If White Americans Don’t Start Having Babies Now, the US Will Vanish by 2100

The white population in America has reached the birth versus death tipping point a full decade earlier than predicted, according to the US Census Bureau.


According to their latest figures, this means that more white people died in the United States last year than were born. This is ten years earlier than previous Census Bureau predictions which said that the numbers of white Americans would drop with every passing year.

Population estimates for 2012 indicate that the calculation of births minus deaths meant that the white population declined in real numbers by about 12,400.

No other group showed any signs of shrinking, and in fact all grew. According to the US Census figures, the nation’s total nonwhite population increased by 1.9 percent to reach 116 million.

The US Census Bureau claims that there are 198 million “non-Hispanic whites” in America. This is most certainly an overestimate, because they include all Middle Easterners and many Indians in this “white category.”

According to the official guide, the US Census uses the term white as followed: “A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.”

More than 11 percent (353) of America’s 3,143 counties were majority nonwhite as of July 1, 2012. Six of these counties became majority nonwhite since July 1, 2011: Mecklenburg, N.C. (Charlotte); Cherokee, Oklahoma; Texas, Oklahoma; Bell, Texas; Hockley, Texas; and Terrell, Texas.

The population of children younger than 5 is close to becoming majority nonwhite nationally, standing at 49.9 percent minority in 2012.

“We’re jumping the gun on a long, slow decline of our white population, which is going to characterize this century,” William Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution, was quoted as saying.

As a group, “non-Hispanic whites” are considerably older than anyone else, with a median age of 42. The median age for Asians is 34. For blacks in America, it’s under 32; for Hispanics, it’s under 28.

Census figures also show that white women are far more likely to be childless than Hispanic or African American women. For white women, childbirth rates are now below the level considered necessary to keep the population at a stable level.

The figures show clearly once again that unless white Americans get serious about increasing their birthrate—and having more children immediately—then it is certain that the America of 1776 will no longer exist by 2100.

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  1. When white males start taking care of women who are willing to breed then maybe white women will choose to breed

    Just breeding more babies isnt going to help us as there is not enough support for women who have babies

    If you want to up our population FIRST establish all white communities that include people of all ages who have skills to share and tolerance for womens views, get it financially stable and invite white women who might want to breed to join up and meet white males who are responsible and caring for women and any babies and will be of equal parenting to raise those babies and see how fast MANY responsible caring white women will rush to join knowing they will have a whole community to assist and rely on in case of illness or crisis, and their babies will never go hungry.

    Unless and until women are made equal and respected why should they make babies for those men who can drop a load and leave and criticize women for going to welfare? …?

    To CHANGE the white dynamic you must first level the gender playing field

    look at the underlying causes if WHY white women are choosing NOT not breed.

    This IS the 21st century and women will go where they can find acceptance and even if it is not what they would choose IF IF they had a choice they will breed where they are accepted

    If white men cant see how to make white women feel accepted then watch our race die out .

    It is destiny unless white men wake up. to reality.


      1. Child raising is a Tribal duty/honor
        Rebuilding a RACE is everyones responsibility.

        Every child from age six is involved in nuturing and educatiing those younger.

        Every age level educates and caretakes those younger ones

        All adults educate/prepare the youth for being responsible members of the Tribe/Race

        Keep the gene pool clean and breed up,
        always breed up.


      1. Hello Lisa

        what I am posting in what is deep in all WHITE people since we were given this planet to caretake because in our human form we held closely to the DIVINE plan or NATURE

        WHITE people who are inoculated with or have not yet escaped from the male originated, male benefiting , male dominated , cultural agenda that is based on eternal wars and sacrifice of all WHITE youth
        for that anti NATURE entity that created these religious programs to destroy all WHITE society from our basic beliefs to how we maintain our numbers and culture.

        If u want to call it as it is the global juice agenda has ALWAYS been out to destroy the best and brightest of any Euro WHITES that resisted Charlamagne and his popes slaughters of non jesus slaves
        and our best reaction would be to separate from those who are plagued with those eastern religious dogmas that are but tools to remove any resistance to those eastern tyrants of the last 6000 years who are hell bent on global tyranny with NO WHITE males left to fight back.

        More daily WHITE men and women see the subtle destruction of our race by religions and the need to defens a god or a man who says he is using gods word to give him permission to kill women and children on the way to only his own people having those lands and weath/minerals/water/lumber and so on..

