Inside the “Refugee Centers:” A Worker Speaks

Death threats against welfare workers, aggressive behavior, lies, forged documents, verbal abuse, misogyny, sexual attacks, and even physical assaults—these are the daily burdens which German social workers in the “refugee centers” have to face, according to a disillusioned employee who has broken her silence.


The worker—who has to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions—described her working conditions, and her disillusionment with the nonwhite invaders after having initially supported the “refugees,” to the German N24 TV news channel.

In the interview, titled “I can’t take it anymore” (Ich halte es dort nicht mehr aus, N24, 18.01.2016), the social worker, who has been working full time at a Hamburg-based “refugee reception center,” starts off by describing how enthusiastic she was to get the job to help the “refugees” because she supported the invasion:


“I have applied for this job because it was exactly what I wanted to do,” she said.

“By the time that the confirmation [that I had got the job] finally arrived in my mailbox, I was looking forward to it like crazy.

“I finally could not only help in theory, but also really do something practical to help the refugees.”

Accordingly, she continued, “I went in high spirits to my first day in the initial reception center.

“Naturally I was very excited, as one always is on the first working day of a new job…It is certainly truly super here, I thought to myself.”

Over the next few days, she said, she threw herself into the work, which consisted of providing counselling services to the 1,500 or more nonwhite invaders at the center.

“I was responsible for attending to all refugee social problems, of helping them in the asylum application procedure, and making medical appointments when they needed them,” she told N24.

“Well, and then the first refugees came to my office. After the first few visits I realized that my very positive and idealistic notion of them and their behavior was very different from the reality.

“First, if I’m honest, about 90 percent of those who I counselled were unpleasant. First, many of them are extremely demanding.

“They came to me and demanded that I immediately set them up with an apartment, a fancy car, and a really good job. When I told them this was not possible, they would become loud and very aggressive. An Afghan threatened to kill himself there and then [if I did not help him with these demands].

“And a number of Syrians and Afghanis declared that they will go on hunger strike until I’d help them to move to another place. An Arab shouted at another colleague, ‘We behead you!’”

Because of these death threats “and other things,” she continued, they had to call upon the police for protection “several times a week.”


“Second, the refugees provide inaccurate information all the time. They would come to me and tell a story which did not match their papers. I would check with my colleagues and then I would find out that just the day before, the refugees had been to them with a completely different story.

“There was, for example, a resident who came to me with a deportation notice addressed to himself. He wanted to know what would happen next. I explained it to him, and then he went away.

“Soon afterwards, he appeared in front of my colleague, and showed completely new identity documents in a different name. He was then just moved to another camp.

“Thirdly, they rarely stick to appointments. If they ask for doctors such as a dentist or orthopedic surgeon, I make the appointments, but when the time comes, they just don’t show up.

“This happens so often that the doctors have asked us not to make so many appointments—but what am I supposed to do? I cannot reject the request for an appointment just because I suspect that the applicant will not then appear in time.”

Then, the worker told N24, was the worst problem for her of all: the issue of their attitude toward women.

“Fourth, and for me, the worst, is that the refugees behave indescribably badly toward women.

“It is well known that it is primarily single men who come to us—at least 65 or 70 percent. They are still young, only 20 or so, and not more than 25.

“They simply do not respect women at all. They don’t take us seriously. If I as a woman tell them something or want to take a statement from them, they hardly listen to me at all, or they simply refuse and demand to speak to a male colleague.

“For us women, they only give contemptuous glances, or are [sexually] intrusive. After seeing one of us, they will often give a loud whistle, and then call out something in a foreign language, and then they all burst out laughing.

“This is really very unpleasant. They even photograph us with their cell phones, just like that, without asking, and even if you protest against it.

“My colleagues have told me that all these things happen to them as well. But, they say, there is nothing to be done. You can only stop doing the job, nothing else. So they ignore it. I tried to do this as well, but it did not work.

“It [the harassment] has become worse, frankly, because in recent weeks there are more and more men from North Africa, from Morocco, Tunisia, or Libya.

“They are even more aggressive. I could not ignore it any longer, and I have had to respond,” she continued.

“Specifically, this meant I had to start dressing differently. I’m actually someone who likes to sometimes wear close-fitting items—but not anymore—I have to wear loose-fitting pants and always high-necked tops. I hardly use any makeup anymore.

“And not only did I have to change my outward appearance to protect myself from this harassment, I have also had to alter my behavior.

“I avoid, for example, going anywhere [in the center] where there are often large groups of these men. If I have to do anything there, I try to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.

“But usually I stay in my little office, if possible, even during the day. And I no longer take the train to work or back, because a colleague was followed by some of the men to the metro station and molested in the train. I would like to spare myself that, and therefore I use my car.”

She concluded the interview with the admission that she and her colleagues were in all likelihood going to quit rather than stand the abuse any longer.

