Invader: “I Came to F**k the Women”

A rejected “asylum seeker” from Algeria living in Austria, on trial for an attempted rape in Linz, has told the court that he only came to Europe to “f**k the women.”

It has not proven possible to deport the criminal because Algeria has no extradition agreement with Austria, and the invader is now being “tested for insanity,” the court was also told.


The Algerian invader sits in court in Linz. Austrian law forbids his identification prior to conviction.

According to the Nachtrichten news service, the attack took place in April this year, when the 35-year-old invader attacked a 41-year-old woman at a bus stop.

The woman, identified in another Nachtrichten report as Timea Lorenz, fought back bravely. After he had pulled off her pants and lay down on top of her, she had bitten him through the lip.

He then punched her several times in the face before running off. Timea suffered severe injuries, including a broken nose, and lost consciousness in the bushes where he had tried to carry out the attack.

Witnesses, alerted by the noise, observed the attacker running off half-naked, bleeding profusely.

The Wochenblick newspaper carried further details of the Algerian’s background. He had already been arrested in November 2015 for an attack upon a 58-year-old woman, and ordered deported.

That deportation process had failed because there is no extradition agreement with Algeria, and that country routinely refuses to take back any of its citizens who have invaded Europe.

The nonwhite criminal was denied “asylum” in Austria in 2012, and deported to Hungary—from where he had entered the country. He had however returned using a false French passport.

In addition, he had been convicted of “several crimes” in France and Austria, the court heard.

In court, the accused denied everything, swearing “by Allah” that he had not even been at the scene, the Wochenblick report continued.

When asked by the prosecutor why he had come back to Austria after being deported in 2012, he replied—to gasps from the courtroom audience—that he had “come to Austria to f **k the women.”

After the testimony had been heard, presiding judge Ursula Eichler asked the invader whether he would like to add something to his statement, since the statements of the victim and the witnesses and DNA evidence would “weigh heavily against him.”

He answered through an interpreter, saying that he had “never seen this woman [the victim] in my life. I swear by Allah that I did not rape that woman.”

The hearing was postponed until a psychological examination could be carried out.

The victim took the unusual step of attending the court appearance and recounted her experiences.

The mother of three can no longer work since the incident, as she suffers from frequent headaches and insomnia.

“I am afraid to go out of my own apartment in the evening,” she said, adding that even in daytime she would only go out if she was accompanied. “If a stranger in the tram gets too close to me, I freak out.”

She added that her fear for her children was now equally great. “My daughter is 15. I’m afraid that I will not be able to protect her when she is out.”

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  1. Only one solution for the Algerianm! As for the Austrian judges and immigration service, they should be jailed for absolute incompetence. This is just like the home office in the UK!

    1. The “so-called-Austrian-Authorities” expose themselves as the traitors as they are. This man is not insane, he is obviously laughing at the (In)justice system. Btw Austria is a Republic controlled by masons, party opportunists and of course the chosenites.

      1. The guy is an asshole, raping scum! Insane? Insane about blondes and free money/health care and housing. The dream is coming from somewhere. Ask yourselves that.

    1. Not if he was attacking the women of his land of occupation/invasion. Spoils of war, according to the Koran. If he attacked a Muslim woman, then yes, he would be executed.

    2. Until the west gets its act together and scraps our ludicrous `human rights` claptrap we can look forward to many more rapists, murderers and other criminal scum laughing at our so-called justice system as they skip off virtually unpunished.
      Our justice system is now a Charter for the protection of Criminals.

  2. I wonder what mental illness they’re going to cough up for this creature.
    He’s telling you, he came here for the poon, sounds legit to me.

    1. Heh, “He has a sexual addictive personality, He is a Sex Addict! Western culture lured him into a life of crime! In his culture, this is normal! He must be assimilated and rehabilitated! It is our duty to save this poor soul! He’s like a poor, abused, pound dog who just needs love. Show him love, and we will be well rewarded as a people!” AND THEN HE EATS YOUR FACE OFF. Heh.

  3. This is the consequence of WIDE open door policy. It helps criminals and potential criminals to get around easily. EU should have long ago implemented the open door policy like the Australia and a lot of the mess will not be created.

  4. In a sane world this invader would legally have his head chopped off with an axe (in public) and be turned into fertiliser. In a sane world this invader would not dare to invade a White country. What do you think the Spartans would do to this invader? Do not ask what Jesus the Jew would do. Where are the White MEN? Where are the White MEN? White men, become psychologically hard in a process of Nietzschean self-overcoming, and honour your ancestors. This is war. Be hard!

  5. Now what is a good, humane, practical solution to the problem of invader countries like Algeria who refuse to take back their own citizens? Or invaders who throw away their passports and refuse to reveal their country of origin? In the first case, cut off all foreign aid to those countries, boycott their products, kick out their ambassadors, and refuse admittance to a single one of their citizens for any reason whatsoever (they’ll soon come round). In the second case, one word: “parachute”.

  6. HANG him.
    Then take the possessions of the TRAITORS who let him in.
    Politicians and Priests that “Open the Gates of the City” to raping pillaging INVADERS, are PERSONALLY FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for the damage they cause. Get it into the heads of People injured by the INVADERS, that the deep-pocket Politicians & Priests OWE THEM 100% REPARATIONS. Make these PUKES start PAYING for the damage they cause then see what happens. Get some hungry lawyers after the assets of those churches and politicians……. Quit letting the Politicians & Priests create chaos and bloodshed and walk away. Make THEM pay a price. their children
    TAKE all their possessions to pay REPARATIONS to the victims of the Refujihadis THEY bring in for PROFIT
    It is time the Politicians start serving jail sentences for the crimes of the INVADERS since the Politicians are ACCOMPLICES to every crime due to their letting the INVADERS in.
    NOTHING speaks LOUDER to a priest then the silence of an empty collection plate. Stop all donations to those who betray you and by the way, Why are all these EFFEMINATE priests not complaining about the REFUSAL of mudslum countries to allow CHURCHES?!

  7. “Austria doesn’t have an extradition treaty with Algeria”!!!??? After all the crimes committed by these “migrants” throughout Europe, who %$#*@^) cares. You get around it by either shipping them back in container ships and dump them on the shore, or alternately you drop them from aircraft with or without parachutes. That’s what you do with sub-human savages. In fact all European countries had better start that procedure or kiss Europe and its people goodbye.

  8. This is not only in Austria, Italian woman cannot walk by themselves unworried as they used to, until a couple of years ago. Now incidents similar to this one, where the assailant is a Middle-Eastern refugee, are happening on “DAILY” basis and those who dare complain, are immediately labeled as Fascists, racist, etc.
    People only want their quality of life back, where their neighborhood and the places they used to frequent used to be safe.
    It’s a simple matter of common sense, instead of Europe, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain and all the other Middle-Eastern Muslim countries are the ones which should be receiving refugees.

  9. No extradition agreement? Algeria refuses to accept him? No problem! Just drop him off in the water 12 miles offshore from Algiers.

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