Invader Disease Threatens Athens

Five mayors of Athens’ coastal suburbs have warned that the thousands of nonwhite invaders camped nearby pose an “enormous” health and “violence” risk to the surrounding area.

In addition, hundreds of invaders per day are still crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey—and the pace is picking up, despite the €2.3 billion already given to the Turkish government.


“The conditions are out of control and present enormous risks to the public health,” the mayors complained in a letter to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, in reference to the camp at Hellinikon, the site of Athens’ old airport.

At least 4,153 nonwhite invaders have been housed there ever since the Balkan states closed access to the nonwhites, none of whom are in any shape or form “refugees,” and who should never have been let into Greece in the first place.

“The number of people is much higher than the capacity of the place and there are serious hygiene problems,” local mayor Dionyssis Hatzidakis told the media.

He and his four fellow mayors from the area cited a document from Greece’s disease prevention center KEELPNO warning of the “the danger of disease contagion due to unacceptable housing conditions” at the site.

At least 53,000 nonwhites are now “backed up” in Greece since the Balkans invasion route was closed down.

Instead of just refusing them entry, the far left Greek government has allowed the nonwhites still landing on the islands to be transferred to “temporary centers” such as the one at Hellinikon, until more permanent “reception centers” can be set up.

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Hellinikon, the site of the “termporary” camp.

The five mayors also voiced their disquiet at the “tensions and daily violent incidents between the refugees or migrants,” calling on the interior minister to boost police numbers in the area.

“We are launching an appeal for help to protect the public health and security of both the refugees and the local population,” they said in their letter.

Meanwhile, the much-vaunted “EU-Turkey deal,” which was supposed to repatriate all the invaders back to Turkey, has proven to be the flop that all realists expected it to be.

Since the deal came into force on March 20, only 325 invaders have actually been returned to Turkey. Even when the process is supposed to be “fully functional,” it is only expected to process some 200 invaders per day—a drop in the bucket of the never-ending millions aiming at entering Europe.

At the same time, the International Organization for Migration said that “arrivals in Greece in recent days” were rapidly increasing once again.

Despite all of this, the European Union’s executive, the European Commission, will present its third Turkey visa-liberalization progress report on May 4.

If, in that report, it shown that Turkey has fulfilled 72 criteria to bring that country into compliance with EU and international law, a legislative proposal will be put forward to transfer the country to the EU’s visa-free list.

If that should occur, all 78 million Turkish citizens will gain visa-free travel to the Schengen zone—allowing them to legally join the mass invasion of Europe, where they have already established significant beachheads in Germany and elsewhere.

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  1. All you liberal socialist scum of mayors voted for refugees and welcomed them with open arms! You reap what you sow!

    1. Marine ships aiming teargas at the vessels sailing into eurozone sea territory – or bullets! The solution is much simpler than what the traitor polticians and media will have us believe.

  2. We are at a crossroads. Accept the racist label from the loony left, wear it with pride, and despatch the loony invaders, and their equally loony enablers, alternatively, suffer a slow, miserable death and racial destruction.

    1. @ Ste-g,

      We are indeed at a crossroad, and miserable death plus racial death ARE looming, but death swill NOT be slow …it is coming at us like a train !

      War is on the horizon….that is the end goal of the enablers, God’s “Chosen People”….

  3. LOL and they expect that clown Tsipras to do something about it after selling them out. The only way theyre going to get rid of them is for the plague to set in, perhaps they should embrace disease and help it along

    1. Why didn’t the Greeks vote for Golden Dawn a couple of months ago? Because many Greeks were selfishly short sighted hinking that their “immigrants” would be sluiced right up the balkan countries into Germany, and they could reap the rewards from Brussel payments to them. I’ve only seen Greeks cussing at Macedonians for not opening the border, accusing them of not being true Macedonians, and BS like that. Reds only learn the hard way, not that the current right wing parties are any better really.

    2. Perhaps it is this plague that our unforgettable
      Dominique Venner prophesied as the unfor-
      seen (l’imprevu) changing history.

  4. Hope Greeks stay in the hell hole they voted for rather than nipping off for a short summer holiday break elsewhere in the EU.

  5. It couldn’t be that Turkey sees itself ultimately replacing Germany at the top EU table as the only country that, “can control many millions of Muslims in Europe” could it?


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