Invader Center in Herxheim Burns

German patriots have burned yet another invader center, this time in Herxheim bei Landau in the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, southwestern Germany.


According to local media coverage, last Friday night, unknown persons threw three canisters containing a “flammable liquid” through the skylights in the building, a former technology center being converted into “asylum” accommodation.

Only one of the canisters ignited, police said, setting fire to the celling, wall, and floor.

The single-story building was to have been put into use in the next few days to house some 800 bogus refugees who have taken advantage of Angela Merkel’s invitation to the Third World to invade Europe.

“I assume that there will now be a delay,” a police spokesman said, but was unable to say for how long or provide exact details of the damage.

According to research published by the German newspaper Die Zeit, there have been 222 attacks on what they called “refugee hostels” this year. At the same time, charges have been filed in only twelve cases, and of that number, only four have resulted in convictions—a solution rate of less than 5 percent.

In addition, 11 percent of the unsolved attacks have seen the investigations completely discontinued for lack of any evidence whatsoever, Die Zeit reported.

solution rate

The figures used by Die Zeit discounted all those incidents deemed “minor,” such as instances of “graffiti, propaganda, and verbal insults.”

The results of their analysis, Die Zeit complained, were “shocking.”

They said that “Arson attacks on refugee hostels in particular have become a widespread and dangerous phenomenon. From January to November, the number of such attacks has risen dramatically” and that “almost half of the 93 arson attacks committed this year targeted inhabited structures.”


In addition, Die Zeit continued, the attacks are a nationwide phenomenon, although the highest number of attacks has been in the eastern state of Saxony, “in both absolute terms and as a share of the state’s population.”

attacks on refugee hostels

Die Zeit tries to explain the low resolution rate this way: “Some of the reasons have to do with the nature of the crimes themselves. Most of them are committed at night and the perpetrators often disappear quickly.

“Molotov cocktails are thrown out of passing cars, projectiles are fired at windows from afar and water faucets are turned on inside otherwise empty buildings. Fires are often set so that the resulting blaze destroys all clues.

“Furthermore, many shelters are far away from city centers and residential areas, meaning that there are often no witnesses. In other instances, investigators are met with a wall of silence when they begin asking around.

“In cases where the hostels are still uninhabited, it appears that many neighbors approve of the attacks. If no one steps forward to claim responsibility and if the perpetrator refrains from bragging about his or her deed, investigators are left in the dark.”

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  1. What do you expect when you allow these freeloaders to invade Europe ? When will Herr Merkel finally get the message that people have had enough of this stunt she has pulled on not her own people, but also the population of many other European nations too. Our pathetic weak leader, “call me Dave” is also going to be in for a rude awakening very soon now, as the Brits have had enough of the third world invading our tiny island too.

    1. While I applaud your sentiments vigorously I see no chance of” Call me Dave” getting his comeuppance anytime soon.As far as I know U.K.I.P lost the election to Dave in 2015 because the conservative voter fell for the canard that a vote for U.K.I.P would deliver a Labour majority.

      You won’t get another chance to get rid of Davey boy till 2020 .And by then Britain will have succumbed to the enemy within the gates.

      As for Angela Merkel she can’t be toppled until 2017 .By 2017 both Britain and Germany will be lawless failed states.

      Neither Britain not Germany have the luxury of time .The time to do anything is long past.Churchill must be spinning in his grave like a top.

  2. Even if you are caught and convicted, Germany has no death penalty. In the next few years, the current Bolsheviki will be overthrown, all Muslims will be deported (Germany is a small country even for its native population), and the arsonists will be released as heroes.

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