Inauguration Riot: Communist Thugs Face 10 Years Jail

More than 230 black-clad ““anti-fascist” communist thugs arrested after their violent anti-Donald Trump rampage through the streets of Washington D.C. last week will face felony riot charges—an offence which carries up to ten years in jail and a fine of up to $250,000.

Washington D.C. law says that if, in the course of a riot, a person is seriously injured or there is property damage of more than $5,000, “every person who willfully incited or urged others to engage in the riot” can be charged with felony rioting.

The communists, all members or supporters of the “anti-racist” and “anti-fascist” network working under the “Disrupt J20 Collective” moniker, burned a limousine and smashed windows at a Starbucks and two banks during their “anarchist” riot.

Court documents revealed that the total damage done by the communists was well over $100,000, meaning that the police are well within their parameters in charging the thugs with felony riot offenses.

Ironically, at least two of the premises they attacked—Starbucks and the Bank of America—financially supported the communist’s preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, during the election.

Washington D.C. interim Police Chief Peter Newsham told radio station WTOP that he was “very, very pleased” with the way police responded to demonstrations Friday, saying they only used force when necessary to control aggressive crowds.

Police have said they used pepper spray and rubber “sting balls” to control the crowd where arrests were made. Newsham noted that some demonstrators threw rocks and bricks at officers.

The average age of those arrested was 27, although three were over 55. About a third were women.

There was mayhem for hours as protesters broke windows, set fires, and hurled rocks, bricks, and other objects at riot-clad police officers.

Police said at least six officers were injured in the rioting, and one was knocked unconscious when a rock struck him on the head.

Disrupt J20 Collective organizer Samantha Miller, who was introduced by the Jewish Buzz news service as wanting to “shut down” the inauguration, was quoted in Salon magazine as saying that the felony riot charges were “absolutely horrifying. They are just trying to stop any resistance to the Trump administration. Many of these demonstrators were showing rage and fear of what’s coming. It’s going to take a lot more than asking nicely to create change and stop the threats from the Trump administration.”

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  1. its about time they get some jail time for burning and looting and destroying, should get a ass kicking first but the jail time is needed, don’t forget equal opportunity that means locking up the black lives matter scum when they upset things.

  2. Oh boohoo I can’t destroy other peoples property and act a fool and get away with it anymore. What is this world coming to? It’s called sanity and law and order. be glad I wasn’t in charge, rope and lightpoles would have been my answer!

  3. Tremendous news. This sort of anti-white pretend rioting has been going on for years, paid for by Jews such as Soros. It’s many years late; but better late than never.

  4. ‘Rage and fear’ is what the normal world is experiencing right now while faced with leftist thugs such as these. And they’re in every first world nation trying to destroy democracy. But having read of how Clinton’s supporting businesses were trashed by this feral scum makes me feel better!

  5. “every person who willfully incited or urged others to engage in the riot”.
    I would hope that this included the photographers of the Worlds media who, by their presence, “….willfully incited or urged…”. It’s about time the tables were turned on these irresponsible people.

  6. Good news and may it continue. There is absolutely no place for communists in the USA, the UK or Europe. They are pure trash and of no benefit to the people!

  7. An example needs to be made. They should all get the maximum 10 years hard time preferably in a prison overrun with the minorities they claim to love.

  8. since 1917 when the jewish bolsheviks took over in russia, communists are responsible for the deaths of tens of millions around the world. it is time the world gave some payback. let us start with this filthy group of marxists and make an example of them. option #1, life in prison. option #2, a firing squad this week. i’m sure this sort of punishment would have a wonderful calming effect on these pranksters and those who merely threatened to leave the country if trump were elected would now be sprinting and doing somersaults to leave the US for another white country that would tolerate their hate and criminality.

  9. I like to hope you’re pessimistic. When money is thrown around, as it has been, the effects are dramatic. When it’s withdrawn, I think things will change fairly rapidly: think Trump and sanctuary cities. With new media too I think 30 years is more than enough. Internet has been around for c. 20 years, and has had a huge solvent effect on the post-1945 house of cards. If the top changes, so will the rest. I think also that a lot of the ‘Marxists’ are old and getting weary: just look at (tiny sample) Merkel, Soros, Adelman, Barbara Roche, Lipstadt, the neo-cons, and the rest of these unappetisingly grotesque fanatics.

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