        More of us are rememebring how we caretook this planet before the short dark ones began to genocide all of us.

    1. Are you trying to say that white males are irresponsible? Hey we could look at the stats on men and crime and ill be guaranteeing white men are far more responsible than men of other races here. Affirmative Action for jobs has also turned into affirmative action for dating. OJ Simpson showed white women across america that if they deny a black man he will get away with murder. Look at all the black on white murders ( dont believe me google it) that have happened in recent years yet the murder that gets center stage is rather a self defense case and death of trayyvon martin. It is all a conspiracy against white men and it has worked very well. I have an great non criminal record yet i can go out in public and see white women who are with black men and they truly act scared of me. Im a saint when it comes to kindness been in two fights my entire life, and those were in middle school. Yet when women give themselves over to a false mindset that is what you get. Enjoy your Blacks, white chicks I’m out and over it. Ill gladly die without reproducing than submit myself to your falsities about me and my ancestors. [Slightly edited]

    2. Nonsense.

      The problem with the white woman is one: FEMINISM.

      Feminism is the basis of all this perverse social engineering.

      The main proponent of the gay lifestyle, the “reproductive rights” (abortion),frivolous divorces, worship female promiscuity and single mother, hatred of the white man and nationalism, multiculturalism, “white guilt”, Feminization of males and masculinization of women, victimization of minorities, political migration (invasion) of white redoubts always were liberal / feminist.

      You now want to disassociate the perverse responsibilities of all this liberalism, feminism, and more DEPLOY “FEMINIST policy” to combat the side-effects we POLICIES previous FEMINIST CREATED?

      You stupid or malicious.

      This more than clear that women have always sacrificed the long term survival of the white race a whim and a style of comfort and superficial life.

      Feminism is not the solution. Feminism is the problem.

      Women do not know how to balance benefits with responsibilities. Embrace the first and reject the second. The results can be seen.

      Add more privileges is not the solution. The solution is to charge the responsibilities they refuse to comply.

      Failure to comply does not deserve the privileges that were given.

      1. OMG, I though I was the last female on Earth, who’s come to the same conclusion. BTW I’ve never had problems with “men are all the same” and “he’s immature and irresponsible”. And as far as my experience goes, “he’ll only want one thing from you” only if you’ve got absolutely nothing more to give!

      2. Brilliant point Sergio. Well said. A good analysis. Feminism IS the problem because Feminism is a LEFT WING dominated philosophy, created and promulgated specifically to enforce and strengthen the Left Wing’s virulent hatred of Western Civilization and all that it created and produced.

      3. I agree, that the cause is Feminism. I am a white man who does everything right: six figure income, not criminal record, etc. I have a girlfriend, who is unemployed and lives in project housing. She gets food stamps, all kinds of benefits. She acts like I’m trash, and will not move in with me. She has two children that are not mine (from before I met her). I’m not paying her rent, and I respect her wish to be independent, but she actually scamming the government for some false sense of independence. Sometimes I feel like she is scamming me too.

        The media is pushing Feminism (pandering to women) to sell products to women because they like to shop. Sometimes I try talking to a woman who appears to have a job. They will be so rude. So nasty. Even if they are nice, they don’t act attractive. They feel no need to be with men. I just don’t think the Feminist ideals really work for the human species. Woman are naturally distrustful of men. Give them jobs and they’ll just sit at home and eat ice cream.

        This is making for a lot of lonely people. Women are supposed be be the social fabric of society. Instead they are grinding them selves away, servants of industry, pointlessly.

    3. White men treat their women better and stick around as fathers more than any other race in the world does. Are you crazy? What’s destroying the white race is abortion and birth control. That and we are being oppressed through manipulation, and made to feel guilty. They do this to make our youth more passive. Soon it will be illegal for us to help our own people.

      1. What’s destroying the white race is LEFT WING philosophy. Created by white anti Westerners who have turned away from their own past out of whatever twisted rationale they use to justify genocide and iconoclastic behavior. Abortion and birth control are only symptoms. Not the disease.

