Imported Libyan “Soldiers” Cause Sex-Attack Plague in Rural England

The importation of “soldiers” from the Libyan Army for “training” in rural Cambridgeshire, England, has resulted in an outbreak of sex-attacks by the North Africans upon local white girls, it has emerged after a court case in Cambridge.


Ibrahim Naji El Maarfi, 20, admitted exposure and two sexual assaults. Mohammed Abdalsalam, 27, pleaded guilty to abusing a police officer and sexual assault, while Khaled El Azibi, 18, refused to enter pleas on three counts of sexual assault and one of theft.

The three are all “soldiers” from the “new” Libyan Army—created after the British government helped overthrow the Gadaffi regime and plunge Libya into chaos—who form part of a scheme to “learn basic infantry skills and military leadership at Bassingbourn Camp in Cambridgeshire” according to an official government statement.

The Libyan cadets’ arrival comes following an announcement made last year that the UK would help to train up to 2,000 Libyan troops. The course consists of a 24-week schedule to supposedly impart the drill, marksmanship, fitness, first-aid, military discipline and the law of armed conflict to the Libyans.

The plan fulfils UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s undertaking, given at a G8 Summit, to help the Libyan government “disarm and integrate militias.”

In other words, the Libyan “soldiers” being trained in Britain are in fact members of rebel warlord gangs, and they quickly reverted to type when confronted with the easy-going student center of Cambridgeshire.

Disturbances have become so frequent that the British Army has been obligated to deploy extra troops from 2 Scots, the Royal Highland Fusiliers, to back up local police struggling to control the “trainees” at Bassingbourn Barracks, Cambridgeshire.

According to reports, police are probing nine sex attacks in Cambridge on October 16 and 17 alone. Three of the attacks came in just three hours in the city’s busy Market Square on Sunday.

Bassingbourn councillor Adrian Dent was quoted in local media as saying that these incidents were “not the first unauthorized excursion from the barracks” and that “some of them tried to storm the guardhouse.”

The nature of the sex attacks were described by prosecutor Paul Brown as “most serious” as they deal with “males targeting females under the cover of darkness. “They are like a pack preying on women in the hours of darkness.”

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  1. Welcome to future Britain if our politicians don`t come to their senses re the sheer stupidity of inviting alien `cultures` here.
    There`s only one way such idiocy can end and hopefully our politicians will get their well deserved come-uppance. How long before the people decide enough is enough is anyone`s guess for now.

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