“I was previously so convinced of the job and of the whole thing in itself, and it is very difficult to admit that it is all so different from what you have imagined. And a resignation [from the job] will be precisely such an admission. But we cannot take it anymore; we cannot bear to see how wrong it all is in here, and that we cannot change it.”

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      1. Defeatist attitudes make it more likely. Yes, many invited this in, too ignorant to understand what the reality was. Now they are more aware; they learned the hard way. However, I’m not of the opinion this makes them deserving of such awful treatment. It is their country and they are being denied the right to exist because of these people.

        Better to say to the German people, you are right to stand up for yourself and even though even now Merkel and others are STILL pushing this bullish**, I hope you will have the courage to resist and demand what is your right, even if people try to set you up as haters (as happens a lot in the US). There is a HUGE difference between people in genuine need and those who storm into a country demanding conditions, materials, etc.

        I’v heard news of a pool in Germany refusing to admit migrant men (because of so many ℅ sexual harassment) and in Denmark a disco won’t allow in those who cannot speak in Danish, English or German. I have a feeling this will spread to other agencies, groups, etc. and they will stand against the governments. I don’t know about other governments, but in Germany I really REALLY hope the people push Merkel out. She is a horrible, horrible human being.

    1. Entirely to be expected and all at the door of egomaniac Merkel, the biggest procuress in history, in other words the world’s leading Pimp! Well you’ve got the million studs you wanted Angela, now all you have to do is convince these naughty recalcitrant white women that sexual interaction with your would be masters, is actually good for Europe.

      1. Mike, the sickening thing is, that Western Governments and all the other Multiculturlst adherents see these Muslims as they do, their own folk. They don’t differentiate. How the Muslim is treated is currently exactly the same way in which, for example in Germany, the German citizen is treated. It won’t work.
        Similarly, the Governments expect to control the Muslim in European normal ways. Again, it it won’t work. This article merely goes to demonstrate how naive the politicians are. Slowly but surely though, the Multiculturists are waking up to the danger but the problem is, its too late. Having lived and worked in the Middle East I know only too well the serious problems Europe can expect.

    2. if she is/was so naive then she is in the wrong job and deserves a lesson in “cultural enlightenment”! let,s hope she learns from it and why did she continue in that role? ….Uneducated!

    1. recently a pair of idiots from hereford took two vans of supplies to calais camp!!! The damn fools have never had to live with these people and where they are from there aren,t any…….Imbeciles! ps.. they didn,t take their wives with them!

  1. I don’t understand why charities are helping these economic migrants. The sole purpose of being in Calais (and Dunkirk) is to be able to attempt to break into lorries/the tunnel and get into our country illegally. Why do they want to get into our country? Because they think they can get more from our system. They are in a perfectly safe country, have passed through several other safe countries, and could and should claim asylum in France. They are therefore in no need of charity from anybody as it is their choice to live in squalor rather than in proper accommodation obtained by claiming asylum IN FRANCE.

    The trouble France has now is that Morocco, Algeria, Pakistan and Tunisia have refused to repatriate their deported citizens from Germany and I assume the same goes for France. Very worrying getting round that problem.

  2. I can’t believe how relentless the brainwashing must be in Germany to result in young people being so delusional about reality. They seems to have no pride in their culture, their civilization or their history. No sense of them being a people.

    Is it true that German parents are not allowed to homeschool?

    1. Yes, it’s true…no home schooling…..unless I think you parent is a teacher and can prove you follow what to teach you kid…..but I think it also depends on what State you live in… Germany.

      They are brainwashed young. I’m an ex-pat and live in Germany They have no purpose or pride. They are a dead people. Only thing that will save them is going back to National Socialism….they are lost and stupid like Sweden.

      1. I’d never thought of the Germans like that until this insanity. Given the strength of their economy most of the time, and the fact that they still produce such high quality products, I’d always imagined them to be extremely intelligent, efficient, and highly disciplined.

        It would seem that they have indeed been efficient and highly disciplined, but due only to subjugation by their politicians.

      2. What Germans have to ask themselves is if they feel responsible for for what happened before most of them were born. They need to be aware of history but these days not responsible.

        1. Exactly what I’ve been saying Herman, there is this collective guilt which I think is indoctrinated in Germans from childhood about their country’s past – time to put down the burden, and stand and walk tall, none of them today were responsible for what happened in the 1914-1945 war.

          If they don’t, then the German people will be consigned to history, an extinct race, and it would seem that Merkel would like nothing better.

      3. They need to return to God! Not Allah. Because of the lack of religious education, too many Europeans do not know the importance of Christianity and that we are under divine protection if we follow Him. The secular mind has problems accepting this.

    2. Not just in Germany but across many European/Western Countries! Enough is Enough maybe and time to Man/Woman up together to combat or rid us of this ‘Evil’ & their Supporters that has beset us sending them all back to their demise or doom. So they cannot be a threat for say another 300-700 years to any European Country and keeping them under-populated in their own countries.