    4. Reply to SOPHIA > “When white males start taking care of women who are willing to breed then maybe white women will choose to breed” where are U living? 52% of the workforce are WOMEN and the majority of the powerful women are WHITE ! “Just breeding more babies isn’t going to help us as there is not enough support for women who have babies” what ???? Your Income, HIS Income even after he;s booted out the door (ie. Child Support), Government Income, the new man SUCKED in as a so called step Dad’s Income…get the picture or can you be that out to lunch? “If you want to up our population FIRST establish all white communities that include people of all ages who have skills to share and tolerance for womens views,” OMG !!!!!!!!!! Everywhere online experts from all fields are admitting how privileged especially WHITE women have been with options galore yet you seem to live on an Island somewhere AND, what a racist statement to make having all white communities “get it financially stable and invite white women who might want to breed to join up and meet white males who are responsible and caring for women and any babies and will be of equal parenting to raise those babies and see how fast MANY responsible caring white women will rush to join knowing they will have a whole community to assist and rely on in case of illness or crisis, and their babies will never go hungry” you know, you talk like a true Socialist. Not long ago this community existed BUT the power over children existed by the child’s PARENTS (DAD and MOM Sophia). Not a community of schools, government institutions sticking their noses into peoples’ homes! “Unless and until women are made equal” there we have it folks, that demented word that some females just won’t let go of as they want what’s natural to be tossed out the window and yet wish to be taken care of? “and respected” don’t you EVER talk about respect lady until your GENDER stop alienating tons of decent fathers from their children using the COMMUNITY as their leverage = GOVERNMENT. You need to be taken aside and given a wake up call or, this may be impossible as there are women out there like you that don’t listen, don’t rationalize, thick, hence in denial…not accountable or responsible for your own actions “why should they make babies for those men who can drop a load and leave and criticize women for going to welfare?” ah, so U R on welfare “TO CHANGE the white dynamic you must first level the gender playing field look at the underlying causes if WHY white women are choosing NOT not breed do U realize that forced Equality means regardless of merit, women MUST be given half the Jobs in ALL fields? This is a recipe for fewer children then we all ready have since women complain they can’t breast feed, don’t have enough time with child…HOW in hell can a woman OR man do BOTH raise children plus hold down a Career SOPHIA? Well, Equality means just that. “This IS the 21st century and women will go where they can find acceptance and even if it is not what they would choose IF IF they had a choice they will breed where they are accepted” sperm bank eh. Well they are not breeding especially WHITES and guess what SOPHIA, men did not alter their centuries long gender roles since they DO NOT get pregnant however, females DID alter their natural roles wanting to have their cake and eat it too being the SUPER OM who can be so INDEPENDENT with Career and Mom and … wife? Hell, they even cheat the child out of breast feeding. Their’s is a suppression of children and males for their own self-interest “If white men cant see how to make white women feel accepted then watch our race die out” again it was WHITE WOMEN who undermined our centuries long natural tole SOPHIA…you are so out to lunch? Most women even reading this would wonder where are you living? “It is destiny unless white men wake up. to reality” your text has to be the most ridiculous one anyone could read on this topic. You need prayer so this I’ll do for you.

    5. Spoken like a true feminist. Is there any wonder why white men don’t want these entitlement princesses?

    6. k, I did my part I added 3 beautiful fair skinned children into the USA, I educated them well, I nurtured and LOVED them deeply. My eldest has just graduated college and already has very strong work ethics and values.

  2. What is happening here is those of European descent are hesitant in many cases to reproduce based on current economic conditions while others on the other hand continue to go at it like rabbits in the garden believing ‘someone will always be there to take care of us’. It’s common sense verses primal urge to have unprotected sex. Just because you are old enough to reproduce does not mean you are intelligent enough to deal with your actions from reproductions. If you are here illegally, on drugs, don’t have a steady job or 3 already in your household as a single parent, do us all a favor a pop the pill or put on that condom.

    1. You are correct so the problem the WHITE race has is how to stop the irresponsible millions from being irresponsibly…..heh…

      I could answer that but DHS might come get me and my computer.

      Otherwise see the long range solution;
      Create small all WHITE communities based on breeding responsibility and always up within the tribe and a few select other similar
      who all meet up for Festivals a few times a year

      All maintain a governing structure based on Natures Laws thus creating an ENDURING community that is organic and grows with what outside progress is amenable to living within the bounds of Nature.

      Secure the borders and allow the non whites the use of demarked areas to organize and operate as they see fit for their own needs.

