Interracial Marriages in the US: Facts and Figures (and Why White People Must Have More Babies)

baby-handJust under 200,000 whites are involved in interracial marriages every year in the US, analysis of Pew Research Center figures (in turn based on US Census Bureau and American Community Survey data) has revealed.

Of the 2,096,000 marriages in the US in 2010, some 275,500 were interracial—and of that number, 192,850 involved white partners, male or female.

The study found that in total, 8.4 percent of all current U.S. marriages are interracial, up from 3.2 percent in 1980.

White Americans are statistically the least likely to marry outside of their race, although because of their numbers, are in absolute involved in interracial marriages more than any other group.

Some 2.1 percent of married White women and 2.3 percent of married White men had a non-White spouse. 1.0 percent of all married White men were married to an Asian American woman, and 1.0 percent of married White women were married to a man classified as “other”.

Hispanics and Asians remained the likeliest to marry outside their race, and the increasing number of interracial marriages mostly reflects those groups’ larger share of the general population.

The total number of Americans who listed their ethnicity as “mixed race” was just under 9 million in 2010.

Of the 275,500 new interracial marriages in 2010:

– 43 percent were white-Hispanic couples;

– 14.4 percent were white-Asian:

– 11.9 percent were white-black;

and the remainder were other combinations.

Research has established beyond any doubt that interracial couples have a higher divorce rate than those who marry within their race. The famous 2008 study by Jenifer L. Bratter and Rosalind B. King (’’But Will It Last?’’: Marital Instability Among Interracial and Same-Race Couples” Family Relations, 57 (April 2008), 160–171) found that according “to the adjusted models predicting divorce as of their 10th year of marriage, interracial marriages that are most vulnerable involve White females and non-White males (with the exception of White females/Hispanic White males) relative to White/White couples. Conversely, White men/ non-White women couples show either very little or no differences in divorce rates; or, as in the case of White men and Black women, are substantially less likely than White/White couples to divorce by their 10th year.”

Furthermore, marriages which did not cross a racial barrier, “which was the case for White/Hispanic White couples, showed statistically similar likelihoods of divorcing as White/White marriages.”

Live Births

Of the 4,130,665 live births in the US in 2009, some 2,212,552 were “Non-Hispanic White” – or 53 .6 % of the total.

This means that there are still plenty of white children being born, but in percentage terms of the grand total of children in America, their numbers are shrinking.

“White Flight” will inevitably lead to them being concentrated in more rural areas, where, as long as they do not build large cities again, the mass of urban Third Worlders are less likely to follow.

Nonetheless, if white Americans, or at least a significant number, are to survive the coming racial apocalypse, then this birth rate has to be increased (along with all other white nations around the globe, of course).

Young white people who understand this message must realize that there is nothing more significant or important that they can do than to have children—and the more, the merrier. Get busy now!—Your life depends on it.

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  1. The cure for this problem is to bring an end to the H 1 B Visa. When white males can get the jobs they are qualified for, they will marry white females and have children.

    1. No when women stop feminists, men may start to marry them more again, the trend of white Male Asian Female is set to grow and grow until that happens.

      1. If look at the statistics for Asian Women/White men have a very high divorce rate. For the mere fact that Western white men tend to see Asian women as submissive. When in actuality Asian women aren’t like that, and see American men as weak and girlish. Go look it up and take it from this Asian girl. Despite what media says about Asian men, they are actually better.

        1. Lol Sai is probably a mad asian. It’s true asian women/white guys have slightly higher divorce than
          regular marriages, but white woman/black guy is highest by far 200x likely to divorce than regular same ethnic marriages.

    2. Read the article: Of the 275500 interracial couples: 43% white-hispanic,11% white- Asían, 11.9 , white- black
      Only 9% marry outside if their race.I just check the Pew Report and the number have drop to 7%.

      1. I agree also that white needs to stick to their own. It’s a disturbing trend that must stop of white male and asian women. The thing is this trend is caused by the media and our history with them. Until then something must be done about this.

      2. Indigenous, as a white female, I’d gladly move back to where my ancestors came from, in Europe. But, not unless the blacks and browns jews and Muslims have to leave our white land. The best thing that whites could do now is for all of us around the globe to go back home to Europe and not let even one stay who is not of European heritage. Let the countries we built rot from the minorities who will be left to take care of them. Just like in Mexico, Central America, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and so on.

