“Immigrants Needed for Labor” Lie Exposed as 85,000 Italians Apply for just 30 Vacancies

The liberal lie that “immigration is needed to bolster Europe’s labor force” has been dramatically exposed as a lie once again with the news that a record 80,000 Italians applied for just 30 vacancies—nearly 3,000 candidates for each post.

However, Italy—which, thanks to its own far left government and prevailing liberal ideology, is bearing the brunt of the current African invasion—serves as a case in point in just how dramatically wrong this liberal lie is.

According to reports, youth unemployment in Italy is close to 40 per cent and the overall level at 11 per cent—but when managers at the Bank of Italy advertised 30 vacancies, they were “astounded by the huge number of people who contacted them.”

The report said that the 30 deputy assistant jobs in the state bank, a junior position with a modest annual salary of €28,000.

Overwhelmed by the deluge of interest, the Bank of Italy in the end whittled down the applicants to a short-list of 8,000, all of them first-class graduates with a solid academic record behind them.

It is not the first time that huge numbers of young Italians have applied for a small number of posts.

Nonetheless, the liberal lie that “immigrants” are needed to “help the economy” is still routinely used to justify the mass Third World invasion of Europe—even though all the statistics and evidence shows that this nonwhite influx is in fact going to destroy society and the economy—the very opposite of what is claimed.

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  1. This is going to lead to all out bloody civil war on the streets of Europe, which is exactly what the globalists like Soros want.
    Problem, reaction, solution, thats what its all about.
    They want to ultimately severely reduce the worlds population because the truth is there is insufficuent resources to feed and provide for us all. The world does not have an infinite supply of the resources required for the population explosion that we are currently seeing. Third world nations in particular have been breeding themselves out of the ability to survive for generations, and now they are heading to wealthier parts of the world in search of our food and resources. There will come a point where millions will die of starvation, disease and civil war, its inevitable, especially at the rate they are breeding. Many African nations are set to quadruple their numbers, which is totally unsustainable, and due to inbreeding they lack the intelligence to be able to educate themselves to a standard where they can be eligable for work that will provide the means for them to feed themselves. There are also a growing number who refuse to work believing that it is their human right to some how be fed by western civilised countries. The future is bleak, especially for third world nations, but it is now also bleak for us too as many European countries are already bankrupt. The UK officially has 1.87 trillion pounds of debt, but unofficially it is far higher at 4.8 trillion and rising daily.

    PROBLEM – Deliberate encouragement of mass third world invaision into white populated Europe and the UK with third world immigrants. Why ? – The plan is to destroy white, intelligent people who will challenge the globalists. Once they have overrun us with non productive third world immigrants, who they hope will breed with white people, this will produce what they are already calling Negroid Eurasians. A race of not very intelligent, dumbed down people that can be used as slaves, manipulated and controlled by the globalists.

    REACTION – The indigenous people react – Civil wars break out
    SOLUTION – Marshall Law will be brought in, total lockdown and control over all. This is the communust marxist globalists ultimate plan – Total control over all people, one world government, total open borders, ultimate power.

    When they have bankrupted all nations they will cease control and asset strip.

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