UK: Whites Blamed for being Ethnically Cleansed

Insane liberals have once again blamed white people for the ethnic cleansing of Britain by Third World immigrants—because more than 80 state schools in that country now have no white pupils at all.

The inverted logic—of blaming whites for having been driven out of entire regions by a tsunami of nonwhite immigrants and their progeny—is illustrated well in this article which appeared in the Daily Mail of London.


The article, headlined “Shock as 84 schools have No white British pupils at all….double the number of five years ago” quotes befuddled conservative MigrationWatch chairman Sir Andrew Green as saying that the figures show that there is “no integration” in Britain—in other words, it is the refusal of whites to mix with the “newcomers” that is really the problem, rather than the fact that the Third World is colonizing Britain.

“The result of three million immigrants in ten years has created a huge problem for integration of the newcomers. Obviously, if there are no children of the host community in a school, the prospects of integration are close to zero. In the longer term, this is bound to effect the cohesion of our society as a whole,” Sir Andrew was quoted as saying.

The information, released as a result of Freedom of Information requests sent to the Department of Education, shows that 84 schools recorded last year that no pupils on their rolls were white British. Of those, 67 are primaries, eight secondaries, and the remainder special or pupil referral units.

The statistics, derived from the annual school census, found that the highest concentration is in Birmingham, with 22 such schools, followed by Oldham with eight, Leicester with seven, and the London borough of Tower Hamlets with six.

Other local authority areas in which there are at least two schools with no white British pupils include Blackburn with Darwen, Bradford, Lancashire, Rochdale, Surrey, Walsall and Worcester, as well as the London boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, and Southwark.

The schools, which were not named, are likely to include England’s 11 state Muslim schools, three state Sikh schools, and one state Hindu school.

One school that is understood to have no white British pupils is Gladstone Primary in Peterborough, which is dominated by students from the Punjab. None of its 440 pupils has English as a first language.

In 2008, the Department of Education said there were 31 state schools that had recorded no white children on their rolls–including children of white migrants.

The Daily Mail went on to moan that “the findings will fuel concerns that some parts of the country are becoming increasingly segregated.”

The reality, of course, is that nonwhite numbers have expanded by such huge amounts that whites have simply been driven out of those areas. Yet, in the upside down world of modern liberalism, whites are always to blame for everything, so it is of course their “refusal to integrate” which is the real problem….

Another example of this type of twisted thinking was provided earlier this month by the UK “think tank” Demos, which “showed white Britons are moving out of areas where they are in a minority at the same time as the ethnic minority population was growing.”

The study said that 45 percent of ethnic minorities in England and Wales, about four million people, live in areas where less than half the population is white British.

Demos director David Goodhart was quoted as saying that “the number of schools with no white British pupils was ‘depressingly high’ because it suggested there must be many others where the proportion of such pupils was tiny.”

In other words, the problem can be solved by having more nonwhites in areas where whites are…..

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  1. We did not have a say as to who was allowed to come into our country – the Labour Party took away all our rights – so how can we be blamed. It started with the Tories letting in all Asians who were expelled by Idi Amin (why weren’t they told to go back to India) and it has escalated to the numbers that now come in every year. No government since the 70’s has wanted to do anything about immigration. They have all be useless governments. But the voters have kept voting these people back into office so we have only ourselves to blame.

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