      3. As a white male of the USA, I sorta agree with you, but as long as you keep those Muslim immigrants out of Europe for us. Thanks for helping out European nationalism.

    1. evan, It is NOT white european males fault at all. Asian women are walking with their LEGS spread WIDE while approaching white european males. Once again, women are NOT in control of men anymore and it is serious threat to all miscegenated races. Extreme danger on an epic scale. Same thing for white women mixing with negroid males, they are NOT in control at all of white males mostly elders in the family. So, it’s all breaking down.

    1. Shut up. White men are beautiful. I understand why some asian women love us. But it is not good for the white race future.

      1. I’m an Asian woman, I’m not interested in white men. USA white men are weak-ish. White men seem far to desperate. I’ve had friends that used white men to get some visas for them and families, then divorce. Also stop fetishsizing us, it’s gross.

        1. Sai I also am asian female however i disagree with you. I love white men, I find them very handsome and they all treat me wonderfully. In regards to manliness If I am truthful asian guys are too small and girlish for me. Sorry but I had to reply, millions of asian women love white men and the men are neither old or losers. Quit being bitter and jealous of men you dont like.

          1. You tell people to “Quit being bitter and jealous of men you don’t like.” and yet you take cheap shots at Asian guys. Many Asian women hit the headlines as victims of violence here in the U.S., and the culprit is almost always a white man. They don’t treat Asian women “wonderfully”, so I call BS.

        2. Wow. I’m a white American woman and am friends with many white men. The men I know are NOT weak nor are they interested in Asian women or any other race besides white women. The men I know would never marry anyone to help them get a visa and don’t want more immigrants to come here. It is insulting that you think they are so desperate for affection. I think everyone should just stick to their own race.

  2. I’m sick and tired of these white honkies marrying and stealing away all our beautiful Mexican women. Everywhere i look now theres some eva longoria looking chick with some pedophile looking white guy in velcro sandals.

  3. Don’t forget that quite a few old white men are married for money, or for the legal right to residency. I don’t suppose statistics are kept of the probability a marriage is for money, though.

  4. “Research has established beyond any doubt that interracial couples have a higher divorce rate than those who marry within their race. ”
    Interracial marriages have a 41 percent chance of swirling out of control. Compare this to a 31 percent chance of divorce among same-race couples. It’s a 10% difference
    The probability of divorce by the 10th year of marriage, relative to White/White unions, are as follows:

    White Wife & Asian Husband – 59 percent more likely to divorce in comparison to same-race white couples
    White Wife & Black Husband – 50 percent more likely to divorce
    Asian Wife & White Husband – 4 percent more likely to divorce
    Black Wife & White Husband – 44 percent less likely to divorce.
    The last one is interesting, less, and by such a high amount!

    1. What the article didn’t say is “why” the divorce rate is higher among interracial couples. Any thoughts?

      1. A dry answer to a reasonable question; but probably because miscegenation is mainline unnatural. What causes unnatural and perverse behaviors? How is it they become perceived as tolerable exceptions? Aristotle said that tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying civilization. But what did he know about the bolshevik birth pangs of international global capitalism. People who miscegenate probably have a higher rate of moral and personal alienation from society — or/and are plainly brown opportunists in white nations. A consequence of the fundamental existential question of why non-Europid races delude themselves as welcome or constructive presences beyond the natural reach of their own racial homelands.

  5. Its funny reading all the insecure nonwhite guys and that one asian chick trying to demean white guys. Yeah you all hate white people, but love white culture lol

    1. Many different cultures love to demean White men, but sure want to come to the land that was founded by a bunch of White men.
      I can’t name a democratic and free country around the world that is headed by a minority (non-white).

  6. We (my husband and I) are raising our white sons to know the dangers of intermarriage. I have also begun to educate them about the dangers of Asian women. No Asian daughter in law will ever grace our doorstep. Think I am a poor redneck? Think again. My husband has a doctorate from an Ivy League and I have two Master’s degrees from two different Ivy Leagues. Our eyes are open and we never swallowed the brainwashing kool aid.

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