      Over time, two or maybe three generations all of them will fail
      and they will be reduced to Blade Runner status.

      At that time our string of communities across the northern parts of America can UNITE physically on the basis of the already loosely designated order of military preparedness and act to restructure the non white areas by placing most of them in re education camps and teaching vital skills , setting up some limited industry to employ those who learn some skills and closeing the borders to allow a testing period to see if they can govern their own spaces intelligently.

      For those who can partake in such allow them to be the organizers and authority in those areas while ENFORCING a responsible breeding law relegating every person who can GUARANTEE a 20 year network for each child BEFORE birthing one to be a parent, NO others are allowed to reproduce.

      One infraction causes sterilization.

      Look at those set aside areas as a kinder garten we must oversee and manage until some of the classes learn how to be responsible citizens and manage their own areas while not allowed into ours except between the hours of 6 AM and 6 PM on a trade or import/export excursion.

      eventually all those who are stupid and bred on hate and laziness will be bred out of those who are non-white and all peoples will live in nearly crime free societies.

      Wealthy non- whites should be shown the ingenuity of moving large numbers of their own kind to another continent and creating industry and jobs there.

      ( this same solution can be applied to South of the border invasions no matter their origins )

      Year by year we diffuse the current situation by reasoned and humane methods.

      We take America back from this downhill road to perdition.


      1. The long term solution is to annihilate the Left Wing and all other ideologies that would destroy Western Civilization.

    2. take care of what? you white people stole, murdered, and raped colored people,soon you will have a serious dent in your livelyhood and i mean a massacre.all natural resources are ours you are stealing and same with the artifacts treasury and raw materials it sure didnt come from your stinky caves.you white trash are illegal and should be deported!

      1. INDIGENOUS — I find your comment amusing.

        There you sit,

        – using a written language which the white man gave to you, because your people never invented writing;

        – typing on a computer which the white man gave to you, because your people never invented anything;

        – using electricity which the white man gave to you, because your people never invented anything;

        – wearing clothes which the white man gave to you, because your people never invented anything;

        – sitting on a chair which the white man gave to you, because your people never invented anything

        – driving a car which the white man gave to you, because your people never invented anything;

        – living in a town which the white man gave to you, etc.etc.

        and yet you are still too stupid to see all of that, and you hate the race that gave you everything you have.

        Tell you what: if the whites go away, can we take back everything we gave you, and then you can revert back to your original naked cannibalistic existence which you had before we arrived?

        Does that sound like a deal to you?

          1. No they weren’t. It doesn’t matter anyway. They’re frozen in time EXCEPT where they live in the white man’s world.

      2. No ethnicity of any kind is innocent, do your research. White men didn’t go to Africa and kidnap blacks that were running free. They went there to the slave market, like every other ethnicity did, Asians, other blacks etc, and bought slaves that were already in chains. And those chains were placed on those slaves by the black man. Black went to Europe and as far as Iceland and kidnapped white people and made them slaves, there were over a million white slaves in Africa at one point. Human nature has a dark side, it’s not just white people. That’s fucked up man, there’s a lot of good people and they come in all ethnicity’s, religions etc etc. All ethnicity’s and countries oppress there people. Mexico oppresses their own people, Africa oppresses their own people, the middle east does it, China does it, white people do it, etc etc etc. But everyone wants to migrate to white countries, we’re not all bad man. The white races have done a lot of great things for the world too. We all have a purpose, and I believe in the very long run we will become one race. It’s part of evolution that we keep breeding until we are one. And since Asian’s make up 60 percent of the worlds population, and it’s growing, we will all be mostly Asian hahaha. That explains why Aliens always look Asian huh? They’re future people traveling through time. We’re all fucked, Asians are the only ones making it out alive.

        1. I personally doubt whether civilisation can continue to exist without some sort of eugenics programme. For one thing, looking after others is not a strong instinct: for example law should perhaps help everyone to make a good society; but Jews like law purely to give themselves power, and the outlook is similar throughout the middle east. White lawyers by comparison are less driven. Similarly with medicine: the beneficent doctor doing good and saving lives is a fine ideal, but Jews and others typically want to be doctors to make money and help themselves. Charities may be noble, but, again, honest charities are rare; mostly the handlers grab money for themselves. It’s not surprising spongers exist, and, if there’s any genetic component, the percentage of people who are parasitic, grasping, uncreative and criminal must be increasing all the time, giving gipsy-like and Lenin-like and Genghis-Khan-like hordes, having a similar effect to locusts.

