IDF’s Chief Rabbi: “Rape Gentile Women”

The newly-appointed chief rabbi of the Israeli army, Colonel Eyal Karim, is on record as saying that mixing with non-Jews is a “very bad thing,” but that Jew soldiers “raping attractive Gentile women” in wartime is a good thing.

Any Gentile who made such comments would be attacked as a “Nazi” by all Jewish groups and their controlled media.

However, because it is a Jew—and a very senior one at that—making the remarks, the controlled media have hypocritically covered it up and ignored this anti-Gentile hatred, with the result that the only mention of Karim’s opinions can be found in the Jewish media—where he is treated with kid gloves.


In the Israeli-based Ynet news article titled “IDF’s chief rabbi-to-be permits raping women in wartime,” Karim’s seniority within the Israeli Defense Force was revealed.

He had, Ynet said, served as the head of the Rabbinate Department in the Military Rabbinate, is an alumnus of two leading yeshivas, and he served previously as a combat paratrooper, eventually commanding their elite reconnaissance unit.


For several years, Karim has responded to questions posed to him on the Israeli religious website “Kipa,” Ynet news went on to reveal.

One such question, Ynet reported, was “if “soldiers were permitted to rape women during war.”

Karim replied that, as part of maintaining fitness for the army and the soldiers’ morale during fighting, it is permitted to “breach” the walls of modesty and

“satisfy the evil inclination by lying with attractive Gentile women against their will, out of consideration for the difficulties faced by the soldiers and for overall success.”

The Israeli Haaretz newspaper revealed in an article dated July 13, 2016, that Colonel Karim had also advised Jews that it was a “very bad thing to fraternize with a non-Jewess.”

Asked on the “Kipa” website about verses in the book of Deuteronomy that describe how a soldier should act if he sees a beautiful woman among the enemy during wartime and wants to rape her, Karim responded:

“Although fraternizing with a non-Jewess is a very bad thing, it is allowable in war out of consideration for the difficulties of the fighters. And because the success of the collective is what mostly concerns us in war, the Torah allows the individual to satisfy his lust in the permitted conditions for the sake of the general success.”

An earlier article in Haaretz, dated July 12, 2016, revealed more of Karim’s hatred of non-Jews. Two questions posed to Karim on the “Kipa” website dealt with how to relate to the New Testament.

One reader asked whether the book should be burned, hidden or thrown in the trash, and whether it’s forbidden to read it.

Karim responded, “The Rambam* writes, ‘A Torah scroll written by a heretic shall be burned, with all the cruelty that is in it.’ I hope that answer suffices . . . the traits of justice and mercy demand that we eradicate idol worship from the world, so that the world will be better.”

Karim has also condemned homosexuals as “sick,” and said that women should not be allowed to testify in court because a “woman’s sentimental nature does not allow her to withstand a cross examination.”

* An acronym for Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (1135–1204), one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholars who is still one of the most quoted Talmudic authorities in Judaism.

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    1. I think ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. The atrocities carried out by those masked jihadis are as sick as those carried out by bolshevik jews. I think senior ISIS commanders are agents of Israel. They are commanding the muslim sheeple in their ranks. They have butchered ALL religions (Yazidi, Christian AND Muslim) EXCEPT jews. Also they have not attempted to go anywhere near Israel which you would’ve thought they would have done since the jews are meant to be the muslims main enemy.

  1. That entire country has no right to exist. Their existence is based on the bible a book of chosenite fairy tales. Root cause of this entire muzzie problem is their and the US’s doing. No matter where they go or do there are always problems.

    1. Agreed ….. and made more sickening because it`s always behind the scenes stuff. The sly bastards haven`t the guts to at least be open and upfront about any of it.

    2. otherwise…. think about where they would go instead…. spraying all over the world…. 🙁 same problem as before…..

  2. I wonder what our new PM would have to say about this…she has Jewish sympathies…
    See here.

    Not many people know Cameron “discovered” he was Jewish in 2014…
    Have a Look in the archives on the site above.

  3. Jews have been saying this sort of the thing for centuries. It’s only because of the improved electronic media that we’re allowed to hear it.

  4. With Soros and the jews pushing for the invasion of the third world muslims throughout Europe and the USA, one wonders are they in league with them to take over the world!

  5. been watching this and 95.5. this reminds me of the immam who just announced that a muslim male may kill and cannibilize his wife, during periods of starvation. wonder if their kids would become fussy eaters? also, possibility that this is the reason for multiple wives, and 72 virgins upon attaining martyrdom. i thought judiaism, or being a true jew, was matriarchal decent. although there has been back pedaling on that. it is so easy to alter religious doctrine. especially in power grabs. j.b. 7/17/16, afternoon. [why is it always about food? like when my anorexic sister ripped out the cupboards in the kitchen of what was once my parent’s home, not thinking of where to put the items in the cupboards. what was even stranger is that her small family saw nothing amiss with her behavior. she even took out the kitchen sink. dishes that had to be done were done in the laundry tub in the basement, and they had to eat out for years, I stress years!] j.b.

  6. Suppose this rabbi was oven proof too? What if the goyim said we can rape any jewish woman, that would be international news an the ant-semite card would be played 6 million times even though they not semites.

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