Invader Crime Shakes Graz, Austria

The number of violent assaults and criminal attacks in the Griesviertel region of Graz, Austria, have risen from none to “several a week” since the arrival of the fake refugee invasion in the town, new figures have shown.

Nonwhites pretending to be “refugees” pour into Austria at the height of the mass invasion of that country.

According to a report in the Kleine Zeitung  titled “Raubüberfälle im Griesviertel häufen sich,” (“Robbery raids in the Griesviertel are increasing”), there are now “several incidents” every week.

The newspaper described one recent incident in detail: two Austrians walked past a group of Afghans standing outside a restaurant in the Griesgasse in the city.

The Afghans suddenly attacked, and beat the Austrians, robbing them of their cell phones and other personal items.

Three of the Afghans were identified and arrested: two are still in custody, as they have both been convicted before. One, a 27-year-old, has prior drug offenses, and another, a 21-year-old, has two robbery convictions.

The third Afghan was released pending trial—because it was the first time that he had been arrested.

All three are “asylum seekers” who were granted leave to remain, and have been living on state welfare for around two years.

According to local police sources, the number of robberies in the vicinity of the Griesplatz and the Rösselmühl Park has dramatically increased since the Third World invasion began.

“It is now no longer rare to have several offenses per week,” a police spokesman told the newspaper.

“Usually, the perpetrators operate in groups of three to five people, and surround their victims, asking for cigarettes and then surrounding them.”

The perpetrators are always from “migrant groups of different nationalities,” an investigator confirmed.

According to a separate report in the Tiroler Tageszeitung, crime committed by the nonwhite invaders in Innsbruck is also becoming a serious problem.

The newspaper quoted local sources as saying that Innsbruck is struggling with a serious “North African crime wave” and the authorities are struggling to get rid of them because most of the invaders do not have identification papers.

In addition, pro-invader organizations such as the federation of Lutheran, Reformed, Methodist, Old Catholic, and Baptist Christian churches called the “Diakonie,” and the Volkshilfe social charity, “frequently support criminal North Africans” with their efforts to resist deportations.

One example the newspaper gave was of a North African, estimated to be between 17 and 19 years old, who “has acquired several identities” and poses as either an Algerian or a Moroccan, and has been living on welfare in Innsbruck since June 2014.

This nonwhite invader was arrested and sentenced to 15 months’ imprisonment for a series of crimes, and when his application for “asylum” was rejected, Diakonie helped him appeal it and as a result he has still not been deported.

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