      3. Not all of us, and you ppl USE everything you can get your hands on often tax free yet talk about the bold days when the buffalo roam and on and on about the grate spirits. Wow, take from one hand than slap the giver with the other. GROW UP and tell the dam truth ! I too fished and hunted would LOVE to live a life as such however, and not as stuck in quicksand LAZY like many of you are, stubborn as hell all because of Govenrment freebees ! Women receive the same hand outs through government Jobs and cheques. Okay, wipe the white man tomorrow off the face of the earth PLUS all his inventions which you want nothing to do with, then good luck man !

  3. white men need to become barbarian warriors with killer instinct, our alpha males must rise to the top. the economic problems are a major issue, but the effeminization of men and use of empowering of women, dividing the race and playing us off against each other has been a Kosher tactic all along. women need to be humble, feminine, quiet, loving, nurturing, and return to traditional roles of child-raising, and men need to love, respect, defend and protect those women in a real community based living situation that is constructed on racial and eugenic principles. I agree with SophiaH for the most part, but our women must come around and help encourage white nationalism instead of it being all men – which makes it depressing for them.

  4. Most of these comments are misguided. A lot of people don’t understand what’s going on. White men shouldn’t have to engage in any kind of breeding competition with third world colonizers on our lands. Many white men cannot even breed anyway because they are being sterilized by third world immigration, which lowers wages and raises housing prices; this makes it impossible to have children. What needs to be done is to get rid of the murderous genocidal bastards in power because they’re the ones flooding our countries from India, Africa, the Philippines etc. There can be no white babies unless we drive the globalists and immigration enthusiasts from government.

  5. The times of the Vikings have passed. Forget about barbarianism. The earth is overpopulated. Stop breeding and start educating the masses. China’s policy did not work. but the earths population must be controlled somehow. If not, by the year 2100 it will not matter who is in majority.
    The earth cannot sustain this human population explosion. Wake up!

    1. Many people of low intelligence don’t know anything. If they see housing and food and other things, coming from organisations and knowledge which they simply don’t understand, their impulses will lead them to breed, and expect such things as maternity wards and schools — at least in white countries. ‘Educating the masses’ of for example black Africans (with IQs of 70 or so) is not possible. Jews see this, and laugh as they flood white countries with low grade people.

    2. The population bomb is a myth dude, more then enough resources for many more people. The problem is population is top heavy because we live so long now. Their has always been a ton of kids and workers with a tiny few old people, this is now changing. Having even numbers of old people and workers means the population pyramid turns into a column. Dosn’t matter who the people are. All states that exist a long time change demographically, nothing new.

  6. America wont vanish only white illegals will America will stay. America doesn’t represent white illegals.it represents us Indians!without borders KA-NA-DA -America and it should never be call united states because that’s not Americas true name and what it should stand for.you people came here and bloodshed by force there’s nothing united with us and YOU! that’s for surE!in fact there is no race which is united with whites as you whites are imoral.we will eventually kick you out!

    1. Indian that is a man the white man gave you” You are using a computer invented by a white man ” You electricity your using was harnessed by a white man” The horse that your people ride was brought over by the white man” Can you have a little appreciation ” You stupid barbarian””

  7. All I see in this thread are excuses excuses excuses. It has never been easier to raise a kid. I bet most of the people who read this website have 0-2 kids.

  8. The U.S. isn’t going to vanish; it’s going to become another Brazil, a barely governable state inhabited by a hodgepodge of fractious Quadroons, Mestizos, Octoroons, Sambos and Zambos. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – at least not in the longer term. Why you ask? Because it is the U.S. with its perverse concept of Manifest Destiny and its pseudo-religious dogma that “all men are created equal” that is responsible for spreading the deadly virus of equalitarianism throughout Western Civilization. As the world’s sole superpower the U.S. has been able to impose its sickness on the rest of the world, as another Third World country its screams can simply be ignored.