  3. A little off topic but when did Germany start running the European Union ? First it was the insane
    immigration that invited migrants from all over the Earth. Deal with Turkey (a failure) an invitation
    to join Europe.Now once again Germany is trying to force the cost of their mistake onto the rest of Europe. What gives Germany the right to speak for all the other countries ? Do their voices not matter ?
    “Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble’s proposal to introduce a Europe-wide gasoline levy to help pay for refugees essentially blew up in his face and could barely have been more poorly timed”.

  4. It is so very surprising to find that the media’s and politicians’ propaganda has turned out to be a big, fat lie!

    Maybe this is why the smart ones started calling it the Lügenpresse quite a while ago.

  5. It beats me how delusional so many women are. They think if they are nice, people will be nice in return. The shocking aspect of this woman’s revelations is the extent of her shock. Do they never pay attention to the media about the behaviour of these migrants in their home countries?

  6. These liberal/lefties are suddenly starting to wake up but abit late in the day to be so worried/concerned about what is all going to happen. Hopefully “Patriots or Patriotic Parties” will create their own Countries/enclaves where they decide who is let in or has the right to remain, free from these Invaders/Rapeugees/Criminals including their advocates & supporters. Its good to see many of these “do gooders” getting what they so rightly deserve and I’m sure a lot more will experience their new neighbours hospitality hahaha and NO Sympathy from this ‘Patriotic Pagan Kafir/Infidel’. Another few months and we will see just how bad things are going to get and in the meantime us “patriots” can prepare ourselves for the ensuing confrontations as I doubt we will get much help from the PowersthatB if anything they will try to render us useless to appease their Elite Masters not realising they will just be as vulnerable or their respective families?

  7. We tend to judge people on our own standards, why is this woman so shocked that these nonwhite invaders standards are well below our own. It’s the way they are brought up by the teachings of Islam to treat woman with scorn. These uneducated illiterate invaders will never fit in to the European way of life now or ever.

  8. Silly girl is given a lesson in reality. Does she now think it a good thing to help these uncivilized men in their efforts to remain in the EU?

  9. is it right to use the term “invaders” ?? I should imagine most of them are economic migrants. If Tunisia Morocco and Algeria are saying ‘they can’t come back here if Merkel deports them’ is it because they are going to blackmail us – give us more money or else we won’t cooperate?

  10. You cant quit!!! This is your dream job….. idealistic youth without common sense. You now need to clean up the mess you made.

  11. Oh my god.. Stupid girl thinking she can change the world, make a difference, all those cutesy slogans to help us feel better about ourselves. I cant imagine how disillusioned she is feeling, but what did she think? Theyd thank her and be greatful? No on e is ever grateful. You give them 20 dollars, next day they want 50, then more and more. When does it stop? Giving these “things” anything is taking from the people that need it.

  12. Unsympathetic 100%. A Western female brought up in cotton wool. Irresponsible and expecting White MEN to protect her even though she ignores reality and is determined to help her abusers. These foreigners who despise her and her people. She and other women like her are TRAITORS to their RACE! And worse! These Femenemies are inside the tribes and are taking the people’s money to destroy them from within. Attrition to all enemies!
    Her lamp-post will be called Anonymous next to the one called Merkel

  13. In the U.S. most states have what is called a “recall election” on a bad politician if you can get 100,000 signatures. I don’t know if Germany has anything like that, but even so, native Germans could come together against Merkel, (the buck stops at her), and have her removed from office. I hope Europeans can overcome their lifelong indoctrination and learn critical thinking skills and question everything these lying politicians dish up. And not only politicians, but multiculturism, (as if Europeans don’t have their own culture), feminist orgs. that are turning our young women into sluts and convincing them that giving it away is something to be proud of.

    Please stop listening to these groups for how you should think. It’s all propaganda. We’re all being manipulated by the George Soros’s of the world who are about the most evil degenerate people on the planet.

  14. Wow, a lot of ‘blame’ and nasty stuff being said about this young woman. Personally, I’m thanking her for posting this honest account of what she went through.

  15. The UN gives big grants (funded by US taxpayers, “the rich” in the global scheme of things) that they are unaware of where their $ goes actually) to nations who have lowered their poverty levels. The nations, eager to get that lucrative grant money, lower it by removing their most poor: by having them emigrate to 1st world nations. The country that “lowers its levels of poverty” by erasing its poor, gets that money, then it is equalized across the board, so to speak. This is the United Nations plan: this is their way of reducing poverty! The UN is a socialist/Communist organization through and through. They demand that those who earned it fund the ones that didn’t.

  16. The truth is the white German women would not want relationship with men who treat women like second class citizens! Most of the refugees rape the German women it is a hate crime and the do it to disgrace the women the German government are idiots!

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