Invader Center Burns in Upper Austria

Austrian patriots have completely destroyed a new invader center in Altenfelden, Upper Austria, in an arson attack on the building just days before it was due to open.

The attack, which took place early on Wednesday morning, caused €300,000 worth of damage and completely destroyed the timber-framed building.


“We are shocked to establish that the blaze was definitely caused by arson,” Walter Aichinger, conservative party (ÖVP) politician and president of the Red Cross of Upper Austria, told the news service.

Aichinger added that the Red Cross intended to rebuild the center as soon as possible.

Investigators reported that they had found traces of two fires having been started on the outside walls of the building, but had not yet discovered which sort of accelerant had been used.

The Austrian “State Office for Protection of the Constitution”—the democratic Stasi which investigates anyone opposed to the Third World invasion of Austria—has also now appointed an investigation team, the Nachrichten report added.



ÖVP Mayor Klaus Gattringer told the news service that he was “in shock,” because he did not believe that “such a thing was possible in his community.”

Gattringer did admit that when the invader center plans were announced, there was “massive opposition” locally.

“The property has been controversial among the community. People asked the usual questions about their security, and who were the people who were going to be coming to the area,” he said.

“In February there was a public meeting of locals which was attended by nearly 400 people. I will not deny that there was massive resistance. But I believed that we were able to answer all the questions positively.”

However, he admitted that there had been ongoing protests, petitions over the center, and that most recently placards had appeared in town with slogans such as “protect our women.”

Some 48 invaders were due to move in in less than two weeks, he said.

The police have offered a reward of €5,000 for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.

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  1. Talk about money going up in smoke, what is wrong with these people?. What part of the locals being against the centre does not register with those in power. The public meeting was against the place and yet they continued. Didn’t know the Red Cross had that much money?

    1. Slimy politicians desiring career progression and retaining the status quo.

      Likewise the higher ups in all European societies are the most indoctrinated: they’ve been taught how not to think.

      1. The politicians’ attitude is Austria does not belong to the indigenous Germanic Austrians; that Germany does not belong to the indigenous Germanic people; that the USA does not belong to the race that forged into and settled the wilderness, built a society, then a government and a nation. As far as the politicians are concerned the white Western countries belong to the radical-leftist movement and to the nonwhite world, and there is an international civil right to migrate to and settle in the white world. They see the white people of these countries as a cancer that must be overcome and replaced until the white race has been extinguished from the earth. That is why the mayor of Altenfelden, Santa Klaus Gattinger went ahead with the plans to settle the ‘new Austrians’ despite the massive local indigenous opposition.

        We see ad-nauseum the phenomenon of white people, like Klaus Gattinger, who strive to advance other races against their own race. To me it is every bit as perverse as homosexuality.

        Breed, white patriots, breed!

  2. ÖVP Mayor Klaus Gattringer told the news service that he was “in shock,” because he did not believe that “such a thing was possible in his community.” Pure unadulterated, lefty scum of a politician who hates his own people!

    1. I predict that if the European nationalists don’t get want they want via the political system, they will (eventually) resort to….other means.

        1. Good for them. On visits to Austria, quite a few years ago, had strong feeling that the politics of
          WWII still operate there. Pristine clean, no litter, no graffiti, nothing scruffy or run down, no one
          sleeping rough, of course they are not going to welcome migrants trailing rubbish everywhere.

          1. No doubt many of us in certain blighted areas can rustle up photos laying bare the
            depths of the absolute shite that areas quickly descend into once the Muslims pitch
            their mosques.
            No sane white citizen would ever contemplate inviting them to live amongst them.

        2. Let’s have one in London! Ffs. Can’t be too difficult to rustle up nationalists from the UK, US, Europe to come on over, can it??

      1. And when they do it won’t be a moment too soon. Let’s hope it’s before the EU’s most recently passed internet laws come into force, whereby anyone dissenting against any government policy via the net is taken away to a re-education camp. Once this happens, there will be no more demonstrations, riots or voices of objection anywhere in Europe. ‘Conform and Obey’ or be ‘disappeared’ by those we pay through the nose to tyrannise over us.

    1. Yep mine to in fact I have stopped giving to any over sea charities, any money that I have to give goes to crisis or other causes in Brritain as charity begins at home.

  3. I cheer for every invader center that burns down, wherever it is.
    This is a full scale invasion. Seriously, at this point does anybody doubt

  4. The “Pro-invasion” mayor, the conservative politician President of the Red Cross, and Stasi officials must be removed from office. None of them represent the wishes of the people.

    1. All major charities are on EU payroll. Give to your small local charity run by volunteers with no one earning more than £30K pa

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