Immigrant-Terror Ring Smashed in Italy

An Islamist invader “trafficking gang” which used welfare money to fund ISIS, and run by legal immigrants to smuggle other nonwhites into Italy has been smashed by police.

At the same time, a number of legally-resident Jihadist Third Worlders—including the former captain of the “Italian” cricket team—a Pakistani—have been deported.


Tunisian Mohamed Kamel Eddine Khemiri, legally resident in Italy, is detained by Italian police near Naples.

The smuggling gang was based near Naples and headed by a Tunisian national, Mohamed Kamel Eddine Khemiri, who police have identified as a recruiter for ISIS, Italian media reported.

Khemiri helped to “regularize” illegal immigrants in Italy through the creation of fictitious employment contracts.

Once he had established the invaders’ legal residency in Italy, he then used them to claim unemployment and income benefits, with the proceeds being used to finance the trafficking program and also to send money to ISIS, the police investigation revealed.

This in effect means that the Italian taxpayers were being used to fund ISIS through the scam. The police said that “tens of thousands of Euros” were sent to ISIS in this manner.

The trafficking operation was set up in cooperation with a number of Chinese-run textile factories in the region of Naples and Caserta.

Khemiri was arrested along with at least eight other legally-resident Third World immigrants when the gang was smashed.

Just last week, the Italian government announced that it was now sure that ISIS was involved in organizing the nonwhite invasion across the Mediterranean.

Recent weeks have seen a string of suspected Islamists expelled from the country on the order of Interior Minister Angelino Alfano.

Among those expelled was Aftab Farook, a Pakistani raised in Italy who previously captained Italy’s under-19 cricket team.

Farook was caught on a wire-tap talking about using a Kalashnikov or bomb to attack targets such as a wine shop in Milan or the airport of Bergamo in northern Italy, saying the important thing was to scare Europeans. He had also expressed his intention of going to Syria to fight for ISIS.

Farook had lived with his family in Vaprio d’Adda near Milan since he was 13 years old. He was deported from Italy to Pakistan last week, but his family plan to challenge the extradition at the European Court of Human Rights, the Italian media said.

The Corriere Dell Sera newspaper reported that another three legally-resident Muslim imams were being “investigated” for preaching Jihad at their mosques in Italy, and that a Syrian, Mahmoud Jrad, had been arrested in Varese for acting as an ISIS recruiter.

Another two nonwhites in Varese and a third in Rapallo are also under investigation, the paper said.

The arrests underline the fact that the threat to Europe comes from both legal and illegal immigration—and that there will not be peace until all Third World immigration is halted and reversed.


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  1. Rather looks like the stooges have been arrested. No NGOs and Government and parliament members supporting the destruction of the European people have felt any repercussions so far.
    So it continues.. it’s always the same pattern. Some stooge gets arrested while another one takes the job.

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