  9. I think the white race is the most ingenious, capable, and adaptable race out there. It would be a shame to see such a creative bunch go down the hole. On the other hand, blacks, browns, and others are not really capable of doing anything themselves, unless things are taught to them. Observing the third-world nations, africa, they make use of the culture and technology bestowed upon by whites, but they have none of their own. The thing about the chinese and Japanese is, they can make excellent use of the white culture and technology, but lacks the ability to make one themselves.

  10. There are no white people in the West saying anymore what needs to be said – to extole a grand vision for renewal and restoration. A clear path through the barren landscape of doubt and despair and degradation, to verdant hills of glorious light. We have instead, only traitors and milksops to lead us. Effiminate ones who rule as children, without wisdom or courage or grand ideas. Only posers seeking the approval of blind mobs. Such aimless people are worthy of destruction – unless they can summon forth men worthy to lead them. Who can lead them.

  11. I beg all white people please have at least 2 children 3 if possible and encourage friends to do the same. Form groups organize and mobilize. Help numbersusa limit immigration into the United States or be attacked forever by this hostile takeover. Support Donald Trump 2016. More kids is not a burden. 2.2 is replacement so any family having only 1 is not replacement and is bad for the child anyway to be am only child. 3 and 4 is possible you dont have to go nuts but having 3 at least gives us a little increase. Ignore PC media at all costs and read the Occidental observer and listen to talk radio. Jared Taylor and Ramzpaul are good sources. Amren is the one lobbying group for us

  12. William frey is a total asshole. If i said America would be better without jews, blacks or hispanics anyone saying that would be called racist. Racist should not work as a word anymore. The left calls anyone racist who disagrees with their agenda. America will.be far worse for all people with less Whites. Whites gave the western world all these goodies. The fight against the cultural marxist left seeking to destroy is imperative now. We will make things fucking ugly if they refuse to secure that border. White baby encouraging mechanisms should be adopted. White communities that support each other. Whites sticking together and helping each other should.not be demonized. White hate speech should be monitored.

  13. The reason white women aren’t giving birth as much these days is because they work they have jobs they help their family because the economy got bad or they just work to prepare a better future to have kids.

  14. Well, but the worst thing is not what is happening in America…America was not a white native country….even if it will be de-whitized it could still “be ok”..

    The major and most terrible thing is that EUROPE is losing its whiteness…..look what is happening nowadays….the European Union is invaded by immigrants from all over Africa and the Middle East…Europe is actually facing the highest immigration rate in the world. White people will become extinct in their own homeland!

    I invite you people to read about “Oriana Fallaci”. Her prevision was right…..

    The same thing is ahppening in Australia..

    But damn….no more people in Europe (in around 200 years) is really a sad thing

  15. No offence; but these comments all miss the point that many nonwhites breed faster. They don’t give their women well thought-out slices of equality and tender care. They just (e.g. in Islam) stick them together, keep them more or less imprisoned, and make them breed. Blacks in Africa have multiplied at least a hundred-fold in just a century, due to intervention by whites, without any concern for black women’s ‘rights’. India’s caste system has made their population rise, I believe not as fast, but with no sign of slowing. There seems no hope they will collectively stop increasing, or even that whites will outbreed them. And there seems no way to reward contraception; the Chinese one child policy needed a compliant population able to grasp the issue, and strong government. Jews have exploited the system, so far, by fomenting wars where possible, and have been astoundingly successful in dividing and damaging whites; think of the USSR and eastern Europe, ruined by Jews, and the world wars’ effects in Europe. There will have to be some systematic policy of discussing Jews, and keeping swarms of certain peoples where they are, and keeping white inventions for whites (rather than allowing Jews to farm them out to others), and probably seriously warlike steps against Jews and invaders. Quite possibly it will happen by default, just as Jews seem to act on genetic impulse, not thought — as threats mount, there will probably be reactions.

  16. Which gender has changed the natural roles that existed since the dawn of people? Females accelerated this during the 1970s generally speaking. Since then these grave chaotic problems have come to what the article states w.r.t. the white race. Males still are toeing the line expected to now compete with females with what they have always done, Jobs. Even a simple half-wit moron can see who created this mess; the group who chose to later the path of history and laws of nature, females. To deny this is to tell the biggest lie ever. You reap what you sow. To bad the younger generations have to suffer such a blow from what the Baby Boomers and their parents created YES WW2 generation were responsible for the Pill … you made your bed so lay in it !

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