The Ignored Atrocity: Katyn

The West’s controlled media ignored yesterday’s commemoration of the 1940 Massacre at Katyn, despite the presence of the Prime Minister of Poland, senior government figures, families of the victims, and the Polish military—because the atrocity perpetrators were Communists and not Nazis.

The Katyn Massacre saw 22,000 Polish officers executed in a forest outside Smolensk, Russia, by the Soviet Secret Police after being held in captivity since the Soviet invasion of Poland in September 1939.


Marta Krzysztalowicz, granddaughter of Captain Henry Tadeusz Narozanskiego, who was murdered by the Soviet secret police in Katyn, lays a wreath at the murder site.

The commemoration service—held in Russia at the massacre site, in full cooperation with the Russian authorities, saw Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo; Law and Justice Party Senator and Polish Foreign Minister Anna Maria Anders; the Polish ambassador to Russia, Catherine Pelczynska; family members of the victims, and a delegation of Polish army officers—take part in a moving service for the murdered soldiers.

Polish Foreign Minister Senator Anna Maria

Polish ambassador to Russia Katarzyna Pelczynska Nalecz, and Foreign Minister Anna Maria Anders, at the moving ceremony in Katyn.

According to a Polish radio report on the event, more than 180 people took part, including the representatives from the Council for Protection of Memory of Struggle and Martyrdom, the Federation of Katyn Families, representatives of the Ministry of Culture, as well as social organizations and cultural institutions such as the Katyn Museum, clergy, scouts, and schoolchildren.


The senior bishop of the Diocese of Drohiczyn, Dydycz Antoni, said in his service that the massacre was a “victory of blood which led to freedom. This forest was the last resting place on earth for these victims of the sword, but their blood shed here created freedom for their descendants.”

“We are surrounded here by a couple of thousand names. These are the ones who gave their lives for Poland, and they direct vision to other souls further away, to all nations where there are graves of Polish soldiers, to all Tombs of the Unknown Soldier.”

The ceremony began with prayer and the placing of wreaths in the Russian part of the cemetery. Half an hour later, a tolling bell started the ceremony at the Polish part of the cemetery. The Polish national anthem was sung and Mass was celebrated by the participants amid a sea of red and white carnations, flags and wreaths—all in the Polish national colors.

The ceremony ended with the laying of wreaths and the lighting of candles in front of the Katyn Cross and the plaques which contain the names of all the victims.

The Russian delegation was represented by the head of the management board for International Relations of the Smolensk Oblast, Yevgeny Zacharienkow. The ceremony was attended also by the accredited defense attachés in Russia from several NATO and EU countries.

Anders told Polish radio that the visit to Katyn was an “incredibly moving moment” that she would never forget.

“I heard about Katyn as a child. It was to know what happened here which was something that my father set out as his purpose of life. From the outset, he insisted that the Soviets were responsible,” she added. Her father was commander of the Polish Army in the East, under whom the murdered soldiers served.

Anders said that she was happy at being offered the chance to chair the delegation. “I am here not only on behalf of the people who died here, but also on behalf of my father. I think he’s glad that I’m here.”

The complete lack of coverage of the ceremony is in marked contrast to the almost constant coverage given by the controlled media to any atrocity committed by German forces during World War II, whether real or imagined.

This coverage blackout of Katyn is, of course, because the controlled media is largely made up of far-leftists whose primary purpose is not to report news, but to espouse far left communist ideologies.

* The Katyn massacre was ordered on March 5, 1940, in a directive proposed by the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) chief Lavrentiy Beria, and signed off personally by Joseph Stalin. The massacres were started during the first week of April 1940, and carried on until May.

German troops discovered the mass graves in the Katyn Forest in 1943, and allowed an international commission consisting of twelve forensic experts and their staffs from Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Croatia, the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, and Hungary to witness the exhumations and post-mortems.

The Soviet Union claimed that the executions had been carried out by the Nazis, and, to “prove” this, even forced a confession from several senior German prisoners of war “admitting” to the massacre. These Germans were hanged by the Soviets after making their “confessions,” and the Katyn Massacre was also used as “evidence” against the Germans at the Nuremberg Trials.


Left: The December 1945 announcement of the execution of German army officers after they “confessed” to the Katyn Massacre, and right, the March 1940 memo from Beira to Stalin, which proposed the massacres. The original was found in the Soviet archives in 1990.

It was only in 1990, when the Soviet archives were opened up, that it was formally admitted that the NKVD had carried out the murders. An investigation conducted by the office of the Prosecutors General of the Soviet Union (1990–1991) and the Russian Federation (1991–2004) confirmed Soviet responsibility for the massacres but refused to classify it as a war crime or an act of genocide.

In November 2010, the Russian State Duma approved a declaration blaming Stalin and other Soviet officials for having personally ordered the massacre.

Video below: An extract from the 2007 Polish film, Katyn—which all the major movie distribution houses in the West refused to show.

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  1. remember people that so as not to upset the russians (sound familiar? with the invaders now..) the british government forcibly returned white russians for execution in their full knowledge of what was to happen to them……The ruling elite now are no different and we must change this and get rid of all the old parties..we need new govts of new people like minded with the populace. …this murder of the poles was by despots in power like those at the EU and downing st..DESPOTS!!!.They were all mothers sons/fathers /brothers and were dispensable by the rulers!

    1. bazablue And I found out WHY the Russians were returned to Stalin. Stalin had 5000 British prisoners as hostages to make sure Churchill was compliant with Stalins every demand. What would you or I do in Churchill’s position ?

  2. Like the lies of the so called “holocaust,” the true victims of communist global aggression and genocide are now historically demonized on a daily basis with holocaust and Nazi updates always in the news. The criminal blames his victim of the very crimes committed against him and hides his crime through perpetuated lies which repeated long enough they eventually get written into “history.” And yet it’s still a crime in Russia to question the holohoax.
    It kind of tells me who’s really in control of Russia’s historical narrative…not the Russians I presume.

      1. In Germany, too.
        The „birthplace“ of this new Religion is the former Camp Auschwitz.
        This place is now prepared like a holy memorial.
        ( Ok, we know the hoax )
        Young School-Students from all over Europe will be carried with there Teachers to this place. They show the young child’s teeth, hairs, shoos and other prepared human stuff.

        If you have doubt on this story, you come in prison. You are a creepy heretic. You know what the old Christians have done with heretics? Exactly the same is today in Germany. Horst Mahler, a lawyer, becomes 12 years in prison. Why? Hate Crime!! because he denied with evidences the Holohoax . Denying is a religious crime today.

  3. In Katyn there were about 4,300 men murdered (and 1 woman, a pilot…), not “10,000” or “22,000”.
    The TOTAL number of victims from 3 different POW-camps could have been around 15,000 – 16,000.
    The Germans knew that the Polish exile-government were looking for such a number of lost officers and police officers, so when they discovered the graves in Katyn, they thought that around “12,000” were to be expected to be found there. But where the number “22,000” comes from, I would not be able to guess…

  4. Anna Maria Anders was not and is not Polish Foreign Minister. Secretary of State – yes indeed, daughter of renown General Anders, activist of Law and Justice Party, senator – these are corect

  5. It is interesting to note, that during and at the conclusion of the Bolshevik Russian revolution, not one synagogue was touched. Only Christian sites were destroyed or “repurposed”…
    Sorta tells you something about who fomented, supported, and ultimately made the communist revolution successful.
    Hint: It wasn’t ethnic Russians…

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