International Jewish Lobby in Shock as Hezbollah Wins Big in Lebanon Election

Hezbollah—a Lebanese alliance of citizens who first banded together to fight the repeated Israeli invasions of their country, and who as a result were declared a “terrorist” organization by the Jewish lobby-controlled US government—has emerged as the single biggest party after elections in that country.

The Amal-Hezbollah front and its allies have taken 41 seats in the 128 Lebanese seat parliament. One of the Hezbollah alliance member parties is the nationalist “Syrian Social Nationalist Party,” (SSNP) which, like Hezbollah, as an armed unit fighting in Syria against ISIS and the US-backed terrorist forces.

The SSNP is a favorite hate object in Israeli and Jewish lobby-controlled media outlets because of its origins in the 1930s and its use of an open-handed salute most often associated with Nazi Germany.

The second largest party to emerge from the election is the Free Patriotic Alliance, whose main group is the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), which has 20 seats.

The FPM is Lebanon’s largest Christian party, and in 2006 signed a memorandum of understanding with Hezbollah which included a “defense strategy to protect Lebanon from the Israeli threat.”

Current Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s Future Movement Alliance won 20 seats. The complicated nature of Lebanese politics means that all three these parties are likely to work together in a coalition.

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett reacted to the news on Twitter by threatening Lebanon with war: “The results of the elections in Lebanon are based on our perception for a while: Hezbollah = Lebanon,” Bennet wrote.

“The State of Israel will not differentiate between the sovereign state of Lebanon and Hezbollah and will see Lebanon as responsible for any action emanating from its territory.”

The Hezbollah victory poses a severe problem for the international Jewish lobby and its controlled puppet regimes in the West and it will certainly embolden Syria and Iran as they move to confront Israeli and American aggression in the region.

Given current developments in the Middle East, the Hezbollah victory means that should Israel and the international Jewish lobby succeed in provoking yet another war in the region, they will now face determined foes on at least two fronts.

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