaply than legal foreign workers because various fees must be paid to obtain a permit for a legal foreign worker. There are an estimated 44,000 asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan in Israel.

The Israeli government’s attitude toward asylum seekers is in however complete contrast to the position adopted by all major Jewish organizations in America, exemplified by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith.


Even though the ADL and other Jewish organizations all support Israel—and its ongoing attempts to expel African asylum seekers and its Jews-only immigration policy; they endorse an “open borders” policy for America.


The ADL, for example, has even set up a website titled “Children at Our Border” devoted especially to promoting the acceptance by America of the invasion of that nation by hordes of “underage” central and South Americans.

The incredible hypocrisy of Jewish Supremacists in supporting one policy in Israel and the complete opposite in America (and elsewhere) is nothing short of breathtaking—and offers a deeply meaningful insight into Jewish psychology.

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  1. My school teacher friend tried ot get a job at a Western prep school in Israel. He was lied to by the Jewish owner about getting a visa for months until he was told non-Jews can”t get work visas, forcing him to work illegally for the remainder of the year. What a great, tolerant country!

  2. The whole world is awakening to this intolerance, lies, deceit and deception. They never will change and as a direct result will always suffer the consequences. They cannot live peacefully with anyone and need to be completely cut off from the rest of the world before it’s too late. The world needs to take out their nukes before they use them.

  3. jew liars and hypocrites kick out Africans and gun down Palestinians while their media promotes open borders for white nations.

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