“Incest is a Right”—Logical Conclusion of Destruction of TraditionalMarriage Takes Hold

The logical consequence of the destruction of the idea that a marriage is only between a man and a woman—the process behind the recent “marriage equality” for sexual deviants campaign in America and elsewhere—has now emerged in Germany where a government-backed group has called for the scrapping of anti-incest laws, saying sexual relationships between brothers and sisters should be legal.


A statement released by the Deutschen Ethikrat (“German Ethical Council”), a body created by the German parliament’s “Ethics Council Act” of 2007, said that “consensual sexual intercourse among adult siblings” should no longer be a criminal act.

“Data on sibling incest appears to be very rare in Western societies,” the statement continued. “Those affected describe how difficult their situation is in the light of the threat of punishment.

“The enforced secrecy and even denial of their love is an infringement of their fundamental rights of freedom. The German Ethics Council is of the opinion that criminal proceedings are not the appropriate means of preserving a social taboo.”

The body claimed that it was not the state’s task to “interfere” or “enforce moral standards or limits for [sexual] intercourse [between] mature citizens, but [only to protect] individuals from harm and harassment,” adding that the “fundamental right of adult siblings to sexual self-determination . . . [carries] more weight than the abstract [notion] of protection of the family.”

While there is little chance that the German government will actually make the “Ethics Council” suggestion into law, the real issue is that these sorts of arguments have now been given the green light by the repealing of the traditional notion of what constitutes a marriage, a practicing psychologist told The New Observer.

“For thousands of years of civilization, a marriage has been between a male and a female. Even in former times, when polygamy was sometimes practiced in small areas of society, there was never any notion that marriage was anything but a male-female affair,” the psychologist said.

“Now that this traditional notion has been dispensed with—through the introduction of same sex marriage legislation, the door has been opened for any sexual deviancy to demand equality.

“If marriage is no longer between a male and a female, then why is anything ‘abnormal’ anymore?” the psychologist continued.

“If a man can marry a man; if a woman can marry a woman, then why can’t three people get married, as has already happened in Brazil? And, logically it also means that there should be no restriction on sibling relationships either, as the German Ethical Council has pointed out. It is a world turned upside down, a society gone insane, and in the words of Prometheus in Longfellow’s poem The Masque of Pandora, ‘whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.’”

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  1. One of Derren Brown's books has an amusing note on the back, to the effect that it's not yet possible to marry a city, but if it were, he might marry Bristol. Possibly the more money-minded lawyers of the Cherie Blair type are at this moment planning to make money from such legislation – think of the scope for insisting on the 'human right' to stay in the city you married.

  2. What is this pathological cruelty towards Germany from without and within?
    Will all this intrusive eastern orientalism ever just back off?

  3. There is still the not so small matter of deformed and disabled off spring resulting from close relatives intercourse.

  4. From the same twisted ethnic group of gangsters that brought the 'North American Man-Boy Love Association' into being.

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