ICE Warns of Clinton “Cataclysm”

If Hillary Clinton’s “open borders” plan is implemented, there will be a “cataclysm” which will “unleash violent cartels and brutal transnational gangs into U.S. communities and cause countless preventable deaths,” the head of the official union representing U.S. immigration officials has warned.

Chris Crane, the president of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council, issued his statement as a final warning to American voters not to elect Clinton, saying that her election would be a “disaster.”


The National ICE Council, which formally endorsed Donald Trump in September, normally does not involve itself directly in politics, but the invasion of America is so severe that the organization of civil servants tasked with protecting the borders has broken ranks.

“ICE officers on the front lines are witnessing a deluge of illegal immigration unlike anything we have seen before, Crane said in his statement.

“The corporate-funded media won’t cover it. Our officers are being ordered to release recent border-crossers with no idea what their intentions are or what they are planning.

“Gang members, drug cartels, and violent smugglers are taking advantage of the situation and threatening American communities.

“The influx is overwhelming public resources, especially in poor communities —including Hispanic communities and immigrant communities bearing the economic brunt of the illegal immigration surge.

“Hillary’s pledge for ‘open borders’ will mean disaster for our country, and turn the present border emergency into a cataclysm.

“Hillary’s plan would unleash violent cartels and brutal transnational gangs into U.S. communities and cause countless preventable deaths,” Crane said.

Trump is the first presidential candidate to specifically address the overrunning of America by massive illegal immigration.

Trump’s official position on immigration, as outlined on his campaign website, is focused around a pledge to “select immigrants based on their likelihood of success in the U.S. and their ability to be financially self-sufficient.”

It also includes a “ten-point plan” which reads as follows:

– Begin working on an impenetrable physical wall on the southern border, on day one.

– End catch-and-release. Under a Trump administration, anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained until they are removed out of our country.

– Move criminal aliens out day one, in joint operations with local, state, and federal law enforcement. We will terminate the Obama administration’s deadly, non-enforcement policies that allow thousands of criminal aliens to freely roam our streets.

– End sanctuary cities.

– Immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties. All immigration laws will be enforced—we will triple the number of ICE agents. Anyone who enters the U.S. illegally is subject to deportation. That is what it means to have laws and to have a country.

– Suspend the issuance of visas to any place where adequate screening cannot occur, until proven and effective vetting mechanisms can be put into place.

– Ensure that other countries take their people back when we order them deported.

– Ensure that a biometric entry-exit visa tracking system is fully implemented at all land, air, and sea ports.

– Turn off the jobs and benefits magnet. Many immigrants come to the U.S. illegally in search of jobs, even though federal law prohibits the employment of illegal immigrants.

– Reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and its workers, keeping immigration levels within historic norms.


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  1. Politicians are spinning the blatantly ludicrous lie that there`ll be work and welfare for all if we just show compassion and simply throw open the door to all and sundry from wherever. There was a time when we`d have muttered and grumbled but reluctantly accepted it.
    Thanks to the internet we`ve found our collective voice and Joe Public is now standing up to be counted.
    Politicians won`t like it but they`ll find themselves increasingly forced to accept the unacceptable – just as we once did.
    Or things will not get just bloody difficult – but bloody too.

  2. That b*tch clinton does not give a
    damn about the country. She and
    her sleaze husband are worth millions
    and are well guarded.
    It’s all about her and only her with the
    votes of all nonwhites and libs to be the
    first US president.
    I still cannot see what great things she
    did as secretary of state except a huge
    amount of errors snd controversy.
    Besides what kind of a woman would
    stay with a serial adulterer like bozo
    bill except for power.

  3. The USA’s ‘Merkel’ – Hilary Clinton? Americans need to study the crime wave sweeping Europe to see through the so-called benefits of mass migration claimed by the UN and their multicultural acolytes.

  4. All over the white world our treasonous politicians hate us. With uncontrolled immigration they want to destroy the beautiful, well-functioning, clean, gardened and ordered societies – note societies not ‘economies” – that our ancestors built and which we used to enjoy.

    When will men (I’m not a feminist) start stringing up some of these traitors from lamp-posts to focus the minds of the rest of the scumbags in power that they’re supposed to represent us. Not third worlders.

    Go the Donald!

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