Invader Center Burns Every 2nd Day

Arson attacks have burned down one invader center in Germany every two days since 2015, the head of the German Federal Criminal Police (BKA) has announced.

“There is a new level of violence against refugees,” BKA president Holger Münch told the Funke Mediengruppe—saying that there was a “risk” that “terrorist organizations were being formed.”


There have been a total of 45 arson attacks against “refugee shelters” since January this year, Münch said, adding that the tempo of attacks was now speeding up. This averages out at one every two days.

In 2015, there were a total of 173 arson attacks “with a right-wing background”—which also averages out at one every two days.

“We are concerned that the intensity of the violence is increasing,” he said. “The perpetrators are predominantly male and nearly 80 percent come from the place where the offense was committed.”

He said that there are currently no indications of any formal “right-wing” organizations which are organizing the attacks on the invader centers, and that the perpetrators all appeared to be locals acting out of anger.

“However, we do see that there is a risk that terrorist organizations could be forming,” he said. “We cannot exclude this possibility and take the threat very seriously.”

Münch also expressed his “concern” about the “increasing verbal violence on the Internet,” revealing that the police are currently investigating no less than 3,000 such thought crimes.

“The number of offenses that we have registered in 2015 here has tripled in one year and currently stands at about 3,000 cases,” he said.

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“We assume that verbal abuse is a precursor to attacks on refugees,” he said.

Several major German media including the online edition of Spiegel magazine have closed down their forums discussing topics related to the nonwhite invasion due to the flood of negative comments posted.

* The German government has also released its “final” figures on how many nonwhite invaders registered with the authorities last year. According to the “Easy” registration system, some 1,092 million registrations were made—of which 428,500, or about 40 percent, claimed to be Syrians.

* This figure is an underestimate of the total number of invaders, as the German police warned earlier that only half of all border crossings were actually being registered. Huge numbers—some officials said in excess of 500,000—have simply “vanished” or moved on to other European states.

In terms of “asylum” decisions, the German authorities made final conclusions in 282,726 applications. Of this number, 48.5 percent were granted “refugee status,” and residence in Germany. The vast majority of these—95.8 percent—were those claiming to be Syrians.

The German parliament also voted in an amendment on Friday this week which formally classified the North African states of Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria as “safe countries of origin”—meaning that no “asylum” will be given to the hundreds of thousands of nonwhites from those regions who have also invaded Germany.

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  1. So what? If immigration was done by bone fide immigrants who had proper paperwork and a job to go to, none of this would ever have arisen. What on earth is wrong with todays politicians brain power and common sense.

    1. They are trying to destroy west culture by flooding in illiterate scum. See how they use the word ‘thought crimes’. That is serious stuff. This is exactly as Orwell predicted and we must up the fightback. Going to gaol for one’s country is no problem. They cant scare us. How dare they??? ‘Thought crime’!! Bring it on Marxist fascists.

  2. What do they expect?
    Merkel & Co lit the touchpaper when they invited anyone and everyone to enter Europe…now violence will be the only way it’s resolved.

    1. Judging by the news that many terrorist came in with all the migrants I would be very surprised if nothing happens in Germany. One only needs to remember the terrorism that happened in Belgium and France.Yes many have disappeared. Collecting welfare money was no their goal.

    2. Thank you Stuart, I have always believed this was the aim from the start. Vivil war or WWIII started by the EU.

  3. So, I take it the newly declared safe countries, will mean those already in Europe, will now be hunted down and returned pronto! …No, thought not.

  4. The answer is, I think, an obvious one. Expel them. Then destroy the political system that lends itself so easily to this kind of abuse.

  5. You can’t blame the locals for burning down these centres, they don’t want their area invaded by non law abiding foreigners, intent on forming their own neighbourhoods and not assimilating and just demanding more and more benefits and housing.

  6. German media continues to pump out propaganda and lies. German citizens know this and are acting in self defense . Merkel started all of this by treating Germans as foolish little children. What a disaster Angela Merkel has been for Germany. She is reaping what she has sown.

    1. No doubt retiring, when she does, with a massive pension and personal bodyguard for life. Ahh! withdrawing to her gated, protected home she can watch with interest the demise of Europe. There simply ‘aint no justice!

  7. What in hell`s name is a thought “crime” ? Thinking is only one step away from breathing.
    Will TPTB ban that too?

  8. The EU is getting rid of democracy, Juncker and crowd are so outraged that the UK is having the referendum next month, if the vote goes to remain tied to this corrupt entity, there will be so many new laws to stop the UK even having a political party that is not left-wing, and they will basically do away with out Parliament – Merkel is doing the same. France has already done the same when Hollande and Sarkosy joined together to stop Le Pen.
    Even money says that if anyone is arrested for these arson attacks they’ll be called traitors and end up in jail for years, and Merkel will have this on the front pages of all the papers.

    1. I predict the EU will collapse soon, as the Soviet Union did, and these traitors will be put on international court–this time–ran by nationalists with many whites who are, rightfully, filled with blood lust for what these Jews and traitors have done to our nations.

  9. Thousands of non-whites from the Caribbean are flying to Turkey so that they can gain entry to Europe illegally. How are the European politicians going to handle this. We really do not stand a chance now.

    1. If the Caribbean is looking for replacement citizens I`ll bravely volunteer for such an inhospitable place. Bags me a seat on the first plane going there…lol!

  10. Quote: “The German parliament also voted in an amendment on Friday this week which formally classified the North African states of Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria as “safe countries of origin”—meaning that no “asylum” will be given to the hundreds of thousands of nonwhites from those regions who have also invaded Germany.”
    Famous last words ….”No asylum for those from safe countries.” We`re repeatedly given this same crap.
    The gimmegrants are way ahead of us — they simply change their nationality to suit the agenda and they`re in.
    To be joined by family members shortly after, adding many more to the never ending benefits cycle. TPTB are well aware of the endless scams perpetrated by the many thousands of shifty “refugee” freeloaders to gain entry to Europe.
    Whites will be working to their nineties and beyond to support this lot.

    1. Safe country=migrants rejected for asylum=migrants travel to Turkey=Turkey gets pissed at the EU compensation=ALL zombies unleashed back into Europe!
      Wow! Freaking apocalyptic!

    1. Interview broadast on BBC World Service, morning 19th May 2016: Amnesty International reported on findings of a survey recently carried out to establish how “Welcoming” various countries were in terms of accepting “Refugees”. I cannot find a copy of this survey on their website so if any one else can (and provide a link), I would be most appreciative. Upshot: Germany is the most “Welcoming”………… Blatant engineering of the facts?

      1. I choked on my breakfast when I heard that Germany `AND THE UK `were the most welcoming countries.
        In `certain` areas of the UK we feel anything but welcoming. The prospect of even more muslimes adding to the hordes already here in their very own well established Islamic mini states fills us with dread.
        The liberals in `posh` areas like to vote for diversity so let them also experience the `joys` of muslimes living alongside them. Seems only fair that they too be forced to enjoy [tolerate] the `chi-chi ambience` of a Third world status Islamic mini state in their midst. Adapting to Muslimes who pretend we don`t exist while living their entirely separate lives can be unnerving at first. Be prepared for the daily very early morning ear-shattering call to prayers though … the filth, detritus and permanent stink of curry everywhere. The time is long overdue for libbie luvvies being forced to adapt to Islamic surroundings however gross as we`ve had to do.


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