Identitarians to Demo in Molenbeek (UPDATED)

[Update: The mayor of Molenbeek has banned this demonstration as of March 31, 2016.] The European Identitarian movement intends to hold a mass demonstration of its supporters from several nations in the center of the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek on April 2, under the banner of “deport all Islamists.”

The daring venture was announced today by the Identitarian movement on its websites in Germany and France. Molenbeek is one of the most heavily nonwhite-colonized areas of Brussels, and Europe’s so-called “headquarters of terrorism.”


“In just one year, Islamist terrorists have already killed nearly two hundred people on European soil,” the Identitarian movement said in an official statement accompanying the announcement.

In a reference to the establishment’s pathetic responses to the murderous terrorist attacks—which consist of lighting up buildings in the flag colors of attacked nations, or changing Facebook profile pictures to demonstrate “solidarity” or mealymouthed “we stand together” statements by politicians whose policies are the cause of the problem in the first place, the Identitarians say they want to send a simple and clear message: “Islamists out of Europe.”

“The Molenbeek district of Brussels is a real Islamist logistics base for terrorism, and this neighborhood is unfortunately not the only one of its sort in Europe,” the Identitarian statement continued.

“Molenbeek is a symbol of the war that is being played out within our city walls, and not just in Palmyra or Mosul. Génération Identitaire therefore calls on the European youth to gather in the municipality of Molenbeek on Saturday April 2, at 15.00 with a simple, loud, and clear message: Islamists out of Europe!”

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  1. Great. But be careful of the invaders that have settkled in Molenbeek since decades and be careful of the treacherous police who are impassive when it comes to the invaders but who like lashing out at white patriots.

    1. Does Justin Trudeau wonder boy know what is going on over here. He couldn’t wait to open Canada’s door to the muslims.

      1. He’s a m, he knows exactly what he is doing, gutting our military like his father did, and today we learned he’s gutting CSIS, our intelligence agency. But he has Hundreds of Millions for these m’s he has imported, and housed, and put in housing that is lacking already for Canadians.

        1. Justin is lookng for a seat.on the UN.councils. As a drama teacher he wishes to be on the world stage. Another Merkel!!

    1. And the security services, Jonathan, The Dutch police have already fired live rounds over the heads of their own people during a similar protest.

  2. Fight bravely and viciously. This isn’t a time for peace. This is a time for war. We must secure our homelands for the future of our children and drive out the invaders. Race traitors, infiltrators, and government officials should be driven out with them.

  3. We commenters on the New Observer site know we’ve been tagged as racists by our various governments but like Pat Condell – – I’ll wear that label with pride. What’s wrong with preferring your ancestors’ bloodily achieved culture of tolerance to an alien culture where apostasy results in a death sentence?

    Sorry, but i’s a no-brainer to me.

    If Europe wants to survive – and people like Sarkozy and Barbara Sprectre don’t want Europe to survive – it must de-islamize as Geert Wilders says.

  4. Be very careful. You have SOCIALIST Governments & they will not hesitate to in putting down any revolt which threatens their hold on power. There are only SOCIALIST Governments in the EU, in case you had not noticed, & they will protect each other with violence if necessary.
    They will protect their basic policies of forced integration with Arab & African migrants. Be very careful but pleas try to overthrow the mongrels.

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